"Final Hour"
Season 3, Episode 28
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Meteor Shower"
"Only Three Wishes"

Final Hour is the twenty eight episode in season 3 from DKH's Episodes.


Darkness Prince continues his plan and Finn tries to stop it.


Finn, Jake and Golden Princess are sitting around the table. Finn is angry and sad at the same time because two people he cares about very much have been captured. Jake says it will be okay. Golden Princess then says that she does love him. In the future Finn is the strongest warrior in Ooo and she is just 18 while he already is in his 30's which makes it wrong for them to be together. Jake chuckles a bit.

Finn says they now have to concentrate on the one who has the bravest heart. Jake says that he always believed Finn was that one. However Finn contradicts by saying that if that is true then the enemy could already have killed him, why make a monster to defeat me while he needs me dead to even make it.

Golden Princess says that there must be someone even braver in Ooo, he just has to think very hard. After some poundering Finn goes to the sleeping room and comes back with a sock, and says that they're going to ask Gene. Upon arriving in his mansion Finn explains the situation and gives Gene the sock. Gene summons a sphere which he concentrates his magic o. The sphere displays Golden Princess. To all their surprise they ask how that is possible as she is from the future.

Golden Princess explains that she must've been born already. Finn is 33 in the future so she should be 1 years old now. Gene says he will take the task to protect the present Golden Princess. Finn nods and says he will be looking for Darkness Prince's hideout.

They eventually find it and storm through the chamber. There Finn sees Mint Prince, PB's head and a powerless Flame Princess. Jake says that he can show his true form, which he does, and frightens Jake. Darkness Prince says he only needs the bravest heart which just walked to him, and saves time looking for her. Darkness Prince heads for Golden Princess with his purple energy emitting claymore. However he engases battle with Finn. Jake asks why she had actually come here? GP says she was send to guide Finn, she didn't know she was the bravest.

While Finn and DP fight, Jake goes to the energy drain machine and reverses it. And afterwards releaes Flame Princess, who then nods at Jake as sign of thanking him. Jake uses his body language to elminate Darkness Prince. When Finn was put by DP in a though spot, DP starts to wonder if he really is that strong. Suddenly a barrage of fire sends DP flying. He says that it's unfair as it is not Finn doing this.

Finn says that his power might not be 100% in brains, not the strongest in Ooo or even the bravest. He says that his friends are his power. DP then is surrounded by Finn, FP, Jake and GP and is about to get beaten up. DP says that his revenge on Finn will come eventually and summons a black hole underneath him and disappears. After he is gone GP says she will head back too, just to look if Ooo is still the same in the future, and she leaves.

Everyone returns to the Candy Castle, where Gene and a young Golden Princess are too (also Ice King, BMO and Cinnamon Bun are there). They wait until Dr. Ice Cream walks in and says that the opperation was succesful. They look at PB who turns her face around, which now dislpays a manga face, and winks, ending the episode.


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  • Snail is seen at the entrance of Darkness Prince's hideout.
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