"Fierce Date"
Season 1, Episode 15
Production code: 1011-42
Airdate: February 10
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Pranking Around"
"Miss Lumpy Space"

"Fierce Date" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Flame Princess go on a double date with Jake and Lady Rainicorn, but it gets awkward for Finn when Princess Bubblegum walks in with her new boyfriend.


Finn and Jake were preparing for their dates this evening at the restaurant. They said they would meet up at the restaurant and went to pick up their dates. Finn arrived at the Fire Kingdom where he waited for Flame Princess who then came to Finn. The two of them left. They met up with Jake and Lady Rainicorn at the restaurant and head inside.

They first starts talking a bit about the adventures they've been on lately until the Pie Waitress to come and ask what they want as entree. After they ordered Princess Bubblegum walks in along with her "date" Frank von Steinengard. Finn gets a little bit jealous that PB was dating someone else. Jake then took Finn to the bathroom and told him to act normal and not to do any crazy things. Finn agreed and they headed back in.

When the boys returned Flame Princess said they were just talking about Lady's pregnancy. FP then asked how long the pregnancy is for Rainicorns, which was answered with 10 months. Finn was surprised that FP could understand Korean, FP said she also knew Arabic, Dutch, Japanese and Italian. While the others were having a conversation Finn spied on PB and Frank who were constantly laughing. Finn also suddenly began to laugh and the rest looked weird at him, including PB. Jake laughed a bit, as he understood what Finn was trying to do and didn't want to bring him in emberasment.

A little later PB and Frank were sharing their food. Finn then did the same thing with FP and gave her a piece of his T-bone steak and FP then gave a few of her chili pepper which she pushed in his mouth. Finn then became very red and almost spit out fire. Lady then asked if FP wanted to go along to the toilet. When they were there Lady asked that Finn was acting very weird. FP agreed and didn't know why, Lady explained that it probably is because PB was his previous crush and he's still having difficulties with that. FP understood and they went back.

They got their dinner and went outside. Jake said that he already went to bring Lady back home so she could rest. Lady said her baby's would come soon, and they departed. PB and Frank came outside and hugged each other, Finn then quickly kissed Flame Princess to compete. PB walked up to FP and told her too that Finn still had a crush on her. FP asked if she wasn't the one who had a crush on Finn. PB said they kissed each other but never were in a relationship, FP got angry and said that she broke his heart multiply times and also wanted to break them apart. Flame Princess became mad and attacked PB. Finn asked FP to stop but she couldn't hear him, right before she wanted to burn PB she heard Finn saying to stop. She returned back to normal and asked if he still had a crush on PB. Finn said he still felt something for PB but that he really is in love with FP, and said to PB she could leave with her date.

PB laughed and said Frank wasn't her date but a recent experiment of hers. She wanted to test out if he could behave with others, and that he was the first succesful experiment, as she doesn't want to talk about Earl or his clone again. The four laughed, PB went back home with Frank. Finn then kissed Flame Princess and brought her back home.


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  • It seems that several people in the Candy Kingdom have started a relationship.
    • Cookie Guy and Mrs. Bagel
    • Lollipop Girl and Mr. Candy Cane
  • Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig seemed to have returned from their honeymoon on Jungle Island.
  • Frank von Steinengard is based on the Monster of Frankenstein, and is the first succeeded zombie of Princess Bubblegum.
  • Snail is seen on the floor of the girl's toitlet through the mirror.
  • Finn has became more resistant to fire due to constant contact with Flame Princess.
  • Flame Princess can speak six different languages; English, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese and Italian.
  • Rainicorns are pregnant for 10 month's, unlike humans who are pregnant for 9 month's.
    • ​It can be asumed Monochronicorns also have this.
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