Every Time is Adventure Time
Also known as Adventure Time Season 6
Created by Jujuantyn12
Written by Jujuantyn12
Country of origin Brazil
Language(s) English


No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10/??
Producer(s) Jujuantyn12
Preceded by Adventure Time Season 5

Every Time is Adventure Time (Also known as Adventure Time Season 6) is a new Adventure Time serie created by Jujuantyn12. With the Main and Minor characters of the original serie and a lot of new too.

Main CharactersEdit

Minor Characters

List of EpisodesEdit

Name Plot Production code
What time is it? Finn and Jake have a lot of commitments, but they can't see the time. 100-001
Regaining a relationship Jake and Lady fights, but both of they still love and ask help to friends to regain the dating. 100-002
From worse to nightmare A psychic creature lock Finn, Jake, PB, FP, LSP, Lady and BMO inside an endless nightmare with zombies that can't back to normal with PB's formulas. 101-004
Untouchable Finn found a star that made him invencible, but also made him evil with all this power. Only an ultimate wizard can stop he. Untouchabletitlecard 102-005
Aqua Princess Flame Princess enter a water cave to get a gift to Finn, while are instructed by Flambo. Aquaprincesstitlecard 101-003
Destroy it! A Robot Exterminator tries to destroy BMO and Neptr, so Finn and Jake need to protect they. Destroyittitlecard 102-006
Trouble A childhood friend of Jake comes and want to live with they in the Tree Fort, but he's kinda annoying
Thommas the Weak TBA
Bruck Lil TBA
Knowing some prince of fire TBA. Is the first apparition of Flame Prince.
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