These are episodes that are going to be in Adventure Time Crossover. 


Season OneEdit

  1. Boys will be Boys: Lee and his friends face off Clyde, due to their family rivalry.
  2. Party Prince: Lee and Vinnie encounter the Party Prince, and help him retrieve his missing radio.
  3. RPG Fail: Lee plays a RPG game, which goes terribly wrong.
  4. Not Overdrive Mode!: When a energy dring company turns all of Virturon into mutants, Lee must get help from an old friend.
  5. Victor and Vinnie, The Storm - Wolves: Vinnie faces his evil brother, Victor. 
  6. Zombie Hunt: Zombie Steve haunts Lee, and hunts for his heart. 
  7. The Darkness Within: Lee and the heroes go to the Dungeon to find the Diamond Netherstar, before Death does. 

Season 2 Edit

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