"Emit Erutnevda"
Season 3, Episode 22
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Symphonic Wedding"
"Life of Pain"

Emit Erutnevda is the twenty second episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Jake want to do everything backwards.


When Finn and Jake wake up Finn suggests to Jake that they should do everything backwards today. Jake agrees, however Finn asks if they also should talk backwards. Jake shakes his head saying that would be too difficult.

The guys walks backwards downstairs and arrive in the living room where Jake says he's going to make dinner. When finished he comes back with a plate of spagetti for both him and Finn. They eat their food and continue. BMO then sees the two doing everything backwards and asks why they are doing this. They both reply that it's one of those days. Finn and Jake do several kind of normal things around the house, all backwards, which starts to freak BMO out.

BMO runs away from the Tree Fort as result. Finn and Jake see that and run after him. BMO sees the two following him backwards and yells saying they are possessed. He then grabs the Two Headed Duck and throws it in front of Finn and Jake to make them trip. BMO continues to run until he eventually bumps into Choose Goose who sees him as a fun-to-collect item and takes him along. When at Choose Goose's stand he shut down as Choose Goose took his batteries.

Finn and Jake look around and see a puddle of mud where a snake is bathing in. They ask if he has seen a little robot, and the snake answers that the goose took him. The boys thank him but he says that advice doesn't come without a price.

Hot Dog Princess and her guards are taking a stroll when they come by Choose Goose's stand. Hot Dog Princess sees BMO and asks what he wants for it. Choose Goose says that one of her guards will do fine. Hot Dog Princess agrees and exchanges her guard with BMO and takes it home. Choose Goose then takes a bite out of the hot dog knight.

Finn and Jake arrive at Choose Goose's stand and ask where BMO is. Choose Goose tells them he just sold him to Hot Dog Princess. Finn and Jake quickly hurry to Hot Dog Kingdom but are stopped by the hot dog knights. They explain that she bought their robot, but the knights won't let them in. Inside Hot Dog Princess and BMO are playing games and BMO likes it to be with someone who isn't possessed.

Suddenly they hear fighting sounds from outside and go to see it. There they see Finn and Jake fighting the Mud Snake who wants their lives in exchange for his advice. And else he will just destroy the Hot Dog Kingdom. Finn and Jake fight it backwards, making BMO afraid. However the boys realize they can't do it this way and fight normally and easily defeat the Mud Snake.

BMO runs to them and hugs Finn's leg, saying they weren't possessed and wants to come along back to home. A Hot Dog Knight says that he now belongs to Hot Dog Princess, but she says it's okay. They can have BMO in exchange for saving her kingdom. BMO then says he knew all along it were them and not backward versions of them and giggles.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Hot Dog Princess
  • Hot Dog Knights
  • Two Headed Duck
  • Choose Goose
  • Mud Snake
  • Snail


  • Snail is seen when Hot Dog Princess and BMO are playing games.
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