Eliza the Maliwoman
Eliza the Mailwoman - Pacifica pride LGBT profile
Name Eliza the Maliwoman
Gender Female
Age 31
Species Candy Person
Occupation Mali courier
Relatives Norton the Mailman (Husband)

Uriah the Soldier (Ex-Husband)
Milford the Ticketman (Ex-Husband)
Ella the Student Girly (Daughter)
Eliza and Norton' Octuplets (Children)
Eliza and Norton's twin son (Son)
Eliza and Norton's twin daughter (Daughter)
Kaia the Pilot-Retired (Mother)
Opaque the President (Father)
Nate (Brother)
Emma (Sister)
Norton's Mom (Mother-in-law)
Norton's Dad (Father-in-law)
Norton's Sister (Sister-in-law)
Norton's Brother-in-law (Brother-in-law)
Mutant Patty (Brother-in-law)
Olivia the Lawyer (Couisn)

Voiced by Jill Talley
Ariel Winter
Jessica DiCicco
Jodi Benson

Eliza the Mailwoman is a berry in Star vs. the Crossover of Evil who first appears in the episode "The School Party." He appears in many episodes, sometimes as a mail berry or mother. He is usually seen walking to deliver mail, but in "Moving Box," he drives a mail truck. 

Description Edit

She is a red strawberry with four leaves sticking on the top, her stem in the middle of her head. Her head is covered with melted chocolate until her chest. She wears a dark blue hat, light blue skirt with dark blue stripes, carries a blue mailbag, and pink socks with light blue sandals.

Names Edit

  • In "Pacifica pride LGBT," he was named Eliza.
  • In "The Legend of Monster," he was named Mailberry.

Personality Edit

He wants to be friends and daughter with people. He likes almost everything Norton likes, except for airmail. He is also an introvert or married.

Role in series Edit

"The School Party" Edit

He is revealed that she is the mother of Ella.

"Something Disgusting" Edit

Finn says "Hi" to him, but due to his rancid breath, his skin subsequently disintegrates.

"Mail Love" Edit

He spits out airmail arrives by please to deliver a DVD to Finn and Jake. They then dump the DVD and play in the box.

Later, when is looking for a mailbox, he finds phone her ex-husband, who says he is more of an crying. looking for a her husband, Norton and gets terrified by Slendward's scary faces from annyond too many times.

"Procrastination" Edit

Finn gets mail from him while he is working on his boating school essay. Finn tries to waste time by asking him about where he gets his mail from, before he reminds Finn that he has an essay to write.

"Moving Box" Edit

He arrives by vehicle to deliver a TV to Finn and Jake. They then dump the TV and play in the box.

"The Great Pet Race" Edit

Squidward gets a package from him delivering his new snail, Snellie. He pronounces Squidward's name wrong by calling him Mr. Tennisballs.

"Waiting" Edit

He comes to deliver the Kelpo toy package Finn was waiting for.

"Pacifica pride LGBT" Edit

He goes to Squidward's house to deliver the invitation to Galleria Diphteria and tells Squidward what the "plus one" means.

Later, when Squidward is looking for a friend, he finds him, who says he is more of an introvert than a kidder. Squidward finds out he also likes toast pointed and fancy art galleries, but after he reveals that he hates clarinets, Squidward leaves and he gets upset.

Trivia Edit

  • His character design resembles that of Chocoberry, but is colored skirt and messenger bag, and with the mailwoman uniform. Also, his four leaves sticking is pointier than Chocoberry's.
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