Either right now or not
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Created by user :hichame
Developed by user :hichame
Written by user :hichame
Directed by user :hichame
Creative director(s) user :hichame
Presented by user :hichame
Starring tony nicre , fufu , selina , apple girl , Forest Princess
Theme music composer firework
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 501
Producer(s) user :hichame
Story editor(s) user :hichame
Editor(s) user :hichame
Location(s) village city
Rating TV-PG
Preceded by user :hichame

Either right now or not is a series of Adventure Time, and advanced copy them a little bit.

plot Edit

A long time ago in Great mushrooms War there was a small village is unable to make the barrier protected it from every bomb mushrooms effects and stayed and evolved into a big city and modern, but in one day crash barrier and entered some of the creatures was initially nice, but then I started to display my wild creatures and the city continued to struggle and fight for the protection of the city opened up and started to adapt to the external world and the question is whether humans will stay there or disappear .

characters Edit

  • tony nicre Is the hero of story an orphan who lives in the city and the grandson of the grandson of the grandson maker barrier though the is not getting the respect and the respect of the fact that some cast blame him because he prevented them from an outside world, and even though it is one of the people who are protecting the city.
  • Fufu is one of the heroes of the story, and Tony pet animal, which is one of the creatures that entered the city and is innocent and nice and sweet and cute and at the same time it may be brutal and dangerous, and like Tony, most of the villagers considered alive lesion .
  • Selina is one of the close friends of Tony and works in a modest cafe in the city center and is possessed numerous awards and sports, although it behave in a friendly manner and sweet that it can become nervous and annoying.
  • Apple girl is Selina pet she are mostly Think it in the opinion of people famous actress and the darling of the people and do anything to achieve it.
  • Forest Princess is playing the role of mother to Tony In many cases what give tips and ideas and are secured abilities .
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