Echo Princess (Anzyta)
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Vampire
  • Princess
  • Unamed Parents
  • Royal Family (adoptive)
  • Yruae (adoptive sister)
Introduction Adventure Time Songs In: Sonnah
Voiced by
  • Hynden Walch
Birthday Unknown

Anzyta better known as the 'Echo Princess' is a recurring character of the spin off series: Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah.


Princess Anzyta's past is a complete mystery to her after her early childhood trauma. She only can remember that when she was a girl was orphanized on a dark day. Anzyta witnessed an inocent women's death at the hands a mysterious man. After that experience she was taken away from her home and into the Dark Palace where she was raised.

During her slowly progressing childhood Anzyta had become part of the royal family as an adoptive child. She was second in line for the throne of the Dark kingdom, next to her sister Yruae. They both were competive rivals yet they shared a sisterly bond. This bond was later torn when Yruae passed away after a sudden illness that later spread to the royal family. Anzyta was depressed despite inheriting an entire kingdom. She was willing to fulfill her sister's wishes for the new order of the Dark Kingdom.

When Anzyta recieved the title Dark Princess, she had quickly taken charge. Anzyta was very laxed about her royal duties, however that changed as soon as a man named Dr. U had terrorized the Dark Kingdom. Forced to surrender in private, Anzyta relieved her self of her title as the Dark Princess, disbanded the military, and made an allience with Dr. U. She only wishes to do everything she can to keep harm from coming to her people. Even if she must make terrible sacrifices. Anzyta had decided to be known as the Echo Princess as long as she is being controlled by Dr. U and for other personal reasons...


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