"Don't Leave Me"
Season 4, Episode 01
Airdate:  ???
Director: Jico Vinco
Story: 06civic68pa
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Crystal Crush"
"Leonard Beats the Blues"


Finn and FP break up, but Finn has a sursprise... he begins going out with Marceline!


When Finn was about to visit Flame Princess but sees that she destroying Goblin Kingdom.Finn asks why was she destroying the kingdom then she said "I miss being evil." Finn then said "If your going to be evil then I'm breaking up with you then." Then Flame Princess stopped and said "Fine" then Finn said "Fine". Finn then went to Marceline to tell her about what happen then she said "Well maybe you need a girl who is kinda is like you like me" then Finn blushed and nodded and gave her a smooch. After a week of dating Flame Princess got more sad by the minute.Then from that day on Flame Princess knock on the door and said please come back to me."Finn always rejected her everyday then Flame Princess got more jealous of Marceline then vowed to get revenge on her. While Marceline was waiting for Finn and getting ready for there date Flame Princess came and said "You have toke my only true love who gave me a chance to be good but you stole him" She then said "It's not my fault you wanted to destroy the Goblin Kingdom and miss being evil." Flame Princess and Marceline started a fight but Finn walk in and said to Flame Princess "The reason I dumped you was you said you wouldn't be evil again and you didn't just destroy the Goblin Kingdom you destroy my heart. Alright I'll give you one more chance since I missed you too so sorry Marceline but I'm in love with Flame Princess." Then Marceline said "Alright I'm cool with that." Flame Princess and Finn gave each other a kiss.


  • Finn
  • Marceline
  • FP
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