Season 3, Episode 27
Production code: 392
Airdate: March 1, 2012
Director: Jico Vinco
Story: Brian Mesada
Written &
storyboarded by:
Joey Zuloaga
"Finn Beats the Blues"
"Slimy Talk"

Divorced is the twenty-seventh episode of season 3 of BuritoMan's Episodes and the twenty-fourth episode in DKH's Episodes.


Elf Prince and PB divorce, but are still friends, because PB only wanted EP to make Finn jealous.


DKH's EpisodesEdit

Princess Bubblegum was singing "My Sweet Lust" together with Marceline and kissed at the end of the song. Suddenly PB woke up and looked next to her and saw Elf Prince lying next to her, she sighed. She looked to her wedding ring and put if off and placed it in her drawer, she continued her sleep. The next day she woke up and Elf Prince seemed already to be up.

She went downstairs in her bathcloak and saw that Elf Prince was making eggs, while he still was in his boxers. EP wished Bonnie goodmorning, and so did she. Bonnie kept the hand where her engagement ring should be in the pocket of her coat and sat down to drink some chocolatemilk. EP came with the eggs and they had breakfast. After they finished their breakfast PB decided to take a shower, however EP saw that something was wrong with her. EP grabbed the telephone and called Finn and Jake to come over. When they arrived EP told them that there was something wrong with Bonnie. Right at that moment PB walked down the stairs and greeted Finn and Jake and asked what they were doing here so early. Finn said that EP said that something might be wrong. PB didn't had an answer. Jake asked what was bothering her, was it her job, health or marriage. After a few moments of silence Bonnie cried that she wanted a divorce, to the shock of EP and the others.

Elf Prince was in the Tree Fort with Finn and Jake and didn't know what to do. Jake told him that there probably wasn't a real click between them. Finn then remembered how EP and PB met and said that maybe PB wanted comfort, maybe she was desperate. Elf Prince understood and said it was all going very quickly either, maybe she had a too short time to realize he wasn't the one. The three go back to the Candy Kingdom's castle and they get a divorce. After it's done Bonnie says she still wants to be friends, but only keep it at that. Then she lied that she also married him to make Finn a bit jealous, to see if he really loved Flame Princess. They laughed a bit and drunk something together. Shortly afterwards EP, Finn and Jake left.

Bonnibel headed up to her room and grabbed the shirt Marceline had given to her. She put it away again and decided to call Marceline saying that they should hang out again soon.


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  • For the whole beginning of the episode Elf Prince wears only his boxers. This is the second time anyone was seen in his underwear, the first one being Finn in "City Of Theves " and "Little Dude".
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