Destrution & Despair is a stand-alone special episode that aired on Halloween 2012. It officially introduces the Godzilla characters to the Adventure Time series.


Godzilla as he appears in the special.


When a large & mysterious force destroys an oil field, no one can make heads or tails of the situation...until it attacks New San Francisco.


The special opens with various shots of a ravaged New San Francisco. Large fires are raging, rubble lays everywhere & Candy Soldiers are beginning the grim task of recovering bodies. Tom Stevenson (voice of Larry King) speaks over Candy Kingdom AM about the harrowing tragedy that occurred the night before, but can't describe it properly.

Soon, an Armored Personnel Carrier bearing the Candy Kingdom Coat of Arms enters the city & heads for the New Red Cross. Once it reaches the hospital, the rear-door opens & out come Finn & Fionna. Finn is carrying a suitcase full of recording equipment, while Fionna has a camera for the Candy Kingdom Times. As they head towards Tom's room, they encounter families grieving for their lost love ones. The whole scene makes Finn break down in tears. After Fionna comforts him, they reach Tom's room. He happily invites them in & tries to walk. Finn commends his bravery for broadcasting to the bitter end, while Fionna snaps a picture. After unpacking the recording equipment, Tom denies help getting to the table. With a flip of the switch, Tom tells the story of what happened over the last few days. It is mostly from a third-person perspective, though at some points Tom tells it from his view.

It all started a week before New San Francisco was demolished. The Candy Kingdom had found a major oil deposit at & was exporting it to their allies for profit. The constant drilling was causing major seismic events. Despite constant warnings from scientists & Princess Bubblegum (who moved to find oil deposits on land), drilling & pumping went on.

On one particular day, a new deposit was discovered. The drill caused another underwater earthquake. This time, it something to move. The divers overseeing the drilling radioed that they thought they saw something. Control said they must have seen a new trench open. At that moment, all communications between control & the divers are lost. This causes great worry.

All of a sudden, a humungous, reptilian monster surfaces. It has several diver suits on it. Soon, the creature starts for the oil rigs. As the crewmen scramble to evacuate the oil field, the creature shoots a bright Neon Blue beam from it's mouth. It is so powerful, an entire oil rig explodes. The creature then advances on another rig & flips it with it's bare hands. One of the crewmembers shouts "GODZILLA!" The captain of the operation confirms that the creature is indeed Godzilla, King of the Monsters! Godzilla proceeds to use his tail to knock another rig off it's footing. As it sinks to the bottom, it explodes. Oil spills into the water. Godzilla breathes superheated vapor. A lone Chinook escapes as the rest of the rigs explode.

When the Chinook reaches the Candy Kingdom, the survivors tell their story. The Secretary of State (voice of George Takei) tells them that they have the situation under control. Princess Bubblegum interjects & says that they have little knowledge of the monster known as Godzilla & based on Global Defense Force records, there are many, many more monsters out there.

After the speech, PB pays a visit to Outpost Alpha. Finn & Fionna believe that Godzilla is "just another ogre" who they could slay easily...until they see a picture of Godzilla. Then, they watch security footage of Godzilla's first rampage in 1954. They are horrified by the images & vow to come up with a solution.

Several days pass. Ships keep disappearing on their way between Ooo & Aaa. Prince Gumball contacts PB regarding the missing ships. Turns out, she has no idea what is happening either. PB also tells PG that Fionna has settled in with Finn quite nicely.

Then, about 2 days before the attack on New San Francisco, Godzilla appears at a small coastal village. The residents were in the middle of a festival. Godzilla proceeds to level the village, killing almost all of the residents.

When news reaches the Candy Kingdom, the Secretary of State says that the situation is becoming more & more desperate. A warning for the whole West Coast of Ooo, between New Anchorage & New Panama, is issued. Tom Stevenson departs New Atlanta on a business trip to New San Francisco.

That night, Godzilla is spotted heading towards New San Francisco. Candy Kingdom naval ships attempt to stop him with depth charges. The attempt fails when Godzilla actually manages to toss a charge back up, sinking a ship. Godzilla slips in under the New Golden Gate Bridge & attacks the Port of New Oakland. The damage to the Port is minimal, as Godzilla starts to tire & retreats to a point just beyond the Golden Gate.

The day of the attack, mass evacuations of the Bay Area take place. Princess Bubblegum, along with Finn & Fionna, huddle around a plasma-screen TV to watch Candy Kingdom TV (CKTV). That night, the streets of New San Francisco are deserted. Only tanks & police cars are roaming the streets.

From the Pyramid Building, Tom broadcasts a live account of the attack, with cameras rolling. Sure enough, Godzilla emerges near the New Golden Gate Bridge. He proceeds to blasts the bridge. As he makes his way towards Alcatraz Island, where he smashes Alcatraz (which somehow survived World War III, as did the Coit Tower). He finally comes ashore & proceeds to start a firestorm with his Atomic Breath.

Overseas, in the Gumball Kingdom, Prince Gumball watches the attack. Marshall Lee come in & thinks it's a movie, but PG confirms it is in fact real. Marshall Lee sits down & stares engrossed at Godzilla's rampage.

Finn, Fionna & PB watch in horror as Godzilla picks up the Hobart Building & throws it at Pier 39, seemingly without effort. He continues to rampage through the city. Tanks are mobilized to stop him, but are powerless as they are engulfed by fire. Candy People flee for their lives as Godzilla advances on the suburbs. He sets the housing blocks aflame. Soon, the houses are gutted by fire, as Godzilla heads back to downtown.

Once there, he destroys the Ferry Building (which also somehow survived World War III). Then, he tears the Western Span of the New Bay Bridge (the eastern span survived World War III). AT&T Park (another survivor of the war) is next. Tom somberly states that nothing can save San Francisco from Godzilla. Thousands of people are being immolated by the massive firestorm.

PB tearfully declares an Emergency Action Notification for all territory under Allied control, as Finn & Fionna break down in tears & hug each other. Meanwhile, Godzilla advances on the Pyramid Building. Tom Stevenson signs-off, possibly for the last time he says. Godzilla reaches the Pyramid Building & blasts it.

At Outpost Alpha, Finn & Fionna continue hugging & weeping. PB joins them. Meanwhile, on the TV, the Candy Kingdom Early Warning Network issues a Emergency Action Notification. Cake sends out the EAN code on all radio channels. But a TV network refuses to transmit the warning, causing a heated arguement between the radio operator of that station & Cake. At the same time, Jake secures the weapons depot in case Godzilla comes to Outpost Alpha.

As Godzilla continues his rampage, several F-35's come in & attack Godzilla. This is enough to convince him to leave New San Francisco. He retreats underwater in San Francisco Bay & heads up the Sacramento River.

The next morning, Tom Stevenson is pulled from the rubble of the Pyramid Building, unconsious, but alive. Finn, Fionna & PB had done an all-nighter, trying to coordinate the New Red Cross & military. PB addresses the Candy Kingdom later that morning. Finn & Fionna help her keep her composure while she announces the death toll.

Meanwhile, in Benicia, Godzilla surfaces near the Tesoro Refinery. He sets out ablazing, ultimately blowing it up. Soon, Godzilla starts towards the general direction of the Candy Kingdom. When PB recieves the news from the Secretary of State, she breaks down.

Finally, the flashback comes full circle. Finn thanks Tom for the prose, then he & Fionna leave the room. Finn & Fionna decide they don't want to go back the way they came. So, they walk through the Maternity Ward. There, they see a room full of human babies. Not surprisingly, they are overjoyed. Doctor Princess is more than happy to let them visit the little guys. Sh tells them that the humans are starting to come out from underground & have babies.

Back at the palace, the Secretary of State says he believes that Godzilla is nothing but a mindless creature & must be killed. But PB disagrees. She had looked at GDF records & they stated that after 1964, the Godzilla bloodline became devoted to the defense of humanity. Since no humans were in New San Francisco, Godzilla must have believed that an alien race had took over. So, they make a plan: Finn & Fionna will show Godzilla they are human when he attacks the Candy Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Godzilla continues towards the Candy Kingdom, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Night falls quickly. Search lights scan for Godzilla. The public shelters are jammed full of Candy People. Finn & Fionna step up onto the highest building with a megaphone.

Godzilla finally appears. Searchlights uncover his presence. The turrets (made for defense against the Nut Kingdom) open fire, but are destroyed by Atomic Breath. Godzilla destroys the wall & enters the kingdom. The army attempts to take him down. The Secretary of State orders all units to aim for Godzilla's eyes. PB revokes the order, but the Secretary of State holds a gun up to her, saying that he is in charge, her plan is stupid & Godzilla must die.

Meanwhile, Godzilla sets the kingdom aflame. Finally, he reaches the castle & stares at the Secretary of State. After firing a few shots at his eyes, the Secretary of State is blasted by Godzilla, as PB flees the scene.

As Godzilla turns to destroy the rest of the castle, Finn suddenly screams for Godzilla to stop through his megaphone. Godzilla turns & snarls at them. Finn tells Fionna to remove her hat. When they do, Godzilla is suddenly taken aback. He slowly walks up to them & starts to see reason. He had been destroying for no reason this last week. Godzilla let's out a roar of sadness & guilt, then starts punching himself.

Finn & Fionna look on as Godzilla blows out the fires & turns to leave. Nearby, a sinkhole opens up. Out pops Baragon, one of Godzilla's friends. Not too far behind Baragon is Anguirus, Godzilla's best friend. Overhead, Rodan, Mothra & Manda swoop in. The rest of Godzilla's friends (except Varan, Gorosaurus, Grandpa Godzilla & Godzilla Jr.) show up. Overjoyed, Godzilla follows them into the hole, which Baragon covers up.

The next day, a new Secretary of State is installed. PB addresses everyone within allied territory that the EAN has been lifted. However, the threat of Alien & Mutant monsters still exists, based on GDF records. However, her speech is interrupted by a news bulletin. Tom Stevenson, who checked out of the hospital, reports that Godzilla & his friends are attacking enemy territory. The special ends with Godzilla roaring with a massive explosion behind him as New Moscow burns.


  • Finn: Jeremy Shada
  • Fionna: Ashley Johnson
  • Princess Bubblegum: Isabella Acres
  • Tom Stevenson: Himself (impersonating Raymond Burr)
  • Secretary of State: George Takei
  • Jake: John DiMaggio
  • Cake: Roz Ryan
  • Doctor Princess: Melinda Hill
  • Prince Gumball: Neil Patrick Harris
  • Marshall Lee: Dante Basco
  • Rodan: Belle Johnson
  • Additional voices: Pendleton Ward, Steve Little, Tom Kenny, Maria Bamford, Hynden Walch, Adam Muto, Rebecca Sugar, Natasha Allegri, Fred Seibert, JG Quintel, Sam Marin, John Kassir, Paige Moss, Zack Shada, Jeremy Shada, Madeleine Martin and Dee Bradley Baker

The rest of the suit actors for the other monsters are uncredited. Mothra was created with CGI.



  • In place of the normal opening credits, the words "Adventure Time Presents", the episode title & the writer appear over images of the ravaged city.
  • This episode has a degree of live-action, in which the cities are model sets and Godzilla is a rubber suit.
  • This episode features the largest cast to date.
  • Several voice actors return in this special, including Zack Shada (Pen), Paige Moss (Princess Bubblegum in the pilot), John Kassir (Ice King), and Hynden Walch (18-year old Princess Bubblegum).

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