"Dating Advice"
Season 1, Episode 2
Production code: 1011-14
Airdate: August 22, 2013
Director: Nick Jennings
Story: Adam Muto
Mark Banker
Phil Rynda
Adventure Time Fan 12
Written &
storyboarded by:
Michael DeForge
Niki Yang
"Ice King Has Who?!"
"Lord Trux"
Dating Advice is the second episode in the first season of ATF's Episodes. It is the second episode overall.


Flame Princess asks Lumpy Space Princess then Ghost Princess for dating advice before her date with Finn.


The episode begins with Finn at Flame Princess' house. Finn blushes and rubes the back of his hat and asks Flame Princess on a date. Flame Princess blushes also and says yes. Finn jumps for joy and then asks where they should go. Flame Princess says they should go on a date to the movies. Finn says that it is a great idea and he would pick her up in about 2 hours. Flame Princess says ok. Finn gives Flame Princess a hug and jumps in the water. Flame Princess waves goodbye and blushes.

The episode skips to Flame Princess knocking on LSP's door. She answers the door and ask what does she want. Flame Princess tells her that she is going on a date tonight with Finn. LSP says, "Oh My Glob! You're going on a date with Finn! You came to the right person!" LSP tells her to come in. She tells her that she need to get ready with pretty clothing. She puts on all her cloths but LSP says no. So they both go shopping for a dress. When they find the correct thing they go back to LSP's appartment and then sets the dress on fire so Flame Princess can wear it. LSP says that she has the clithing but make-up. So after 20 minutes LSP turns Flame Princess' make-over. Flame Princess says she doesn't want to wear the make-up but she wants the dress. LSP says that it is her loss.

Flame Princess then goes to Ghost Princess' house. When she opens the door Flame Princess tells her why. Ghost Princess tells her the only thing she needs is to be herself. And that she likes her dress. Flame Princess says thank you about the complement and and for the advice. Then she leaves back to her house.

An hour later, Finn walked up to Flame Princess' house with the Flame Shield on him and knocked on her door. Flame Princess opens the door with the dress on. Finn said she looks butifull and holdes her hand and takes her to the movies. When they get to the movies they sit in the front row of the theatre. At the end of the movie Finn gives Flame Princess a kiss and walked her home for the night.

Then it shows Flame Princess talking with Ghost Princess and thanking her for the advice, and also talking to LSP and thanking her for the dress. The episode ends with Flame Princess putting a picture of Finn on her bedside table. Then falling asleep.


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  • This episode mostly is on Flame Princess.
  • This is the first time since the episode, "Ghost Princess." Ghost Princess has appeared.


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