Cherry Blossom Princess
Snapshot 20120217
Gender Female
Age 21
Species Humanoid
Occupation Princess
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Introduction Princess
Voiced by Maria Bamford
Birthday N/A

History Edit

Her past is unexplained, but she was the ruler of the Cherry Blossom Kingdom for 20 years.

Apperance and EquipementEdit

She has a green dress with pink flowers on it, with white ruffles at her sleeves and the end of the dress. She has blue skin and disconnected hands with long white hair. She has a golden crown with a red gem in it.


She has the power to move and use cherry blossoms to heal people and to try to beat up bad guys. She also can call cherry blossoms to make her fly.


She is normally kind and thankful. She can also gets mad sometimes.



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