Season 3, Episode 10
Director: DarKingdomHearts
Story: DarKingdomHearts


Written &
storyboarded by:
"Warriors of Nature"
"A Fading Flame"
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Cerberus is the tenth episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Jake has been dragged to the Nightosphere and only Marceline can help him get out.


Jake wakes up and finds himself in the Nightosphere, however not in the jail he was in the previous time. He was in some kind of a dungeon and could see other dogs in other cells. The Demon Guard then walks to the cell across Jake's one and takes the dog out of it and drags it away. Jake looks around and sees a poodle and asks it what is going on.

The poodle appears to talk and says that Cerberus wanted to fight the strongest dog in the living world, but unfortunately he doesn't know who it is. Jake sighes and sits down saying its probably him. He hears footsteps through the hallway and thinks the Demon Guard is coming but instead Marceline appears with a key. She unlocks the cell and motions Jake to come along with her. The poodle also wants to get helped but is left behind. The Demon Guard then appears and sees that Jake has escaped and informs the police, who say it is better to let him go as Cerberus will get him if he wants to.

Marceline and Jake run out of the building (which is that piramide) and Jake asks where she is taking him. Marceline says that he has to get out of here because Cerberus will kill him for sure. He is the demom guardian dog of her father Hunson. He can breathe fire and all that kind of crazy stuff. Jake agrees that they should hurry, and asks where the exit is. Marceline tells that they have to get to her house.

As the two run towards Marceline's house they suddenly hear much noise coming from behind them. They look back and see the piramide being destroyed and Cerberus running out of it towards the two. Jake then motions Marceline to hop on his back. Jake grows big and runs away from Cerberus. Both Jake and Marceline look back, not paying attention to the road. When Marceline turns back they see they're approaching a cliff and shouts Jake to stop but they are to late and fall into it. Cerberus simply jumps after them.

Cerberus weighs much more and thus reaches the same height (while falling) as Jake. But the dog doesn't want to get hurt and stretches into a parashute while holding Marceline to let Cerberus fall down into the pit. Jake then manages to reach the edge and pull him and Marceline back up. The two continue and reach Marceline's house where Jake turns normal again. They walk to the entrance of the house when suddenly the earth cracks and Cerberus appears out of it.

He shouts that he will have his battle against Jake. Marceline says Cerberus to stop but is slammed away by him, leaving her unconscious. Jake gets angered and grows to match Cerberus's size. The two fight intense until Jake sees a cliff behind Marceline's house. He fights his way towards the cliff by mostly pushing Cerberus. They then fight on the edge of the cliff where Jake manages to push Cerberus off it into the water. Cerberus's fire goes out and he swims away like a dog.

Jake runs to Marceline who regained conscious again. Marceline thanks him and the two head to the portal inside of Marceline's house. Jake thanks Marceline for saving him and that he had a fun, spending some time with her. Marceline smiles and the two shake hands before Jake jumps into the portal. Back at the Tree Fort, Jake lands on the couch just as Finn walks in with Flame Princess. He asks Jake if he had a fun time at Lady's place. Jake, not knowing what he did before he woke up in the Nightosphere, nods.


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  • Snail appears underneath the couch in the Tree Fort.
  • When Jake wakes up he says "Not again." recalling the events that happened in "Return to the Nightosphere".
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