An outsider  (Deutsch:' 'Außenseiter) is a human being or any creature that is outside from the land of Ooo. An outsider is usually welcomed by most people in Ooo as a tourist or a visitor, and they are willing to exchange or trade information about the outsiders' homeland and the locals. But in some occasions, some creatures living in Ooo are passive or sometimes, even agressive to the outsiders.

Currently, they are lots of other sentient beings outside Ooo, but the only known state that has Ooo discovered is the Empire that was made possible by Howard Adams, an experienced soldier scout during the 2nd Civil War.

As for now, Ooo's inhabitants still don't know if there are more people and things out there, and all information about the outside world is very little and a few people only knew about them: Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum.

There is a famous quote circulating around Ooo during Howard's stay: Do not expect what will happen if an outsider wants to do something to you.

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