Season 6Edit

This is Halloween: Finn and Jake realize that Ooo is full of halloween surprises.

More Than one love Story: Six love stories begin to bloom, forcing everyone to deal with it.

The Problem Between Hunson Abadeer and Marsha: When Marceline dies, Marsha goes to the Lord of Evil (also called Hunson Abadeer), who happens to be Marsha and Marceline's dad, but soon regrets her decison. Things gets even more personal when Finn delivers insults between Marsha and Hunson.

An Adventure Time Christmas: The cast get prepared for Christmas for the first time in centuries.

A Christmas Carol 2: Someone of her past tells Dark Princess she will get visited by three ghosts in one night, to teach her to be nicer on Christmas.

Abadeer Family Reunion: Marceline and Marsha has been granted permission by Hunson Abadeer  to organize the upcoming Abadeer Family Reunion. However, Marceline soon loses focus of the important things, such as spending time together as a family enjoying each other's company, in her haste to put together extravagant activities.

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