Captain Mowford
Captain Mowford
Name Captain Mowford
Gender Male
Species Cat
Occupation Head Assassin
Introduced In Return of the Tiny Cat

Captain Mowford was first introduced in the episode Return of the Tiny Cat. He is the head of the Guild of Assassins and also a 1st class assassin. He was seen at the beginning where he promoted Me-Mow to a 1st class assassin for killing Wildberry Princess. He also appears at the end of the episodes where he degrades Me-Mow back to a 2nd class assassin.


Captain Mowford is a tiny white cat with striped fur. He has large pink eyes, a circular mouth with pointed teeth, and razor sharp claws. His tail is unusually long and prehensile and can puff up during attack mode. He wears white cowboy boots, a gray belt and the same color hat.


He isn't seen fighting in the episode but because he is the Head of Assassins he probably is very fast and can quickly kill his opponent. He has enchanted agility and jumping ability and speed. He also is a great hider, shown when he emerged from the shadow in Shelby's violin to take Me-Mow with him.


  • His appearance might be based upon Puss in Boots.
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