"Candy Outside, People Inside"
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate: September 10, 2012
Director: Jico
Story: Ronuel Lexther
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Windy Candy"
"Trouble Tower"


Finn and Jake take a day off, and the Candy People need to protect themselves from the Ice King.


The story begins at the Treefort where Finn and Jake are playing BMO, Finn beats Jake, eventually. Jake became upset because he held the top score, now took by Finn. Jake said that they have been working so hard that they should relax at Bacon Beach. Finn agrees and calls Princess Bubblegum, saying that they are going for a day off.

Finn and Jake leaves the Tree Fort, and tells BMO to feed Loraine, however he goes on snooze mode. The scene then switches to the Candy Kingdom, where PB is making a teleporting device, after she finishes it, she places candy liter, but Ice King gets teleported. Ice King snickers, while PB gasps, and tells all the Candy People to stay at their homes and dont get out unless its safe, she then, goes to her lab, and finds Ice King freezing it.

Ice King begs PB to marry him, since Finn is with FP, PB still disagrees, and angers IK. He attempts to freeze Bubblegum, but misses. PB runs away and tries to call Finn, but Ice King freezes the phone.

PB calls all the citizens to fight IK, but after she says the last word, IK freezes her and kidnaps her. The scene switches to IK's castle, in the cage, where PB is thrown inside, which breaks the Ice. Ice King makes a snowman to guard the cage, after a while, the snowman bumps the wall, and breaks.

Making the escape, PB gets her Walk-Through-Walls potion from her pocket and drinks it. After that, she walks through the cage and passes through. She makes the escape, but the Potion wears out at the door. Ice King sees her, and orders penguins to catch her, while he continue his video game: Man vs. Mops.

PB is faster than the penguins and reaches te Candy Kingdom, where the war starts. All Candy People grabs a stick, and starts smashing the penguins, which starts to run away. The scene switches to the Ice Kingdom, where IK is continuing his video game, but when he sees the injured penguins, he screams and a stalagtite falls down at his head causing him to faint.

The scene cuts to Bacon Beach where Finn and Jake are actually fighting a Beach Monster, which ends the episode.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Ice King

Minor CharactersEdit

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  • Both Finn and Jake are minor characters in this episode.
  • This is a fanfic story written by BuritoMan, with help of friends.
  • Jico confirms that Ice King loves to play Man vs. Mop.
  • The game Finn and Jake played with BMO was "Battle Poopdeck".
  • The only thing Ice King loves more than princesses, is playing Man vs. Mop, since he didnt chase PB, instead played Man vs. Mop.

Man vs. MopEdit

Man vs. Mop is Ice King's favorite video game, it was first seen at Candy Outside, People Inside, where IK was seen playing it.


The goal of the game is simple, you choose your character, you try to kick away mops, while you avoid trying to kick away Ice.

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