"Blue Flames"
Season 2, Episode 25
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Not Him Again"

"Blue Flames" is the twenty-fifth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Flame Princess turned 15 and has to find her inner flame in the Fire Kingdom.


It is Flame Princess's 15th birthday. She along with Finn, Jake and Flambo celebrate it at her house. After they laughed a bit Flame King appeared out of nowhere. Finn immediately unsheeted his sword and stood in front of Flame Princess. Flame King said he was not here to do any harm, Finn looked to FP who nodded. Flame King then said to FP that now she reached her 15th birthday she has to look for her inner flame located on the bottom of the highest volcano in the Flame Kingdom. After Flame King leaves FP says she has to go away now, to find her inner flame. Finn suggests to come with her but she says that the heat will be too hot for him. Finn then suggests that Flambo must go with her, to protect her. FP blushes and then leaves along with Flambo.

Flame Princess changed into a survival outfit and went to the volcano. Underway she fought several wild inhibitans in the Fire Kingdom, that live near and on the volcano. She rests on a cliff that is near the top of the volcano and thinks back at her father. She was thinking about him sitting on his throne and getting the crown placed in his flame. Flame Princess then suddenly realised she had to go on. She and Flambo travelled to the top and looked down at the lava. They nodded to each other and jumped into it. When FP landed in the lava she closed her eyes. She remembered herself walking with her mother through the gardens of the Fire Palace. She heard the voice of her screaming father from the palace and her mother said she would go and check out what was wrong, she adviced FP to stay in the garden.

FP was woken up by Flambo, she saw that she wasn't in the lava anymore. They continued further, the only thing they saw was a opening to a cave and headed through it. After walking some bit Flambo asked what was bothering her. FP responded that she keeps thinking about her mother. Flambo didn't say anything and they continued. They arrived in a giant round room and a lava monster rised out of the ground. FP and Flambo fought it and defeated it. FP saw a hole in the ground and wanted to check it out when she suddenly passed out. In her mind, a little FP, was was walking from the gardens towards the palace and sought up the room where her mother was. She looked inside and saw the empty dusk of her uncle lying there. She looked up and saw her father shouting towards her mother that she betrayed him with his brother and that she is going to pay the highest price. FP then saw her father kill her mother, to her horror.

FP suddenly woke up and found herself in a Fire Temple and saw an unconcious Flambo. She tried to wake him up, but he didn't. FP felt his heart beating, she decided to explore the temple and found herself in a round room. She touched the jewel on her chest, suddenly the fire in the room became higher and blue. The Blue Flame God appeared and told he was expecting her. FP said she is here to find her inner flame. When BFG asked why, she answered because her father told her that is the tradition on your 15th birthday. BFG then asked what the reason was that she actually went. FP paused but said that she wanted to see her mother again. Suddenly a small blue flame appeared and transformed into her mother (in blue fire instead of orange). FP's mother, Azarin, told her daughter, who she called by her first name Celosia, that she has to let go of the past. She said that it wasn't her fault and that the decision of living on her own and having a boyfriend is very good. She also said that when the time is ready she should become the ruler of the Fire Kingdom. Celosia nodded and hugged her mother, while BFG whiped a tear away. BFG then decided to give her the blue flame powers, that she must learn to control so she can face her father. Celosia agreed, shortly afterwards the spirits disappeared and the flames turned normal.

Celosia went back to Flambo who was worried about her and asked what happened. Celosia said she finally had found her inner flame and her hand gave blue flames.


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  • This is the third episode Flame Princess wears a different outfit, the others being in Ignition Point and You're Invited.
  • In this episode Flame Princess's real name is revealed as Celoisa.
  • It is also revealed that her father killed both her uncle and mother to become the king, but also because of personal reasons involving their relationship. Flame Princess withnissed this event.
  • Powerful Fire Elementals can use blue flames, only Flame Princess is known to have this ability, seeing that Azarin and Blue Flame God are spirits. When a fire elemental dies they apperantly become blue flame spirits.
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