"Beating About The Bush"
Season 1, Episode 2
Title card beating about the bush
Airdate: December 22nd
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Return of The Jay"

Beating About The Bush is the second episode of the first season of WF's Episodes of Adventure Time.


Finn and Jake come across a strange forest inhabitant, but don't know what he is.


The episode starts with Finn and Jake walking through the forest with a picnic basket. After laying out the mat and Jake's box of chicken wings for his sandwich, there is a rustling amongst the shrubs and the two get up to check the noise. When they turn back there is someone with his foot on the box. Finn then asks who he is and he reveals that he is Fry. Fry then pushes the box with his foot over to Jake revealing that the box is empty and that Fry had eaten them while they weren't looking. Jake, in a rage, makes for Fry but Fry quickly draws claws out from his fists. Jake runs away in fear, but Finn grabs the picnic blanket and ties him in it.

In a rush, Finn and Jake carry Fry to the Tree Fort and interrogate Fry. Fry claims that he is not evil and that he was hungry, however he messes with Finn and Jake by not telling them what he is.

They then take him to Princess Bubblegum, who checks Fry's mouth, revealing sharp canines. Just as Bubblegum is about to conclude to her analysis, Fry claws his way out the blanket and legs it. Finn and Jake run after him, out the candy kingdom.

Fry, laughing, runs into Marceline's cave and crawls through the cat flap at the back of her house. Finn and Jake then busts through the door and Finn kicks Fry, pushing him against the wall. Jake then pins Fry to the floor in a position where he can't move. Just at this moment, Marceline enters. She then sees the mess and angrily exclaims, 'Finn, Jake and... Someone- what are you doing?' As Finn explains the whole situation the sun goes down, revealing a full moon. Jake is then sent flying across the room, and standing there is Fry in his werefox form. Finn makes for him with his sword, only for his shorts to be ripped of by his claws. As fry laughs, Marceline checks up on the hurt Finn and Jake. Then in anger she makes for Fry in her bat monster form. She grabs him and throws him multiple times, but eventually he sinks his teeth into her arm, and as Marceline returns to her normal form she collapses. Fry also returns to his normal form, but this time he is extremely worried. Finn then gets up and cries,'You are evil!' As he punches Fry up the jaw. But Fry asks Finn to stop. He then reveals that he is a werefox and that he only intended to mess with them, but he says that he did not mean to hurt Marceline. Fry then says that he feels like a jerk, but also says that Marceline will die by sunrise if he does not find the Rat Juice. This is the first time it is revealed that vampires are weak to werefoxes.

As Fry hastily heads to the forest, Finn and the unconscious Marceline follow on Jake's back. They eventually reach a rock, where Fry chants some ancient words. Fry tells Finn and Jake to wait at the entrance.

After heading down the deep passageway below the rock, Fry commands the rat king to show himself. That rat king eventually appears, but says that he will not give the juice and commands his rat army to attack. Fry, in fear, attempts to run but realises that he cannot back off. He then transforms into werefox form and battles with the rat king. Above ground, Finn and Jake are surrounded by rats scampering everywhere. Fry then crawls out from the rock and gives Marceline the drink. When Marceline wakes up, she slaps Fry across the face, and asks Fry, 'what are you?', only for him to reply with,'I'm Fry, who are you?'. The episode ends with Marceline replying with, 'you don't need to know, because you're staying away from me, but thanks for saving me anyway.'


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  • This is the first time it is shown that vampires are weak to werefoxes
  • This is the first appearance of Fry
  • Fry clearly feels unconfident when talking to Marceline, for a reason that will be later justified.
  • It is also revealed that Marceline does not know about werefoxes
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