Battle Time is a series created by Cartoon44 that takes place in the land of AAAH.


Skyler, the Human Knight and Lance the Fish go on epic adventures in the land of AAAH.

Theme songEdit

(Crows chirp)

( A Dragon flies in the air)'

(A beast shoots out of a lake, in the Myth Kingdom)

(Lance stabs it with it's sword and Lance grows a gigantic water leg and kicks it in the crotch)


We'll fight to the death, w'e'll save some innocent people

Meet Skyler the Human and Lance the Fish, the two that will fight 'till the end



  1. Easy
  2. Hunting
  3. Heart attack
  4. Pet day


Skyler, the Human- A 13 year old boy who is bent on defeating the Time King, the King of the Timeline Kingdom and best friends with a pet fish named Lance, who he hangs out with at his secret cave. He never admits it, but he secretly has a crush on the Wilderness Princess from the Jungle Kingdom. He wears a blue hoodie, and some jeans. He has white shoes and on top of his hood is two blue feathers on each end. He always has a sword with him that was made out of the bone of the dragon he first defeated on his first adventure.

Lance the Fish- A pet fish who loves to battle evil. He is best friends with Skyler the Human, as they go on adventures all across the land of AAAH. He has a fiance named Kate the Cat. He is secretly worries that when it's time to marry Kate the cat, he might leave Skyler alone.

The Time King- The King of the Timeline Kingdom. He can control time, and send others into the past or future. The only problem is that he also gets dragged along. His plan is to take over in the past when dinosaurs existed and marry the dinosaur queen. Once done, he plans to take his army to the present and destroy all of AAAH, but especially Skyler the Human and Lance the Fish.

Kate the Cat- A cat who is engaged to Lance the Fish. She usually goes wherever she can find string to play with.

The Wilderness Princess- The princess of the Jungle Kingdom. She takes charge of whatever happens in the Jungle Kingdom. She can talk to animals. She has green skin, and vines wrapped all around her. She has very long hair that is made out of leaves, and she always carries around her pet snake, Victoria.

Grape- A talking ipod who lives with Skyler and Lance in their secret cave. He can play music, play video games, watch videos, and do so much more.

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