Bantania is a Breaucratic Kingdom that is colonizing the lands that were once the Reim Empire, the Regulus Empire, Parthevia and the western Islands. It is a breaucracy/monarchy ruled by a King or Queen.


Bantania was founded October 13 1901 when it took over the ancient Reim, Regulus and Parthevia Empires in which the first king was the emperor of the Regulus Empire Arcadia the 1st which he dubbed his decsendants the Regulus-Arcadia family. The Crown Prince's family just bore the name Arcadia with the queen as the rest of the family bore the last names of Regulus-Arcadia.


The Government of Bantania is a Breaucracy and a Absolute Monarchy. The ruler is a King or Queen, who appoints an heir to succede him or her if he or she is sick. If the king or queen has no children with his or her spouse, a member of the royal family will succede him or her.


The Military of Bantania is a bunch of soldiers who appear to resemble troopers of Imperialist Britian except they have golden knight helmets. They are armed with spears and swords.

Notable ResidentsEdit


  • Arcadia I (reigned 1800 - 1840)
  • Arcadia II (reigned 1840 - 1890)
  • Arcadia III (reigned 1890 - 1940)
  • Arcadia IV (reigned 1940 - 1941)
  • Arcadia V (reigned 1941 - 1950)
  • Arcadia VI (reigned 1950 - 1980)
  • Arcadia VII (reigned 1980 - 1998)
  • Arcadia VIII (reigned 1998 -1999)
  • Arcadia IX (reigned 1999 - 2000)
  • Arcadia X (reigned 2000 - 2001)
  • Arcadia XII (reigned 2001 - present) 

Royal FamilyEdit

Name Rank Status
King Arcadia XII King Alive (Age 70)
Queen Marya Queen Alive (Age 69)
Crown Prince Fugil Arcadia Sr. Crown Prince Alive (Age 50)
Crown Princess Mayria  Crown Princess Alive (Age 49)
Deputy Crown Prince Fugil Arcadia Jr. Deputy Crown Prince Alive (Age 20)
Deputy Crown Princess Hayes  Deputy Crown Princess Alive (Age 19)
Lux Arcadia 1st Prince Alive (Age 17)
Krulcifer Enifolk Fiance of the 1st Prince Alive (Age 17)
Airi Arcadia 1st Princess Alive (Age 15)
Zephyrus Roa Regulus-Arcadia 2nd Prince Alive (Age 40)
Dallah Reyla  Consort to the 2nd Prince Alive (Age 39)
Lux Roa Regulus Arcadia 3rd Prince Alive (Age 3)
Sarah Rea Regulus-Arcadia 2nd Princess Alive (Age 9)
Elysia Rea Regulus Arcadia 3rd Princess Alive (Age 10)
Lucia Rea Regulus Arcadia 4th Princess Alive (Age 14)

Other MembersEdit

Member Rank/occupation Status
Angron Curze Master of The Nightmare Wing Guild Alive
Ignatius Alexius Prime Minister Alive
Prince-Duke Nero Advisor/Deputy King Alive
Lizsharte Atismata Classmate/friend and bodyguard of the 1st Prince's Fiance Alive
Celestia Ralgris Classmate/friend and bodyguard of the 1st Prince's Fiance Alive
Philuffy Aingram  Classmate/friend and bodyguard of the 1st Prince's Fiance Alive
Raffi Atismata Deputy Queen Alive
Relie Aingram Principal of the Royal Academy Alive


Members Rank Status
Dreyfus Knight of the Lion Alive
Hendrikson Knight of the Dragon Alive
Serendine Dikumenowlz Du Parthevia  Knight of the Unicorn Alive
Howzer Knight of the Falcon Alive
Gilthunder Knight of the Eeel Alive
Giramore Knight of the Bear Alive
Veronica Liones Knight of the Tiger Alive
Jericho Knight of the Fox Alive
Gulia Knight of the Rabbit Alive
Sharis Barthshift Officer of the Triad Alive
Nokuto Leaflet Officer of the Triad Alive


Name Occupation Status
Tryn Mage Vessel of Lucia Rea Regulus Arcadia Alive
Strag Warrior Vessel of Deputy Crown Prince Fugil Arcadia Jr. Alive
Ulk Mage Vessel of Krulcifer Enfolk Left Pistion joined Nightmare Wing
Inara Mage Vessel of Krulcifer Enfolk Alive
Shimmer Mage Vessel of Airi Arcadia Alive


Citizen Occupation Status
Sophia Citizen Alive
Anastasia Citizen Alive
Yaki Citizen Alive
Salafy Citizen Alive

National AntemEdit

God save our gracious King!
National Anthem of Bantania (God Save the King)

National Anthem of Bantania (God Save the King)

Long live our noble King Arcadia!
God save The King!
Send him victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the King!

One realm of races four
Blest more and ever more
God save our land!
Home of the brave and free
Set in the silver sea
True nurse of chivalry
God save our land!

Of many a race and birth
From utmost ends of earth
God save us all!
Bid strife and hatred cease
Bid hope and joy increase
Spread universal peace
God save us all!

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