"Bad Little Boy (Episode with Fan Ficton)"
Season 5, Episode 11
Title Card Bad Little Boy
Production code: 1014-110
Airdate: Sneak peek: February 9, 2013, Official: February 18, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale
Adam Muto
Kent Osborne
Rebecca Sugar
Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Cole Sanchez
Rebecca Sugar
"Little Dude"
"Vault of Bones"

"Bad Little Boy" is an upcoming episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and fifteenth episode overall.


The princesses are sick and tired of Ice King’s crazy Fionna and Cake stories, so Marceline stops by the Ice Kingdom to show him how it’s done.


The episode begins with Doctor Prince running through the forest, holding the Enchiridion in his hand, mumbling "Oh no!" over and over, and it is revealed he is running from a gigantic Gunter, with Fionna and Cake riding on its head. Fionna commands Gunter to fire the laser cannon, which shoots from his mouth, knocking Doctor Prince to the ground. Cake congratulates Fionna and rewards her by feeding her a big ball of spaghetti. Prince Doctor recovers from the laser blast, claiming he's unharmed by the laser because he's a really strong guy and he remembered to take his 'Doctor Pills' this morning. He retaliates by pulling a dolphin from a nearby tree and throwing it at Fionna and Cake, narrowly missing them.

Fionna and Cake jump down from the giant Gunter and demand the Enchiridion from Doctor Prince. He throws the book at them, but it turns out to be a bomb, which Fionna throws away moments before it explodes in a blast of confetti and streamers. As they stand around watching the confetti fall, the real Enchiridion opens in Doctor Prince's hands, and Ice King emerges from a flaming portal within. Slapping Doctor Prince across the face, Ice King chastises him, and demands that he leave and never do wrong things again. Doctor Prince agrees, and flicks a switch on his belt, activating a jetpack which sends him flying away.

Fionna and Cake rush over to thank the Ice King. He introduces himself and returns the Enchiridion to Fionna, which makes her so happy that she asks to be his best and closest friend. Ice King agrees and suggests they have a Best and Closest Friend Lunch, producing a tray of 'Mac & Cheezles' from behind his back, which elicits more compliments and hugs from Fionna and Cake. Ice King begins to cry, overwhelmed that they are real. Fionna tells Ice King not to be sad, as they're about to go on a space adventure together. They both hop on Cake's back and she flies off into space.

Suddenly, a voice interrupts the scene, asking the Ice King to stop as the story is terrible. The scene cuts to Ice King's caste, with Turtle Princess, Slime Princess, Wildberry Princess, Embryo Princess, Raggedy Princess, and Toast Princess all in cages being forced to listen to Ice King's stories. They all complain about how bad the story is, and Wildberry Princess proposes that his story might be a new form of torture. Ice King defends his work, claiming that it's only a first draft, and that his story had everything: Action, Adventure, and a hotter older guy. He then insinuates that Wildberry Princess should've enjoyed that part, as she has a thing for 'Silver Foxes' (older men). WIldberry looks at him with bewilderment and disgust as Ice King waggles his eyebrows at her repeatedly.

Slime Princess interrupts the awkward moment by suggesting that the story would be better if it were a little more like real life, or if there were more romance in the story, which all the other Princesses agree with. Ice King refuses to listen to their suggestions, standing on his throne with his hands over his ears. Suddenly his robe is blown up over his face and he is lifted into the air and spun in circles by an unseen force, which also opens all of the Princesses cages. Ice King prays and apologises to Gob, believing it to be the cause of the mysterious actions. Marceline then appears floating beside him, startling him with a simple "Boo."

Marceline admits that she's been listening in on Ice King's story for a couple hours and she begrudgingly states his story was good but you couls tell by the tone of her voice and her facial expression that she was just lying to make the Ice King feel better. She but thinks she could tell a better story.

Marceline's story begins with Fionna and Cake in their house, and BMA sitting against the wall with an apple on its head. Fionna tosses an axe at BMA, splitting the apple in half. Fionna says that she needs to do something with her day, as Prince Gumball's missions tend to be lame. She spins around and throws another axe at the wall, just as Prince Gumball arrives. The axe barely misses him, slicing his hair. He disregards the accident and offers Fionna a tray of creampuffs as a reward for her most recent mission, which Fionna politely declines.

A sudden noise startles Fionna and a blur passes through the house, stealing all the creampuffs. Another noise is heard on the roof and Fionna goes to investigate in the rain, carrying an umbrella and Prince Gumball on her back and Cake under her hat. On top of the roof, Marshall Lee is playing his guitar, and greets casually says hello to Fionna and makes and exaggerated sarcastic greeting to Prince Gumball, taunting him while drinking the red from the jam of a stolen creampuff before throwing it in Gumball's face. Gumball retreats back inside while Fionna, Cake and Marshall Lee (in his Giant Bat form) fly off to Lumpy Space Prince's party in the woods.

After arriving, they get on a stage as Marshall Lee prepares to sing a song for the crowd. The people at the party are Prince Muscles dancing with Worma, Pawn Swan dancing with Water Prince, Lumpy Space Prince dancing with Cinamon Bunette,Trey Trunks and Mrs. Pig, and some other Candy People. Fionna sings along with him as Cake grows from under her hat, making Fionna's long hair tumble free as Cake takes Fionna's shape so she can dance with Marshall Lee. Cake takes over singing as Fionna and Marshall Lee discuss whether Marshall Lee is bad or not, and why Fionna wants to spend time with him.  Their discussion leads to playful fighting which gets a little too rough, causing Cake to step in and break it up. Marshall Lee dismisses Cake, shoving her off the stage into the bushes. Fionna rushes off angrily to check on Cake.

They both leave the party with Marshall Lee following behind, trying to get her to come back, but his mistreatment of Cake not something Fionna will put up with.  Marshall Lee then grabs Cake from Fionna and flies off, to prove how much of a bad boy he is.  Fionna catches up with him at a graveyard, Appeared Lady Grim and Bow-Wow that she controlled to Marshall Lee to destroy Fionna . Lady Grim sung, where he summons an army of skeletons who help him fight Fionna and provide beatboxing for another song. Fionna defeats the skeletons while a giant Cake and Marshall Lee's Giant Bat form fight with each other.  Fionna rushes over and pulls Cake away from Marshall Lee, causing him to fall over onto a spear protruding from the ground. While Lady Grim will kill Fionna but Marshall sacrificed himself to save her, Fionna defeat to the Villainesses. He reverts to his human form, moaning in pain as the sun rises behind him burning his skin.  Cake provides shielding from the sun as Marshall Lee states that this is it for him, and asks for Fionna to admit that she loves him before he dies.  Fionna tears up as she angrily accuses him of messing with her head even at a time like this, and demands that for however long they have left, that he stop messing around and be honest with her.

Startled, Marshall Lee sits up admitting that he wasn't actually dying, that the spear missed him and stabbed the stolen creampuffs under his shirt.  Fionna punches Marshall lee on the cheek, laughing and crying at the same time as she advances on him with her fists raised.

Marceline ends her story, with all of the Princesses agreeing that it was a much better story than the Ice King's version. The Ice King states that it wasn't as good as his, demanding that everyone get out. Everyone leaves and Toast Princess suggests that Merceline should invent a chatacter named Lady Grim. Everyone loves that idea and Embryo Princess suggests a guy named Bow Wow that she works with and everyone is so pleased with the ideas that babies made. The Princesses and Marceline are all going down the icey path talking about her better gender swapped stories and then Finn and Jake start running up and Jake says. "We got some reports about Ice King capturing princesses and torturing them with horrible stories" which is responded to with Marceline explaining how everything is okay. Finn says "Oh, you already took care of him?" which is respopnded to with Marceline saying how and the princesses talking about her awesome stroies. Then Jake says "Wow, sounds like everything seems to be pretty under control here" and Finn says "Yeah, good job Marceline" and then everyone starts cheering.

He then wanders into the depths of his castle to a door sealed with a lock in the shape of Fionna's hat. Inside the room are stacks and piles of books surrounding oversized ice sculptures of Fionna and Cake. The Ice King states that he knows Fionna and Cake are out there somewhere, but that he just hasn't figured out how to get to them yet, but he will. One day.


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  • There are some new gender-swapped characters in this episode: Mrs. Pig, Pawn Swan, Water Prince, Muscle Prince and Doctor Prince.
  • When Cake gets out of Fionna's hat, she forms into what looks like Fionna's body shape except that Cake didn't imitate Fionna's skirt.
  • Lumpy Space Prince's voice is the same as Lumpy Space Princess'.
  • It is revealed that Ice King has ice statues of Fionna and Cake and has piles of books about them.
  • It also shows that Marshall Lee can turn into the same bat form like Marceline but it has hair.
  • This is the first episode where Finn nor Jake did not appear or have any lines.
  • If a viewer is to listen carefully to the preview, the instrumental version of Good Little Girl is playing in the background.
  • The two song names in this episode "Good Little Girl" and "Bad Little Boy" are both lyrics in "Good Little Girl"
New Fanfic
  • "Mean Dark Mother From Devil Kingdom" is based on the song of "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space" from Little Shop of Horrors.
  • On Ice King's new fan fiction, it says that it is the fifth volume of "The Fionna and Cake Saga."
  • This is the first time Cake sing's solo.

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  • When Prince Gumball told Fionna he wanted to go back inside, his right sleeve is colored the same as his skin.
  • In the part when Prince Gumball's face was zoomed in and agrees with Cake that it is wet outside, you can see that slice mark on his hair even though he already fixed it.
  • When Marshall Lee sings about himself at the cemetary,when he says "did you think I was lying?" 2 of his teeth were curved instead of sharp like they usually are.

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