"BMO Classic Collection"
Season 1, Episode 8
Production code: 1011-26
Airdate: December 23
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Princess Slumber Party"
"Lurking in the Dark"

"BMO Classic Collection" is the eight episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Jake enter BMO's world and discover his old game files. They experience everything BMO has gone through with previous masters.


Finn and Jake were playing on BMO when he suddenly stood up and said he had to store his memory card, because it was full. Finn and Jake followed BMO and saw he stored his memory stick into a laptop. That night BMO went to bed so Finn and Jake sneaked to the laptop and opened the memory. They suddenly got sucked into the laptop.

The two arrived in a prison and were surrounded with Ghosts. One told that the prison was ruled by BMO and that they were prisoners and try to escape but always get caught by Cap-Man. Finn and Jake realize that BMO is was a tyrant back then, they then helped the ghost to escape. During their escape the Ghost gets eaten by Cap-Man but Finn and Jake go through a portal to the next owner memory.

Finn and Jake arrive in the sewers of New York where they see BMO with a man named Jumpman . A few levels above them was a monkey, Donkey Kong, who had kidnapped Lady, Jumper's girlfriend, so Jumper and BMO had to save her. While Jumper and BMO went upstairs the monkey threw barrels. The barrels rolled towards BMO so Finn sliced the barrel in two pieces so BMO could continue. More barrels came so Jake made a ladder up for BMO to escape. Jumper grabbed his hammer and smashed Donkey King away and saved his girlfriend. Finn and Jake got hit by a loose barrel and were sent to the next owner memory.

They arrived in a grassland and Boomer the Squirrel passed them very quickly, Finn and Jake followed him and arrived in a place with some hills. Then Dr. Ovumman appeared along with BMO who attacked Boomer. Finn and Jake were surprised thus helped Boomer. Finn slashed the big sphere that hanged on Dr. Ovumman's battleship. Finn cheered but the sphere hit Boomer and killed him. Jake adviced that they should go so the two continued.

Finn and Jake arrived in a battlefield of cyborgs. Cyborg Boy with BMO on his back was fighting several Cybrog Robots. While Cyborg Boy fired bullets at them BMO fired lasers out of his eyes. After all the robots were defeated Dr. Bill, who controlled the robots, begged for mercy but BMO KO'd him and high-fived Cyborg Boy. Finn and Jake smiled and continued by stepping through a portal.

They arrived at a giant castle. The sign said; Castle Abadeer. Finn and Jake saw Simone Callme and BMO enter the castle and followed them. Simone and BMO fought several vampires as well did Finn and Jake. hey eventually entered a room where they encountered the Vampire King along with his helper Hunson Abadeer. The Vampire King battled Simone while BMO and Hunson were watching the battle. Simone then stabbed through the heart of the Vampire King. A portal opened so Finn and Jake decided to go but just when they left they heard the word "Mommy" from Marceline, but before they could see her the portal closed.

Finn and Jake arrived in the hideout of the Blood Demon and Finn suddenly saw BMO along with a man who resembled his father and wielded a metal sword. Fabian was trapped in a cell, Fabian broke out of the cell and went towards the sleeping Blood Demon. Fabian then sticked his sword into him, the sword became surrounded by the blood of the demon and turned into the Demon Sword. The Blood Demon tried to attack Fabian but BMO attacked the Blood Demon too. The Blood Demon slammed both of them away and wanted to kill Fabian, but suddenly Inngrid appeared and said the spell that made the Blood Demon disappear. Shortly after that Finn and Jake were sucked to the next owner.

They arrived in some old ruins where six people were fighting Lord Destruction. They saw their hero Billy along with the two from the previous memory, BMO and two other people. They were fighting the Lord and defeated him after some time. Finn was amazed by the battle. Fabian and Inngrid said goodbye to rest and said they had to return home. Fabian gave BMO to Billy and said to take care of him. Finn and Jake continued.

Finn and Jake arrived in an ancient Fire Kingdom. They saw the Fire Count running away with the Cotton Candy Princess. Then Billy and BMO passed by and chased the Fire Count. Finn and Jake followed them and arrived in Fire Count's Palace. Billy fought the Fire Count who was making stupid jokes, just like Ice King, and defeated him. After the battle CCP gave Billy a piece of her hair. Billy smiled and left with BMO. Suddenly Finn and Jake were back in the Tree Fort. BMO walked in and they quickly ran away.


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  • This episode reveals more background information about BMO, Billy, the Abadeer family, Finn's parents and the Lich.
  • The Snail is seen in the corner of the cell of Fabian.
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