Season 3, Episode 1
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Their First Adventure"
"Thank You Glob"

BMO BRO is the first episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Princess Bubblegum finds and repairs a robot who turns out to be a Spirit Cube like BMO.


Finn and Jake are standing in the operation room where Princess Bubblegum was looking intensively at a few broken pieces. She then asked where the two found it. Jake told they found it at the Junkyard Kingdom. Finn asked if she can make it. Bubblegum told she only could conclude from it that it is a spirit cube, like BMO, but nothing else. However she does know someone who might can fix it.

Moments later Leonard arrives, and PB greets him. He greets her back and Finn and Jake. He takes a look at the spirit cube and says he can fix it. After he puts everything together the spirit cube is awoken and introduces himself as Brobot. Finn and Jake suggest they take Brobot home. Leonard says if they need help that he just has to call him.

When arriving at the Tree Fort BMO welcomes them an notices Brobot, he is happy that there is another spirit cube here. Although BMO likes his Brobot he notices that Finn and Jake are beginning to play more on Brobot than on him, and actually forget out him. This makes BMO mad, and goes to get advice from the Tree Fort Club. The club consists out of him, Shelby and Neptr, but when he arrives he sees that Brobot joined the club and thus replaced him. He gets mad again and walks away.

BMO then thought about newer versions that might be somewhat bigger, have more sace and are more advanced, but they break more easy. But instead BMO plans to spray water on him. BMO walks with a water spray to Brobot and wants to spray him but then sees that his system cage is open. He then does an evil laugh (BMO style) and messes with his system.

The next morning Finn and Jake wonder where Brobot is when BMO comes in whistling. He says that Brobot might not come anymore. Suddenly an enraged Brobot storms in and starts to attack Finn, Jake and BMO. They all panic and run away. Finn quickly jumps towards his phone and call Leonard. He tells about Brobot and Leonard says he will come immediately. Brobot then shoots to Finn, Jake and BMO but they manage to dodge. Jake wants to grab Brobot but gets slapped by Brobot's nun chucks. Finn grabs his sword and wants to slay Brobot but the sword gets thrown out of his hands by a wheelerang. Brobot then grabs the three when on that moment Leonard arrives and shoots a hologram shuriken forwards that hits the Brobot. Momentary paralyzed Leonard jumps on Brobot and begins to absorb the lightning from the spirit cube, shutting him down.

Finn and Jake thank Leonard. Leonard grabs the Brobot and says he will keep him at his home, to fix him too. Finn says they will visit him soon. Leonard agrees and takes his leave again. BMO then walks up to Finn and Jake and intends to tell them what happened but then thinks it isn't needed. Instead he suggests to play some video games to which Finn and Jake agree. BMO cheers and they begin playing.


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  • Snail is seen at the Tree Fort Club.
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