Season 1, Episode 12
Production code: 1011–37
Airdate: October 30, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Adam Muto
Written &
storyboarded by:
Bert Youn
Sean Jimenez
"The Consort"
"The Bomb"

"Anniversary" is the twelfth episode in the first season. It is the twelfth episode overall.


Finn and Flame Princess celebrate there one year anniversary. So, Finn tries to find a gift for her.


The episode begins with a split screen. The one on the left was Flame Princess asleep, on the right was Finn asleep. Then the both wake up at the same time and they both said, "Are ANNIVERSARY!!!" Then they both get up and start prepare for their party. Then the screens then zooms in on Finn. He walks back and forth in his room thinking what to get her as a present. He wakes up Jake to ask him what to get her. Jake ask what she likes. Finn said she likes flowers. Jake said than get her flowers. Finn says no, because she has a garden. Jake said he knows she is a girl who is not afraid to fight. Finn said that is true. He could find a sword for her. Jake said it has to be made out of fire. Finn said thanks and left for the forest.

When he reached the forest he found a dungeon. When he entered a demon came out of no where and said if he wanted the Flaming Sword he would have to face him in battle. When Finn agreed to the fight, the Demon grew about 5 feet in height. He than reveled he was the Bucket Knight. He told him he will get revenge on Finn. Finn said "Anything for Flame Princess!!" The Bucket Knight put the water on himself and grew to his giant size. Finn drew his sword and jumped on the Bucket Knight. After about 10 minutes Finn finally cut the bucket knight's head off. Then the flame sword floated into Finn's arms. Finn then ran back to the Tree Fort and told Jake he found the sword that was made out of fire. Jake said that was a great idea but he had to wrap it up. After Finn wrapped up his present for Flame Princess he left for Flambo. When he found Flambo, he had him put the Flame Shield on him. Finn thanked him and left for FP's house.

When Finn got to Flame Princess' house he knocked on her. When she got to the door they both said "Happy Anniversary!!" Flame Princess told him to come in. Then FP said, "I made your favorite food! MEATLOAF!" Finn said thank you so much. Then he gave Flame Princess his gift. Flame Princess asked what it was. Finn told her to open it. Flame Princess opened and she picked up the sword and used it outside. She came back into her house and thanked him so much for the sword and it was the best gift ever. She gave him a big hug and kiss. Finn said thank you so much for the dinner and hug and kiss and he will see her soon. Flame Princess said ok and he will see him soon. Finn said ok and left back to the Tree Fort. When he came back to the Tree Fort, Jake was playing BMO. Jake asked how it went. Finn said it when great and told him what hapened. Jake said that was good and to sit and play BMO with him.


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  • This is the second time the Flame Sword appeared. The first time was "Web Weirdos."
  • This is there first anniversary of Finn and Flame Princess.
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