two months after the events of [[Adventure Time3:Rise of the Reg D'état], most of the Reg Dè'tat army comes to life again but were transformed into cyborgs. Meanwhile, Finn and Jake control an army of 2,500 robots that help keep balance of peace of Ooo, so the Reg Dè'tat reprogram the robot army for evil to do what they wanted to do in the first place; kill all of Ooo's life and claim it as their they also capture all of AT's A.U.M force and put them in special tanks full of a mysterious liquid named protmalx that keeps them alive and asleep until the body is awakened.Later on the order of Ooo discover the Reg Dè'tat's influence and their plans and send out many troops to the continent and reawaken the A.U.M members but they don't remember what happened before the were place in the tanks but slowly gain memories as they triumph,discover what made the Reg Dè'tat find out about the AT universe, and Finn and Jake discover their true history. Will Ooo ever be the same again? Will good triumph?Or will the the evil of the Reg D'état fall on the land forever?

Begining plotEdit


  • This is the first time the order of Ooo makes an appearance in the Adventure Time v.s regular show saga