Adventure Time With Summer and Carla
Created by Summer (Maple Panda), Ana (The-Random-Twins), CymeaCutie (Cymea), and Julie (xXStarFliesXx)
Developed by Maple Panda
Written by Maple Panda
Directed by The-Random-Twins
Creative director(s) Maple Panda
Presented by xXStarFliesXx
Starring Summer and Carla
Theme music composer CymeaCutie
Opening theme The Fang Gang theme.
Ending theme Come along with me (Regular)
Country of origin Canada and America
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 24
Producer(s) Maple Panda
Location(s) The Land Of Ooo
Running time approx. 10 mins.
Original channel Cartoon Network
Rating TV-PG
Original airing June 2nd
Status Complete
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"Adventure Time with Summer and Carla" was a fanmade project launched between 2014-2015, starring the roles of two young vampire girls, respectively Summer Nelson and Carla Brit-Hill, and their adventures in the Adventure Time universe. The idea was created by four friends named Sumer (Maple Panda), Ana (The-Random-Twins), Cymea (CymeaCutie) and Julie (xXStarFliesXx) through roleplay threads and private chatrooms on deviantART. Originally just being an idea the girls thought up for fun during roleplays, Summer decided to take the idea and give it its own organized platform on the fanfiction wiki, organizing the chronological episodes and shaping the idea into resembling its own fanmade series.

In early 2015, the girls later decided to create Adventure Time: Chronicles of Ooo, which was an collection of fanfic stories, starring the characters in the ATSC world in an additional reimagined plot. However, they kept from posting it, as they didn’t want people to get confused and think it matched up with the fanmade series. The fanfiction version was different, focusing more on romance, character dynamics, and introduced other conflicts and problems that weren’t present in the fanmade series through their roleplaying. A example of this was Summer and Princess Chewypaste having a former romantic relationship in the stories, while they do not in the fanmade series.

Essentially, the girls found the entire past plotline regarding the mushroom war in Adventure Time immensely interesting, and the stories of Summer and Carla were created to explore that idea with their own ideas added into it, and how the war had affected humans and species alike. Arguably, it has a more serious tone then the canonical Adventure Time series, as the war is a major focus. Eventually, the girls considered the idea complete in late 2015, and wrapped up the project, moving on to different ones in different fandoms.


The show is set in a fictional continent called the "Land of Ooo ," in a post-apocalyptic future about a thousand years after a nuclear war called the "The Great Mushroom War," which was a war that nearly extincted humans. According to Cymea, the show takes place "after the bombs have fallen and magic has come back into the world". The planet Earth has a large chunk missing from it, where the North American continent would be.

References to the war are shown constantly in the show. The first two seconds of the opening credits show nuclear bombs, melee weapons (such as swords and axes), abandoned human items (such as a TV set, headphones, cassette and video tapes) are scattered everywhere, even a skull on the ground. In the middle of the ocean, there is a tank on the small patch of land they swim to. In the ocean, there are a many sunken cars and tall sunken buildings. When Summer and Carla fight Bell, they do so in an abandoned subway station. When Marceline and Marshall Lee share their story roughly 1000 years ago, the setting takes place in a city with broken bridges and buildings on fire.The majority of this episode takes place 996 years ago, a few years after the war, with having a mostly destroyed city. There appears to be mutated creatures that ooze slime out of pores from their bodies, and a pink, sentient bubblegum-like substance taking over parts of the city. In one part of the episode,they seemed to have been walking on a dry river, greatly resembling a part of the Los Angeles River. There are also tanks and home furniture.

The war's effect on humans is also shown, with there seeming to be no other fully human characters except for Finn,Carlana, and Cymea. However, human remains are scattered all around Ooo. Lady Rainicorn's parents admit that they thought that humans were extinct (humans were wiped out by the bomb). This is a possible explanation for why Finn wears an animal hat, as why Carlana and Susan do too, in an attempt to camouflage themselves from potential predators.



Season 1

Season 1 screened June 2nd,it collected 6890,79847 viewers in total.

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
Summer and katy by the random twins-d7ou0i3
"Foxy Roxy" ? 1011-10 June 2, 2014
After an terrible incident involving Bell from finding out how to get to the Land of Ooo, everyone is swooned over Marshall Lee, and Summer is left to fight Bell alone, along with Carla and Jeanette.
"Dark Desires" ? 1011-15 June 3, 2014
The Fang Gang decide to visit Nightosphere, But the trip goes upside down, as Carla and Kayla have a varity of challenges to see who deserves Marshall's heart.
"Sam and Carlos " ? 1011-17 June 4, 2014
Summer and Carla decide to buy one of the Ice King's Fionna and Cake stories and read it. 
"Marcy and Marshy" ? 1011-21 June 6, 2014
Marceline and Marshall Lee recount one of their adventures during the Mushroom War.
"Fierce Heart" ? 1011-22 June 12, 2014
Summer hunts down her stuffed toy Vivienne in the city of theives which was stolen from her by Penny.
"Princess Christmas" ? 1011-24 June 14, 2014
Its Christmas time in Ooo!You know what that means? Time to unwrap those presents!
"The Lichs Wrath " ? 1011-26 June 15,2014
The Lich is back,and its time to attack!
"The Dead Rose " ? 1011-30 June 16, 2014
Summer is overjoyed to hear her cousin Marshall Lee and Marcy are going to the movies on a date!
"Sticky Situation " ? 1011-31 June 18, 2014
Cotton Candy Princess makes a visit to Ooo!But she isn't so happy to see Bubblegum in charge of the kingdom...
"Message of a Demon's Curse " ? 1011-32 June 20,2014
The demons of the Nightosphere are attacking Ooo!
"So What? " ? 1011-35 July 8,2014
Bonnibel and Summer are bored,so they decide to prank Breakfast Princess!
"Carla the Vampire " ? 1011-36 July 20,2014
Thats right! Its a whole episode featuring Carla here!
"Cloves of Garlic " ? 1011-37 August 1, 2014
Marceline and Marshall Lee decide to start an relationship.
"Carodil " ? 1011-40 August 5, 2014
There's a mysterious new girl in town.Maybe Finn and Lacy  aren't the only humans left after all!
"Ricky " ? 1011-42 August 6 , 2014
A demon named Ricky comes to Ooo and starts causing trouble!
"Deja Vu " ? 1011-44 August 24, 2014
Summer, Carla, Marceline, and Marshall Lee memory share!

Season 2 Edit

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
"Gum N Sauce " ? 1011-10 September 14, 2014
Finn meets and falls in love with an new girl!
"What About Jake? " ? 1011-15 September 14, 2014
Jake feels left out and alone.
"Intermission " ? 1011-20 September 25, 2014
Summer and PB once again to stop the Pup Gang.
"Anything You Can Do " ? 1011-25 October 5, 2014
Summer and Marshall have a battle to see who is more "epic".
"Fairy Funny " ? 1011-25 October 14, 2014
Summer and Princess Chewypaste get turned into fairy's and must work together to reverse the spell.
"So Opposites Don't Attract " ? 1011-30 October 15, 2014
Marceline and Marshall Lee reveal their relationship.
"Scars " ? 1011-35 October 18, 2014
Its over a trillion years into the future!
"Battle Of The Lands " ? 1011-40 November 15, 2014
The kingdoms of Ooo hold their very first olympic games!
ADSC Vampire Time
"Vampire Time " ? 1011-45 December 4, 2014

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