Since the ending of Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake sucks, here are some alternate ending.

Confronting Ice KingEdit

Ice King's senses tingle after Finn says he liked his fanfiction. He unfreezes Finn & Jake, then sends them on their way. All of the gender-bent characters burst through the windows. All scold him for various reasons:

  • Marshall Lee & Lumpy Space Prince scold him for not giving them speaking parts
  • Prince Gumball yells at him for making him look autistic
  • Ice Queen tells him that she is not at all wicked or as aggressive as he portrayed him
  • Cake slaps him across the face
  • Fionna makes a long threat (which is censored)

After hearing Fionna's threat, Ice King is motionless & speechless. Afterwards, the gender-bent characters leave & return to the Land of Aaa (formerly Australia).

Then, some characters that weren't in his other fanfictions surrounded the Ice King. All got mad for various reasons:

  • The Lady of Evil yells at him for making her seem like a scary woman.
  • Flame Prince yells at him for making him look like a villian.
  • Hot dog Prince bites the ice King's hand.
  • Marsh makes a long list of why he's angry and makes a long threat (which is censored).

After hearing Marsh's words, Ice King is motionless & speechless. The gender-swamps leave & return to the land of Aaa.

Mapping out the worldEdit

This alternate ending starts before Fionna rejects PG. The next day, Fionna & PG map out the world, revealing that the Land of Aaa is Australia & that the Land of Ooo is North America. Sonnah also shows up on the map.

The night skyEdit

Once again starting before Fionna rejects PG, Fionna & PG step out on to the balcony & look up to the night sky. Fionna asks whether there do exist other places beyond Aaa. The camera pans up to the sky & looks at the moon, then pans down to Finn & Princess Bubblegum, also on the balcony of their castle. Finn asks the same thing, as Finn & Fionna (in split-screen) wonder if there exists another human, an obvious set-up for "13 Again" & "Finn & Fionna".

Marshall Lee The ExorcistEdit

After the real ending, Prince Gumball starts getting freaked out by Fionna, Cake & Lord Monochromicorn gushing over Ice King. He rushes downstairs & asks if there is an exorcist in the building. Marshall Lee answers the call & discovers that Fionna, Cake & Lord are indeed possessed. He traces the root & discovers Ice King in the Land of Ooo. Marshall Lee destroys the books, freeing Fionna, Cake & Lord. It ends with Finn wondering what just happened.