Jasmine, Finn's Girlfriend, in Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine.

Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine is an alternate reality series of Adventure Time.


Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Became Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine, on account people wanted for Finn to date a human, and a girl should be in the title.


  • Finn North: A 13 year old hero, who has a girlfriend named Jasmine.
  • Jasmine Darkwater: The 13 year old princess of Imagination, who also loves adventuring, and her boyfriend Finn. Sometimes refered to as Mi, mostly by Finn.
  • Lilla North: Finn's twin sister, who looks just him, but wears no hat and wears a light green dress.
  • Charlotte Rance: Finn's younger sister.
  • Chad Rance: Finn's younger brother.
  • Jake Crescendo: Finn and Jasmine's best friend.
  • Fionna South: Finn's Cousin who sometimes makes appearances her and cake don't show up till season 3.
  • Cake DeCrescendo: Fionna's best friend.
  • Marceline Count: A kickass Rocker chick who sometimes hangs out with Jasmine.
  • Princess Bubblegum: Jasmine and PB have a rivalry cause both love Finn. She is 13 in the series.
  • James Diamond: Marceline's recurring love interest. He is a ladies man. He is introduced in Outlaw
  • Metrinna Delufta: Marceline's bestest friend, whom is asked out by James before James and Marceline have a relationship.
  • Ice King: The main antagonist.
  • Trevor Worfingmeremer: The second Antagonist. Jasmine's ex who tries to win her back and fails, he has a vengence on Finn
  • Shane Darkwater: Jasmine's older brother


*Some of the songs might be sped cause the uploader is a lumpin' idiot!

Season 1

EpisodeTitle Synopsys Air Date Characters Song
My Dilemma Finn and Jasmine get in a fight about some pointless stupid thing. June 22, 2011 Finn, Jasmine, Jake, and Marceline My Dilemma
Finn's Relatives Finn meets his siblings. June 29, 2011 Finn, Jasmine, Jake, Charlotte, Lilla, and Chad None
Parents Finn finds out about his parents. July 15, 2011 Jasmine and Finn None
Middle of Nowhere/That's more like it

Finn forgets to take Jasmine with him after their venture to the Ice Kingdom.

Finn makes it up to Jasmine by doing nice things.

July 21, 2011

Part 1

Part 2

Finn, Jasmine

Cameo: Beemo

Middle of Nowhere

That's More Like it

When the sun goes Down Finn and Jasmine throw a wild party. August 24, 2011 All Main characters

When the sun goes down

Hit the lights

Whiplash Finn and Jasmine talk about their relationship. September 5, 2011 Finn and Jasmine Whiplash
Outlaw Marceline is Jealous of Metrinna, when James asks her out.

July12, 2011

Special Episode

Marceline, Metrinna, and James Outlaw
Bang!Bang!Bang! Jasmine's Ex Trevor returns and trys to win Jasmine Back September 17, 2011 Finn, Jasmine, and Trevor Bang!Bang!Bang!

Season 2

season 2
Episode Name Synopsis Air Date Characters Song
Crush Trevor won't give up so Jasmine explains everything December 9, 2011 Jasmine and Trevor Crush by Selena Gomez
Adventure Time Presents: Music sounds better with you Marshal Lee loves Prince Gumball's sister Ariana December 16, 2011 Marshal Lee and Ariana

Music saounds better with you by BTR

The way I Loved you by Selena Gomez

Elevate Finn and Jasmine throw another Party December 23, 2011 All Main Characters

Elevate by Big Time Rush

Time of Our Life by Big Time Rush

Stop and Erase Jasmine, being tired of Trevors Jerkitude, sings a song to explain what will happen if he doesn't stop. January 18, 2012 Jasmine, Trevor, Marceline, and Finn Stop and Erase by Selena Gomez


There are a couple of movies in the Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine series.

Adventure Time Movies
Movie Name Synopsis Air Date Characters Songs
Adventure Time meets Danny Phantom Danny, Sam, and Tucker come to Ooo in an accident with a rhino ghost February 13, 2012 Danny Phantom, Sam, Tucker, Finn, Jake, Jasmine, Marceline Will list songs later

Theme SongEdit

The one and only theme song for all of the seasons Adventure Time With Finn and Jasmine Theme Song


  • Mi is a pet name Finn has for Jasmine.
  • Finn gets over his fear of the ocean and swims in the ocean with Jasmine.
  • James Diamond is also a vampire, who used to be in a band called Big Time Rush.
  • Whiplash is Jasmine's favorite song.
  • Jasmine had been Dating Finn for 6 months prior to Adventure Time with Finn and Jasmine.
  • In Jasmine and Finn episodes, the songs, Jasmine usually sings.
  • This series is an alternate reality series. It has been confirmed that the characters from the parent show will somehow cross dimensions.
  • Ironically, Sterling Knight from So Random! plays Chad Dylan Rance, which is a parody of Chad Dylan Cooper, his Character on So Random!
  • Jeremy Shada returns to the role of Finn after Andy Sammonds took over in "13 Again".


Known CastEdit

  • Jeremy Shada: Finn North
  • Liz Gillies: Jasmine Darkwater
  • Isabella Acres: Princess Bubblegum
  • John Dimaggio: Jake Crescendo
  • Pen Ward: LSP
  • Victoria Justice: Lilla North
  • Olivia Olson: Marceline Count
  • Miranda Cosgrove: Matrinna Delufta
  • James Maslow: James Diamond
  • Debbie Ryan: Charlotte Rance
  • Sterling Knight: Chad Rance
  • Joe Jonas: Trevor Worfingmermer
  • Madeleine Martin: Fionna South
  • Roz Ryan: Cake DeCrescendo
  • Donald Glover: Marshal Lee
  • Neil Patrick Harris: Prince Gumball
  • Ariana Grande: Ariana Cupcake
  • Jerry Trainor: Shane Darkwater