Once upon a time in the land of Ooo and Aaa, there was a band by the name of Residual Spirits. The band was made up of three, Oooaaaians, Marceline the vampire queen, Suri a ghost girl, and Tammin the human girl. Every other day they'd have band practice, and sometimes (most of the time) they would have an unwanted visitor. Marceline's younger cousin, Marshall Lee.

"S'up ladies." He would say to them as he hovered above the ground.

"Marlee, what the heck do you think you're doing?" Marceline yelled at him, picking up her bass axe.

"I told you to never call me that." He growled at her.

"Whatever, dude, just why are you here?"

Marshall Lee brushed some dirt off his shirt. "Well you know, I have my reasons." He winked at Suri and Tammin.

Suri stared at him blankly, and Tammin pretended to not notice it.

Marceline's face started to grow darker. "Marlee, leave NOW!" she demanded.

Marshall Lee yawned and floated over to Marceline. "Not until you stop calling me Marlee," he replied.

Marceline flicked Marshall Lee on the forehead. "Ow!" he yelped.

"Go Marshall, NOW!" Marceline yelled.

"Actually, I've decided that no matter what you do I will not leave." Suri backed up to her drums and Tammin held her bow to her violin at her side.

Marceline growled, but finally, sighed. "Fine, you can stay, just don't TOUCH ANYTHING."

"Awesome," Marshall replied, slyly.

So, he pretty much just floated there, watching them.

"He's kinda freakin' me out..." Tammin whispered to Suri when Marshall Lee's back was turned.

"Really? I think it's... Never mind..." Her pale face seemed to have a slight tint to it as she said this. Tammin stared at her oddly.

"Okay then..." She said slowly as she began to play her violin along with Marceline's bass.

Suri started to go a faint pink as Marshall looked at her while she was drumming out a beat on her drums.

After their practice, they all set out to go home. Suri began the long journey from Marceline's house cave to the forest, in which she lived in a small log cabin where her family used to reside before the war.

Marceline kicked Marshall Lee out of her house, and she yelled, "GO BACK TO YOUR OWN STINKIN' CAVE HOUSE!!!" So he groaned and took off to his cave house.

As he was flying back he noticed Suri floating to her cabin, and decided to tease her about being a ghost. "S'up, Suri?" Marshall Lee said, tapping her on her shoulder.

"Oh, um, hey Marshall Lee," Suri stammered, blushing.

"It must really suck being dead, huh?" Marshall Lee replied.

Suri looked at him. "But... You're dead too, so you know that it's not that bad."

"Oh yeah," Marshall Lee replied, feeling like an idiot. "So, whatcha doing later?"

"Um... Nothing, really," she replied.

"Sweet, wanna do somethin' later."

"Oh, um, okay." Suri turned away from him

"Awesome." He said.

"Is awesome the only adjective you use, ever?" She asked him

"Yep, pretty much!" Marshall Lee replied with enthusiasm.

"See you then...then." Suri said and faded into the trees.

"What the-Where'd she go!?" Marshall exclaimed, terrified.

"Erm, I'm right here." She rematerialized in front of him.

"Oh. Bye then." He said a flew off in another direction.

"Uh, okay then. Bye."

Suri floated, half happily, the other half a bit freaked out and nervous, back home. Did Marshall Lee just ask her out? She thought so and began to open the door to her cabin. Suddenly Suri's world blacked out. The only thing she could hear was the cruel laugh of the one person evil enough to do this.


The laughter grew more and more in volume until every "mwa" and "ha" hurt Suri's ears.

"What do you want with me Ice Queen?" Suri began as the sack that had been thrown over her head was pulled off.

After lots of evil laughing, Ice queen finally spoke, but to her penguin, Guntra.

"Well, what do we have here Guntra? Little girl doesn't know her place, hm?"

"I'm not a little girl, Ice queen!" Suri shot at her. "I'm a thousand and one years old! I'M 4 YEARS OLDER THAN YOU!"

Ice queen scowled. "Don't back-talk to me!" she growled, getting her ice powers ready. "Nothing stands between me and Marshall Lee!"

"WHAT?!" Suri exclaimed.

"Without you, Marshall Lee will turn to date ME!" Ice queen plotted out loud.

"Um, you do realize I'm sitting right here, listening to everything you said," Suri pointed out.

Ice queen started having a migraine. "Guntra, send me the ice pack!" Ice queen ordered.

Guntra quacked then wobbled off to get an ice pack for Ice queen.


By this time Tammin should have been fast asleep, but since Sora, her "pet" owl, best friend, and motherly figure was at the national owl society meeting, Tammin was up late playing games on her game station and eating ice cream.

"It feels so quiet," She said to herself and yawned. "I should probably go to sleep now..." She muttered. But she didn't and stayed up another hour watching old movies until...

Shuffle, click, cla-clunk, step-step-step.

"What the, WHO THE HECK IS IN MY HOUSE!" Tammin grabbed a flashlight and put on her slippers. She slowly walked into the living room and saw the figure. Her shaking hand flicked on the flashlight.

"Hssss!" The figure hissed.

Tammin screamed and fell down.

Marshall Lee stood by her fridge, sucking the red out of the tomatoes and strawberries that Sora had left for her.

"WHAT THE HECK! MARSHALL LEE! WHY ARE YOU EATING MY FOOD?!" Tammin yelled, getting to her feet.

Marshall Lee shrugged. "I dunno, I was hungry," he replied.

"Why couldn't you of eaten your own food at your own house?!" Tammin yelled at Marshall.

Marshall Lee shrugged again. "I didn't wanna eat at my house...And Marceline wouldn't let me in her house." he replied.

"What's wrong with you?!" Tammin hollered at him.

He shrugged again and started floating around the room.

"Oh, Suri was kidnapped by the Ice Queen." Marshall lee said nonchalantly. Tammin stared at him.

"Are you serious?" Tammin asked, in disbelief.

"Yep," Marshall Lee replied, sucking the red out of a tomato.

"Stop eating my food!" Tammin ordered.

"Oops, sorry," Marshall Lee replied, setting the tomato down half-drained on the table.

"But, wait, Suri was KIDNAPPED BY ICE QUEEN?!" Tammin asked.

"YES! How many times do I have to tell you?!" Marshall Lee asked, putting random things in the fridge.

"But... You just told me once," Tammin pointed out.

"Oh yeah," Marshall Lee replied. "I'm hungry."

"I DON'T FRICKIN' CARE! WE GOTTA SAVE SURI!!!" Tammin shouted, dragging Marshall Lee out of the kitchen by his foot.

They stepped outside, and before Tammin knew it, Marshall Lee swept her up in his arms and took off flying.

"MARSHALL LEE, YOU IDIOT, I'M STILL IN MY PAJAMAS!!!" Tammin yelled over the wind.

Marshall Lee shrugged. "Not my problem," he replied. (Over the wind). "You should probably hold on to me though."

"Wait... WHY THE HECK WHOULD I HOLD ON TO YOU?!" Tammin shouted over the wind.

" 'Cause," he replied. "I'm awesome, and we're 100 feet above ground."

Tammin looked down and gasped. "You probably shouldn't look down," Marshall Lee pointed out. "Geez, why are you so stupid, Tammin?"

"You're the one that's stupid! Gosh, just freaking get to the ice castle, NOW!" Tammin replied, angrily.

"Righto," Marshall Lee replied, going ahead.

Finally, about forty minutes, because Marshall Lee was too hungry to continue, so he and Tammin ate at Hot Dog Palace to eat strawberries.

"We're here!" Marshall Lee exclaimed, doing a weird dance.

"Stop spazzing out," Tammin replied, stomping up to the ice castle's front entrance. She tried opening it, but to no avail.

"It's locked, we'll have to find another way in..."

"Second floor, Ice Queen's private quarters, up, up and away!" Marshall Lee grabbed Tammin's hand and pulled her up.

"Marshall Lee, put me down!" she ordered. "I can climb, you know! It's not that high!"

"I know, it's just that you're hand is soft. Did you like, put on moisturizer?" he asked.

"Um... Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?" she asked suspiciously.

"Um... No reason," Marshall Lee lied.

Tammin rolled her eyes, then Marshall Lee threw her into the window, and she landed on Guntra eating a blue-raspberry popsicle.

Guntra quacked, throwing her popsicle in the air, and landing in Marshall Lee's hands, which he sucked the blue out of it.

"Mm, good popsicle!" Marshall Lee replied.

Then, Guntra wobbled off to tell Ice Queen that some intruders were in her castle.

"Marshall Lee, get the penguin!" Tammin ordered.

"What? OK," Marshall Lee replied, floating after Guntra, only crashing into Ice Queen.

Tammin heard Marshall Lee screaming, and she ran where he was.

She found Ice Queen holding Marshall Lee like a baby, kissing him.

"Ew, put me down, old lady!" Marshall Lee ordered, grossed out.

"I'm not old! I'm only 999 years old!" She paused to speak.

"Hey, put him down!" Tammin yelled, running for them.

Ice Queen gasped and held Marshall Lee close to her.

"Who are you, Marshall Lee's servant?!" she yelled.

"No, I'm his... Um..." Tammin replied, thinking.

"She's my girlfriend," Marshall Lee replied, smirking. Ice Queen screamed in rage.


Ice Queen shot bolts of ice at Tammin, which she jumped over and ducked.

Tammin reached over her back to grab the bow of her violin in her case, but only found the cloth from her pajamas.

"Ugh, why'd I forget my bow?!" Tammin muttered, ducking under an ice bolt.

"What's wrong, little girl?!" Ice Queen laughed, shooting multiple ice bolts. "Forgot your weapon?!"

Tammin fell over, her leg trapped in an ice cube (that was obviously oversized).

"Ugh, Marshall Lee, help me!" Tammin shouted, trying to free her leg.

"Sorry, she has strawberries," Marshall Lee replied, sucking the red out of a strawberry Ice Queen gave him.

Tammin stared at the ceiling, then fainted.

commercial break

Marceline's POV

Marceline sucked the red out of a strawberry sleepily, flicking it into the trash can. "Ugh, I'm so bored," Marceline replied, checking her clock. "Marshall Lee should've broken that window and rolled over the floor an hour ago. He does it every night."

Marceline stared at the window that had just been replaced by a zombie minion. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually kind of miss that idiot," Marceline replied.

Suddenly, Marceline's cell phone rang. "Is it Marshall Lee?!" she shouted, grabbing her phone and answering it.

"Hello?" Marceline replied, tucking her long black hair behind her ear.

She heard quacking and someone yelling, "GUNTRA, GIVE ME THE PHONE!!!"

"Hello?" Marceline repeated.

Suddenly, Ice Queen grabbed the phone from Guntra and answered it.

"Oh hello, Marceline!" Ice Queen cackled from the other end.

"What? Who is this?!" Marceline shouted.

"It's me, Ice Queen!" Ice Queen cackled. "And I've got your boyfriend Marshall Lee, and your friends Tammin and Suri!"


"Stop lying, Marceline! If you want them back, come here to my castle!" Ice Queen laughed.

Marceline hung up, grabbed her axe bass, and fled her house before Ice Queen could finish.

She flew out, heading for her ice castle which was a long ways away.

"Stupid Ice Queen, capturing my cousin and my friends!" Marceline muttered, angrily. "When I get my hands on her, she's gonna wish she had never touched them!"

Cut to Ice Queen's palace.

There was Suri, Tammin, and Marshall Lee in a dungeon. "I'm sorry guys, it's all my fault," Suri said sadly, looking away.

"It's OK, Suri," Tammin replied, patting her on the back.

"Yeah, it pretty much is your fault," Marshall Lee replied, sucking the red out of a strawberry.

Tammin glared at Marshall Lee and hit him.

"Ow, what was that for?!" Marshall Lee yelped.

"What is wrong with you?!" Tammin yelled at him.

"Aw man, you're acting like Marceline! She hits me all the time when I eat her food!" Marshall Lee said, crossing his arms and pouting.

Tammin hit him again.

"What was that for?!" he yelled.

"For eating my food and breaking into my house!" Tammin said.

"Oh... Well, here we are, stuck in this dungeon," Marshall Lee replied.

Tammin hit him once more.

"Owwwwww! Why'd you do that?!" Marshall Lee groaned.

"Cause' you got us in this mess, if you hadn't taken the stupid penguin's popsicle, this would've never happened! We would've saved Suri and gotten out of here!" Tammin shouted.

"Geez! It was cherry flavored! What'd you expect me to do?!"

"IT WAS BLUE!" Suri and Tammin shot back. Marshall Lee looked like a wounded puppy.

"No wonder it tasted weird." He said as he floated in around their prison. Suddenly Tammin began to freak out.


"MARSHALL LEE, YOU'RE BLUE!!!" Suri shrieked.

Marshall Lee looked at his hands. They were indeed blue. Well, bluer than usual anyways.

Marshall Lee sniffed his hand, then freaked out.

"I IS NOW BLUEBERRY, AHHH, THE HORROR!!!" Marshall Lee yelped, floating around in circles.


Marshall Lee calmed down, and for some reason said very smartly, "You know, I do believe that this is a reaction to the blue raspberry popsicle. I believe its ingridients have caused an allergic reaction, affecting my skin, leaving me blue," he explained, putting on nerd glasses.

Tammin hid in a corner. "OH NOES, HE'S SMART!!" Tammin screamed, then fainted.

Suri floated over to her, but Marshall Lee followed her.

"Did you know that pandas have to eat lots of bamboo every day to live?" he asked.

"Get away from me!" Suri shouted.

"What's the?...what's going on?!" A fat silhouette answered their cries with a whiney voice.

Everone shut up.

A fat man with in a blue robe with long white hair and a beard to match flicked on the main lights of the dungeon and slowly asended the stairs. Suddenly though a penguin appeared out of nowhere on the next step and the group watched pitifully as the old man fell to ground level with a thud.

"Stupid penguin..." The man muttered.

"You! Old man! Get us out of here!" Suri shouted at him.

"I am not an old man you ungrateful child," He began. "I'm only.... *cough*600*Cough* years old."

"Ooolllldddddddd-a!" Sang Tammin. He sighed. He grumbled to himself as his began to go upstairs again. Before reaching the top.

"Ice Queen!" He shouted up.

"What!" She shouted back

"Did you put these teenagers in the dungeon?!" There was a long pause.

"... No!"

"Okay!" Another long pause

"Yeah," Ice King said turning to the group. "Sorry, she says no. If someone else had locked you up I would have let you go."

"That's some messed up stuff." Marshall Lee stated. The Ice King looked at them for a while. Tammin glared at the wall.

"Fine, I'm feeling generous today since I tripped over Gunter. I'll let you go." He shuffled over to a wall a grabbed the keys that were on a hook. They were only inches from the cage. Tammin went red in the face.

Ice King shuffled over to the lock and unlocked it. Tammin took a deep breath. She want to scream so badly.

"Let's just get out of here." Suri said and headed for the stairs

"I'll distract Ice Queen," Ice King said. He head back up the stairs. "Wait here." He whispered to them.

This is what they heard:

"Oh my gosh! Ice Queen!"


"Guntra is eating your new shoes!"

"NYAAAAHAGAAAA! Bad penguin! Get away from those shoes!"

Ice King Reappeared in the door way. He signaled for them to go.

The group filed up the stairs and past huge ice stalagmites on the floor. Ice King pointed to the door and they shuffled out.

Tammin stared at Ice King. "What, why should we trust you? Aren't you that guy who captures princesses?" she asked.

"Uh, no," he said. "Look, if you want to survive, just leave!"

They all shrugged and were about to leave, then Ice Queen came in. She frowned. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Go now!" Ice King yelled at them and shoved them out the door.

So they stood outside for a minute, just looking at each other and listening to Ice Queen scream and then start crying.

"Okay," Tammin started, obviously not hysterical anymore. "Someone should call Marceline and tell her we're alright. I don't have my phone on me, 'cause someone pulled me out of the house without any supplies." She glared at Marshall Lee. Suri nodded and summoned her Skull Phone from the spirit world.

"Hey Marcy," Suri said.

Tammin and Marshall Lee could hear Marceline yelling at Marshall Lee over the phone.

Suri quickly hung up.

"What'd she say?" Tammin asked.

"Don't ask me that ever again," Suri said floating away gloomily. "Well, bye guys," Suri said. "I have some stuff to do."

"Bye, Suri," Tammin said, waving bye.

When Suri was gone, Marshall Lee looked at Tammin. "Do you want to follow her?" he asked.

"You're such a stalker, you know that?" Tammin said. "I'm going home. Marshall, don't follow me this time, OK?"

Marshall Lee nodded and watched Tammin walk off.

He was about to float off, but found Marceline floating very angrily beside him.

I think you people can conclude what happened.

The next day Sora had returned from the owl meeting and woke Tammin up with the smell of eggs and bacon. "Wake up, Tam-Tam!" she said.

Tammin groaned, her response to not wanting to get up, since she stayed up like most of the night.

Sora frowned, took out a whistle and blew it really hard into Tammin's ear. "I SAID WAKE UP!!!" Sora screamed.

Tammin shrieked and fell out of bed.

"It's about time you woke up," Sora said. "I have breakfast ready if you want any."

Tammin dragged herself to the table and slowly ate her eggs and bacon.

"Tammin, what'd you do last night while I was gone?" Sora asked.

"I don't want to talk about it," Tammin said. "It's really complicated."

Sora nodded and flew outside.

Tammin put on her clothes and headed outside, to go to practice combat with Sora. She had forgotten her bow and hat.

"Tam, you forget something?" Sora said turning to her.

Tam felt for her violin case that held her bow and felt her head. There was no hat or her case.

"Crap, I'll be right back!" she said, running back into her house. She put on her white dog hat and slipped her case on and ran out.

When she was there, Sora was in her human form and sitting on the grass carving words on a rock. (Note: Sora has a human form, she just turns into an owl.)

Tammin walked over to her and peered over her shoulder, making Sora jump and throw the rock across the field.

"Agh, Tammin!" Sora yelped. "You scared me!"

"Oh, sorry..." Tammin said. "Who were you writing to?" Tammin grinned.

"Um, no one..." Sora said, looking away.

"Like I'm gonna believe that!" Tammin said. "Were you writing to Kyle?"

Sora blushed. "Maybe..."

Tammin was silent for a moment then burst out laughing.

"What? What's so funny?!" Sora demanded.

"It's just... So funny, I don't know why!" Tammin laughed, wiping tears from her eyes.

Sora frowned but just started laughing with Tammin.