Adventure Time With Mimi And Andy Is A Fanmade Series Based From An American Animated Television Series Adventure Time With Finn And Jake Which Was Created By Pendleton Ward And Produced By Frederator Studios. The Series Is About A Girl Named Mimi And An Android Named Andy Who Encounter Many Strange Adventures In The Land Of Ooo.


It Started After Miyuki Has Been Obsesed With Adventure Time. She Decided To Make One Based From It, She Created Her Own OCs (Original Characters) And Own Designs. It Is Known To Released First In A Book Which Is Unknown Where And When Will It Be First Released.

Development Of World And StyleEdit


Development Of CharactersEdit



Season 1Edit

  • "Adventure Time"
  • "A Trip Around Ooo"
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Season 2Edit

  • "Who? What? & Where?"
  • "Mr. Nerdy Worm"
  • "UTAU"
  • "The Haunted House"
  • "Andrid"
  • "Musical Time"
  • "Cuteness Overload!!"
  • "Mimi & Andy Meets Finn & Jake"
  • "Flare VS Lightning Queen"

Season 3Edit

  • "*Hello, Planet"
  • "Seeking The Universe Part 1"
  • "Seeking The Universe Part 2"
  • "Daughter Of Evil"
  • "Servant Of Evil"
  • "Regret Message"
  • "Momo & Andy"
  • "Burning"
  • "Galaxias!"
  • "Surfing Through The Cyber World"
  • "In The Rain"
  • "Hello Momo"
  • "Opposite Seasons"


  • "Adventure Time With Mimi And Andy -The Animation-"
  • "Fairy Tail"
  • "InfiniteLife"
  • "Working!!"
  • "K-ON!"


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Main CharactersEdit

  • Mimi
  • Andy
  • Air Princess
  • Air Cat
  • Lightning Queen

Gender-Swapped CharactersEdit

  • Momo
  • Andy
  • Air Prince
  • Air Dog
  • Lightning King

Special GuestsEdit

  • 4 SeaSonS Members


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