Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah
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Format Animated series
Created by Nik Schexnayder
Writer(s) Nik Schexnayder

Marcus Martinez

Director(s) A.J. Stones

Shozana Gil

Martha Morgan

No. of episodes 80 (67 aired)
Run time 24 minutes
Rated TV-PG
Network Cartoon Network
Starring Kyle Massey

Daniella Monet

Mark Hamill

Tara Strong

Hynden Walch

Olivia Olson

Dante Bosco

First aired August 27, 2010 - present
Status Ongoing

Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah (Adventure Time SS for short) is a new spin-off series that follows the life and times of the famed human adventurers Lyle and Olivia in the Sonnahn Region. Unlike Adventure Time, the locations are completely different from the Land of Ooo (though characters from there do often visit) and the timeline starts after the events of Mortal Recoil.


After the 2nd season of Adventure Time, Frederator Studios had comissioned N-Studios to create a video game based on the series. Unfortunatly, they were not able to due to the multiple copyright claims Cartoon Network had aquired at the time. However Nik Schexnayder interested in creating a spin off series. Since many have assumed that Adventure Time series finally was the last episode of the second season, N-Studios was given an opportunity to produce a new series.

Production of the series began a month before Pendleton Ward had annouced a third season, resulting in a slight reduction of the series production. The series is said to have a more serious approach and targeting a higher age group. Cartoon Network had originally ordered thirteen 24-min. episodes for the first season and later recieved thirteen additional episodes. The first episode has recieved a view count of 2.4 million. Pendleton Ward states that he will not take part in the production of the series.


Lyle has been traveling the seas of the new world in search of a new home. He later encountered a small island that was off the coast of an even bigger continent, the Sonnah Continent. When Lyle landed he found out how much chaos was upon the land. But nothing called out to him more than someone's cry for help. Lyle then calls on Olivia to help him defeat Dr. U's army. After defeating his army Dr. U fled the scene. Victim, better known as the Echo Princess was greatful for their help, Lyle and Olivia decided to stay in Sonnah for now, and thus begins the epic adventures of Sonnah.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Lyle: (Voiced by Kyle Massey) Lyle is a 15-year-old human boy who has a hunger for adventure at every turn. He is accompanied by Olivia who he consiters her to be like an older sister. Lyle's love of adventures may get him places, but occasionally gets him into trouble. He has yet to have traveled most of Sonnah. His method of traveling the land is by kite gliding. Lyle also has uncanny amount of strength for his build (is strong enough to over turn a city bus). He is usually armed with a regular sword.
  • Olivia Leon: (Voiced by Daniella Monet) Olivia Leon is a human girl adventress who is 16. Olivia is best friends with Lyle however acts like a sister to him. She goes on just about every adventure Lyle can think of. Olivia has a tomboy demeaner. Sometimes Olivia feels as though she has to watch over Lyle in case he gets into serious trouble.
  • Dr. U: (Voiced by Mark Hamill) Dr. U is the main antagonist of the series who has plans of obtaining a rare resource that would give him complete control over Sonnah and more. He alone doesn't pose much of a threat, but his army of robots and supernatural friends do. His ambitions are to spread mass chaos to the world under the secret order.
  • Sonia: (Voiced by Tara Strong) Sonia is a traveling singer from Ooo who isn't really known for her works. She travels alone with a "bag o instruments" on her back. Sonia plays music whenever Lyle and/or Olivia meets her (at least on screen). Secretly, Sonia has a crush on Lyle and knows he feels the same way. When she needs to defend herself, she uses an M-16.
  • Echo Princess (Anzyta): (Voiced by Hynden Walch) Echo Princess is the ruler of the Dark Kingdom. She is a vampire but doesnt have the tendencies of regular vampires. Anzyta has a vast knowledge of everything supernatural and minor knowledge of science. She shares a friendly relationship with Lyle and Olivia. In secret she pays special visits to Dr. U for reasons unknown. However she later brakes free from Dr. U's control and has became independent as did her province.
  • Silent Princess (Zytana): (Voiced simutaneously by Olivia Olson & Hynden Walch) Silent Princess is the ruler of the Light Kingdom. She too is a vampire like the Echo Princess. Unlike most princesses, she is mute, and heavily rellies on telepothy. Zytana holds a strong grudge against the Dark Kingdom because of the secret allience they shared with Dr. U. This later changed after Lyle and Olivia prooved that they broke their allience with him. Unfortunately the Silent Princess still has a renued hatred of the Echo Princess for even deeper reasons.
  • (Gen.) Dranixu: (Voiced by Jeff Bennet) Leader of Dr. U's army, Dranixu is a supernatural being who humbly serves Dr. U. Even though it is still unknown as to why he shows alligence to Dr. U, he primarly has a love for fighting Olivia. In addition to his powers he seems to be able to modify and re-animate any fallen mechs. But with even more power and endurance. Lyle is his primary objective by slowing him down from stoping Dr. U's master plans of total domination. In order to counter this he creates a warrior that prooves to be an even match for Lyle know as Mar.
  • Mar: (Voiced by Donte Bosco) The soul creation from Dranixu, Mar is a revived warrior who had prodigenial skills as Lyle has. Due to his re-animation, Mar is no longer able to survive on his own and is forced to stay within the range of Dranixu's powers. Mar's main objective is to provide a sporty challenge for Lyle, not to kill him. Although it can be speculated that Mar is slowly developing a sense of emotions that often make him stray off task.
  • 'King of Warriors': (Voiced by Liam Neeson) An undead samurai warrior who helps warriors from around Sonnah by improving their skills. He only wants to allow warriors to have the advantage over their opponents in any situation. The King of Warriors takes no sides in a conflict, but tends to cheer own the warrior who is at an disadvantage. Many believe that he is an undead figment of their imagination.
  • Ed: (Voiced by Tara Strong) A fan of Lyle and Olivia, Ed is a mysterious shape shifter from an unknown land far from Sonnah. Switch is a skilled sword weilder and master escape artist. Ironicly, there is no way of telling if Ed is a boy or girl, but occasionally is referred to as a boy by Lyle and Olivia. As of season 3, Ed is part of Lyle and Olivia's adventurer group, honor bound to protect the Dark Kingdom.

Episodes ListEdit

This is the list of episodes.

Season 1 (2010 - 2011)Edit

Only 13 episodes were ordered, however 13 more were ordered before 100hrs. aired.

Episode# Name Description View Count (millions) Production No.
1 Sonnah Lyle and Olivia make there travels to Sonnah. There they encounter Dr. U, who has destroyed many cities to find Echo Princess. Lyle and Olivia have to stop him and help out the Land of Sonnah... 2.4 11-001
2 Music Girl Sonia, a traveling musician from Ooo is attacked by many fire mites. Lyle and Olivia help her out. But it seems that Lyle and Sonia have feelings for each other. Finn & Fionna make their first appearances in the series. 2.31 11-002
3 Mystic Lake Lyle decides to go on a fising trip in the Lake "Tresban", Olivia stays home. While fishing, Lyle was captured by mutant fish people and is being held captive underwater. Will Olivia hear Lyle's cry for help and can he hold his breath for long? Or will Lyle be sacraficed to the "Fish God?" 2.9 11-003
4 Third World People Lyle and Olivia travel through Sonnah and discover a cave near the ocean shores. Inside is a village full of mutant animals that are oblivious to technology. Dr. U pays a visit to this location in search of a secret item. Lyle and Olivia must stop him. 2.002 11-004
5 Sing, Sang, Sung The biggest organized dance party comes to the Dark Kingdom. Lyle wants to ask Sonia to the dance but doesn't know how to. He asks everyone's advice, but doesn't find it the best for him. Sonia feels the same, but doesn't tell Lyle. Lyle must find the courage to ask out Sonia before it's too late. 2.83 11-005
6 Dr.U's Return Dr. U returns to the Dark Kingdom, but with a much more powerful army of machines. He intends on getting his hands on the secret items stored in the treasurey. It's up to Lyle and Olivia to stop him. 3 11-006
7 Olivia's Time Olivia takes a smalll journey around the river of debris to reflect on her dark past. She has some unresolved issues that cloud her way of thinking. 1.926 11-007
8 Why Me? Echo Princess is in deep anxioty of her decision that have affected the majority of Sonnah. Echo Princess decicedes to make her final visit with Dr. U and ends the tensions between their struggles. 2.223 11-008
9 Sonia's Travels

Sonia makes a mission to play songs of relief to all those who had been affected by Dr. U's raids. She not only touched the lives of thousands, but was touched by the stories they had to tell.

2.945 11-009
10 100hrs. Lyle is challenged by Olivia to stay on a 100 hour adventure-a-thon to rid him of his obsession with adventures. Lyle goes to the Spla Mountains to find do this. Unfortunately he encounters a giant mutant that roams the country side. 2.78 11-010
11 Hidden Skill Training

Lyle, Olivia, and Sonia face a dead man by who calls himself the "King of Warriors". He trains them to be able to prepare themselves to the upcoming batlles.

Note: The training was done in their dreams, no one actually met, talked, or got hurt.

2.45 11-011
12 The Manhunt Lyle ws trapped in a forest with noway of escaping while Dr. U's prototype HuntR-bot tries to kill him. Meanwhile Olivia is in search of Lyle using the help of a balloon ride, who has no sense of direction. Lyle's survival skills must be better than his best in order to live. 3.09


13 The Gift of Flight

Lyle and Olivia pay a visit to the Flight Bros. lab. Olly and Willis try to improve Lyle's kite since it mostly rellies on the wind . This may help when Dr. U's flying fighters attempt to bomb the country side of the Dark Kingdom.

2.92 11-013
14 Dr. U This episode revolves around Dr. U as he finishes the final stages of his master plan. Yet he slowly tries to figure out a lead general he can use to lead his army and slow down Lyle along with anyone who interlopes. 2.5 11-014
15 Curse Olivia is stripped of her cursed powers from the Nether Demision. Now she and Lyle must go through the dangerous dimension in order to get her powers back. 3.2 11-015
16 Theives' Creed Lyle decides to temporary change jobs to explore the 'dull' life of an information thief. He later experiences the potential life threatening dangers of being a thief. 2.78 11-016
17 First Day of Rest

Lyle and Olivia take a break from adventuring and saving lives. They leave the Dark Knights in charge of saving peoples and stopping evil.

2 11-017
18 Slave to thy Word Lyle a takes the place of a henchmen (who happens to be dying) to Korena until she fires him. He is forced to do everything she says. What makes things worse is that some of these 'tasks' are done in front of Sonia. 2.64 11-018
19 First Date Recovering from the events of "Slave to thy Word", Lyle and Sonia have their first date. They decide to have an adventurous date through the Dark Kingdom's country side. Things might get rocky. 2.8 11-019
20 The Trouble with Ice King Echo Princess is kidnapped by Ice King, Lyle and Olivia dash to the rescue. Along the way they are joined by Finn and Fionna, who were chasing Ice King. They will need to give it all they have in order to save Echo Princess and stop Ice King. 3 11-020
21 The Price of Freedom Beyond the borders of the Dark Kingdom, lies the suffering enslaved country under the control of Nut Kingdom. Those who aren't native to the land are enslaved. However Lyle and Olivia have a different plan for the people. 2.205 11-021
22 Hidden Skill Training 2

The King of Warriors once again decides to train Lyle, Olivia, and Sonia with another hidden skill that may prove useful against tall enemies.

Note: Once again the episode takes place in their sleep

2.05 11-022
23 Draxinu Dr. U dispatches a small army of basic sentry units to attack Lyle and Olivia's home. This time he sends his new supernatural general to lead them. Lyle and Olivia are no match for him, Echo Princess' help maybe needed to defeat Draxinu. 3 11-023
24 Divide and Conquer Lyle and Olivia come across a labyrith that blocks their entrance into the Ruins of Kolstam. Both of them fight over which path is the right way until the they both split from each other. As they both travel they realize how much they need each other. 2.58 11-024
25 Secrets of the Echo Princess After finding a disturbing secret about the Echo Princess from her diary, both Lyle and Olivia become curious about who they really work for. Echo Princess must come out clean. 3.1 11-025
26 The Doctor's Plan Lyle and Olivia travel to the ruins of Unit City insearch of Dr. U's base. They encounter the largest army of machines ever, lead by Draxinu. Finn and Fionna assist them. After defeating them Lyle and Olivia entered the base, unfortunately it was a trap. The base was rigged to self-destruct upon entry. 3.4


Season 2 (2011 Spring - Fall)Edit

These are the episodes that are airing for season two.

  • Episodes 49-51 were aired on the same day as a special know as 'The Week War Trilogy', despite being independent they all recieve a single view count.
Episode# Name Description View Count (millions) Production No.
27 2nd Chance After the near tragedy of Central City, Lyle and Olivia's lives were saved by a last minute escape into the Nether Dimension. This gave them time to think about their final desision to participate in the future battles of Sonnah. Meanwhile, the Nut Kingdom snaps up territory unabated. But Finn & Fionna are waiting in the wings... 3.35 11-027
28 From the Dead Lyle and Olivia return to the Dark Kingdom. Many were relieved to see them escape near death. Ready to aid against future struggles of Sonnah, they (along with Sonia) create & sign the "Sonnahn Adventurer's Promise." 3.2 11-028
29 Deep Space Orbit

Lyle, Olivia, Finn, and Fionna travel to an abandoned space station, with the help of the Flight Bros. They search for the last piece of possibly stable Plutonium before Dr. U does. Unfortunately, a piece of space junk severly damages their ship and the station, causing them to be on a collision course for Sonnah.

3.42 11-029
30 What is Love? Olivia finds some'one she's attracted to, but doesn't know how to express her feeling. She asks for advice from Lyle while he was hanging out with Sonia. Olivia's love may not be who she think she is... 2.895 11-030
31 The Storm

A heavy storm hits the Dark Region. Lyle and Olivia are forced to stay inside their home and reply to some mail they never answered until the storm clears.

Note: This is a fanbase Q and A episode.

3.4 11-031
32 Enter the Army Echo Princess has decided to create a military force prepared to protect the Dark Kingdom. This causes many other allied kingdoms and prvinces to be attacked by Dranixu's undead forces. The Dark Army is sent to protect them with Lyle and Olivia leading them. 2.455 11-032
33 No Diplomacy Lyle travels to the Desert of Central Sonnah. He encounters a race of Myets that are in a constant struggle to gain control of the lake. Both factions will not agree with anything the other says. Lyle must find a diplomatic solution to stop the wars. 2.75 11-033
34 Kingdom of the Light The Dark Kingdom wishes to make themselves allies with the Light Kingdom. Unfortunately the Light Kingdom doesn't want to ally themselves with the darkness. Lyle and Olivia sneak into the Uligion Order to convince the Silent Princess otherwise. 3.36 11-034
35 Super Brawl The King of Warriors summons all the greatest warriors of Sonnah. Lyle, Olivia, Finn, Fionna, and Sonia are invited. The King demands that the strongest of the strong faces him in a final showdown, determinded by a masive tournament.. 3.1 11-035
36 Dr. U's Master Plan Dr. U initiates phase one of his master plan by activating the 'Devistator Cannon' from space. He fires the weapon at only 20% of its true power and aims it at the Northern Flat Lands. The explosion can be seen from almost across the land. Lyle and Olivia must stop Dr. U's master plans... 3.45 11-036
37 The Dive Lyle and Olivia use a submarine to dive into the blast site of the Northern Plains. They try to retrive the small piece of Quartien deposites before Dr. U does. Unfortunately Dr. U's sub-mechs trap them by blasting all cave exits. Lyle and Olivia must get out of the cave before the sub runs out of oxygen... 2.8 11-037
38 Dranixu's Creation Dranixu decides to create a warrior that would be of an even match with Lyle who's name is Mar. Mar however escapes before his finishing touches and attacks Lyle at his home. Olivia tries help, but her powers are rendered useless against him. 3.25 11-038
39 No Prisoners, No Mercy Olivia recieves a mandatory summence from the Nether Deminsion to aid in the defence of the Divine Falls. During the battle she is taken prisoner by a friendly fighter, but must watch the deaths of her commrads. This conflicts Olivia's thoughts of war... 3 11-039
40 Sonnah e Gigas The 600ft. tall mutant, fish-lady named Sonnah surfaces near the islands of the southwest. She causes mass destruction upon many cities and kingdoms due to her premature wake-up call. Fionna, Sonia, and Olivia are the only who can calm the godess of Sonnah. 3.31 11-040
41 Running with the Wolves Lyle explores the deep forests of the north plains and encounters a band of' Dangerous Wolves'. They show Lyle the life outside of being a heroic adventurer, the Mandu Police disagrees with their ways. Lyle's actions may lead to dire consequences. 2.95 11-041
42 Allies in Low Places During a heated battle with Mar, Lyle is knocked into an undeground cavern. There he meets a group of outcasted mutants who see him as a demon. Lyle only wishes to get back to the surface and show the mutants the light of day again. 3.17 11-042
43 Dr. U's New Warriors of Steel Dr. U has constructed new mechs of steel that prove to be much more difficult to defeat. Finn and Fionna are the only ones to respond at the moment. Finn's gold sword and Fionna's crystal sword may need and upgrade to defeat the new army of steel... 3.35 11-043
44 Hidden Skill Trainig 3 Once again the King of Warriors trains the hereos of Sonnah, but this time Finn and Fionna are joining. This skill training will help them best against enemies made of a thicker material than Iron, something useful to Finn & Fionna when fighting tanks. 2.1 11-044
45 The Crystal Dimension Lyle and Sonia are captured by crystal guardians in the middle of a forest. They are taken to the Crystal Dimension where Sonia was imprisoned while is slowly being crystalized to be a marriage candidate for the Crystal Princess. Sonia will have to save Lyle from a possibly miserable marriage. 2.55 11-045
46 Fire and Water A fued between two powerful warrior clans begins to get out of control. Both faction's goals are to liberate the great plains from Dr. U's remaining forces. Olivia must get them to work together in order to take back their homes. 2.7 11-046
47 Mar's Quest Mar's emotions about his imperfections makes him abandon Dranixu in search of his true purpose. He later finds himself in a starving village. There a mutated street boy shows him that his imperfections don't shape his destiny, only he can. 3 11-047
48 Last Meal Dr. U makes his final warning to the Uligion Order before he uses the Devistator on all the towns and kingdoms. Instead the Uligion representives declare war on Dr. U's forces. Lyle, the adventurers of Sonnah, and the Sonnahn Royalty have their last dinner party before war... 3.25 11-048
49 Week War Part 1: Home Front The war against Dr. U's forces begins with a frontal assult on the Dark and Light Kingdoms. Finn and Fionna lead small army detachments against Dr. U's super soldiers with Sonia's assistance. Meanwhile Lyle and Olivia prepare to rocket off into space to disable the Devistator Cannon. 3.2 11-049
50 Week War Part 2: Reborn Finn, Fionna, and Sonia press foward against Dr. U's forces, however Dranixu re-animates his fallen soldiers. This makes the fight more difficult as these new soldiers can't be defeated by conventional attacks. Fortunately, Mar joins the fight against Dranixu for his new convictions. 3.2 11-050
51 Week War Part 3: The Beginning of an End While the Uligion Region is at war, Lyle and Olivia manage to enter Dr. U's space station. They found Dr. U's dead corpes with a note that states,"This isn't over yet". The cannon was perminately disabled causing the staion to be on a collision course for earth. Lyle and Olivia made it home safely from the portal. Meanwhile, in Central City, Finn, Fionna and Sonia raise the Dark Kingdom flag over the capitol building 3.2 11-051
52 Her Awakening The Uligion Order haves a celebrtation party dedicated to the heroes of the war. While everyone is celebrating, Finn and Fionna are still curious about Dr. U's mysterious death and begin speculations with the Echo Princess. In the end the robotic hand of a female figure rises from the ashes of the impact crater of the Devistator. 3.345 11-052

Season 3 (Winter 2011 - Spring 2012, Fall 2012)Edit

This is the list of episodes for the third season which began airing in December.

  • A hyatus was issued in order to reboot the series due to undislosed issues. The second half of season 3 will begin airing in Fall of 2012.
Episode# Name Description View Count (millions) Production No.
53 Dr. U's Legacy Curei, Dr. U's creation rises from the ashes of the impact crater left by the Devistator. She now seeks revenge on Lyle and Sonia for killing Dr. U. Curei attacks Lyle and Olivia at their home at night, but was repelled. She however was able to recruit Mar as part of her new alliance... 2.81 11-053
54 Jam with Dani A new kid who is a big fan of Lyle and Olivia's exploits wants to join the group. Lyle and Olivia don't feel to certain of letting a random fanboy/girl named Dani to join. But Dani prooves to be quite the adventurer. 2.5 11-054
55 Hidden Skill Training 5 The 'King of Warriors' enters Dani's dreams with intentions of training. Dani learns how to blend with the natural surroundings and impersenations of enemies. Dani is later put to an extreme field test. 2.334 11-055
56 True Colours After being kidnapped, the Echo Princess was interrogated by the Silent Princess. She was to confess of all her actions that was considered treasonous towards the Uligion Order and possibly Sonnah. 2.7 11-056
57 Fangurl 1100019 A fan girl from deep within Sonnah travels to meet Lyle and the gang. She presents all forms of fan art that suprises them, but none of them were prepared for the twisted world she draws them into. They all must escape and defeat this new foe... 2.12 11-057
58 Let's Duel Lyle and Mar once again square off. Lyle suffers a defeat streak from Mar, yet gets supportive comfort from Sonia. Mar's emotions flare out of control and he later challenges Lyle to yet another duel, but is willing to defeat him for Sonia's affections. 2.3 11-058
59 Nut Rising Finn, Fionna, and Princess Bubblegum announce they must return to Ooo to combat the rising Nut Kingdom threat. But an unexpected turn of events may make them stay a little longer... 1.95 11-059
60 Go Navy Brothers that specialize in naval and marine technology arrive on the shores of Sonnah. Just in time for the battle that challenges the defensive forces against the Nut Navy. 2 11-060
61 Changes Sonia experiences a series of bizzare changes physically, mentally, and emotionally. Lyle tries hiding from her to avoid her for his saftey. 2.25 11-061
62 Sailing to the Past Lyle, Olivia, Sonia, and Dani stumble upon a landed cruise ship, damaged beyond repair. As they explore the reck, they travel back in time to solve the mystery of the "Suicidal Heir". 2.5 11-062
63 Sick Giant With spirit of Sonnah sick and slowly dying, Dani explores the inside of her. Sonnah's body unfortunately is trying to kill Dani. Plus the actual virus spores don't make things easier. 1.83 11-063
64 Love's Gifts While Lyle and Sonia are at the house, Olivia makes another attempt to go out on a date with someone. However she has problems trying to romance it. Lyle and Sonia are stuck with unknown problems of their own. 2.385 11-064
65 Dranixu's Prisoner Lyle faces off with Dranixu for the last, however with all the greatest warriors of the world at his disposal, Lyle will be in for the fight of his and every prisoners lives... 3 11-065

Season 4 (2013)Edit

Script for the fourth season is in developement, but is being delayed due to the current hiatus

Episode# Name Description View Count (millions) Production No.


Episode# Name Description View Count (millions) Production No.
S1 Snow Gift 000-01
S2 Givers 000-02


Video GamesEdit

A dual video game series is expected to be released for the WiiU and 3DS systems under the project name SAT.


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  • The characters from this series have also crossed over into the parent series, most notably in the fourth live-action movie & the video game "Adventure Time: Squadron Aces".
  • Sonnah was first mentioned in "Finn & Fionna", in which it is shown on the holomap that Prince Gumball brings up to show Fionna where Ooo is. Lyle, Olivia & Dr. U are even mentioned, but not named.
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