The Third Season of Adventure Time premiered in late July 2011.


In this fanfiction, several changes are made that probably will not happen in reality.

These changes include:

  • A new theme song, which is actually the famous "Doctor Who" theme song. In this case, it is the 1980 Peter Howell arrangement. The only difference is Finn & Jake's heads are used, as is a new stylized Adventure Time logo. The titles were dispensed of & replaced by generic titles within the opening. In "Adventure Time with Fiona & Cake", Fiona & Cake's heads were used. The theme was once again changed in "Finn & Fiona", but now with all 4 lead character's heads in the sequence. Here is a general idea of what the theme looks like.
  • The obvious change to Princess Bubblegum in "Mortal Recoil".


For a list of episodes in the actual (not fan-fiction) series, go here.