Adventure Time Reboot is a series made by Sechelf.Ghost.2.0 based on his concepts and toughts of Adventure
Time. For short, it is Adventure Time R or ATR.


Epiosde listEdit

Season One Edit

  1. .,,Time Machine"- PB makes a Time Machine for emergencies only ,but Finn and Jake play with it causing a matrix.
  2. .,,Lost in Time"- the duo found themselves in starnge future and must escape from there.
  3. .,, Time Matrix"-  creepy robots attack the future and there's no hope destroying them... or maybe is?
  4. .,,Time Travel"- while trying to get home, Finn and Jake go slighty too far back in time.
  5. .,,Flood "- Finn meets a water elemental.. ,,Dude, I think I have a crush."
  6. .,,Blood Thirst"- Finn and Jake just want a relaxing evening but Marceline sucks their plans.
  7. ,,Blazing Mad"- FP seems jealious of Attie. Who will win over Finn?
  8. .,, Cupcake Contest"-after a race in order to win a cupcake, F. and J.  are lost in a forest.
  9. . ,, Saw"-- Jake is kidnapped  by an evil puppet and Finn goes through an epic quest to find him.
  10. . ,, Oh, my lumps!"- an unexpected adventure in Lumpy space.
  11. . ,,Bonnie Holmes and Doctor Rainicorn"- the two try to find out what's more about the Enchiridion and the Lich.
  12. .,, Sherlock Mertens and Doctor Jake"- the story from the previous episode, in Finn's and Jake's point of view.
  13. .,,Wash Out"- Finn wnats to go further with Attie, but how to do it?
  14. ,,Candy Throne"- the promblems of the Candy Kingdom.
  15. ,,Bonnie Times Two"- PB creates Kleine Bubblegum , but it turns out taht she another failed experiment.
  16. ,,Ghost Lady"- Finn has dreams of a stange girl... who she might be?
  17. ,,Icy"- Neo- Evergreen treatens to build a new Ice Kingdom- Ice-Ville
  18. ,,H8RZ"- Jake tries to spen a happy family reunion, but all the pups disagree with his life.
  19. ,,Right and Wrong"- showndown time! Finn and Jake vs. KIng of Ooo and Toronto
  20. ,,Daddy's Little Girl"- Hunson Abadeer is stuck in the NIghtosphere without any power and is up to Marceline to save him.
  21. ,,Fionna and the Flames"- Fionna helps Flame Prince; the story is told by FP for Ice kIng, in order to fill the Fionna and Cake Omnibus"
  22. ,,Takeover"- Lich posseses PB once again, trying to takeover Ooo.
  23. .,,Billy the Hero"- the Lich escapes in the Bag of Holding and F&J must uncover teh secrets of the only one who ever defeated the Lich
  24. .,, The Lich King"- the Season I finale.

Special: Paradox

Season 2 Edit

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