Adventure Time Crossover is a crossover based of Adventure Time. This will involve characters from the Adventure Time series, characters from other cartoons and video games, and fan - made characters.


The series is set in The Land of Ooo, which now spawns new places and worlds; Tamriel, The Minecraft - Verse, Elmore, The Park, and the futuristic city of Virturon. The hero, Lee Martes, becomes a member of the Team of Heroes, a group of heroes who hunt down villains of every sort. The main antagonist, Death, is about to steal the souls of the living, to increase his power, and end the world, along with his own faction, the Dark Brotherhood.


See Episodes for Adventure Time Crossover for details.



  • The main characters are Lee Martes, a young adventurer and former police officer, who is set on a quest to slay Death, a undead being set to take over the world, and uses Soul Edge, a evil sword that was controlled by an evil soul named Darkness, a god like being that made Death go all insane, and hungry for souls. Lee started to take on the mantle of an adventurer when his sister Tina was kidnapped by Dr Inferno, his brother and mother's killer. However, due to putting Dr Inferno in bars, he was then joined into the Heroes of Virturon, a group of adventurers who protect the world.
  • Some of the few non-real heroes who come to Lee's aid in the story are Vinnie Stormwolf, Lee's close friend and the brawn of the team (but still has a normal set of brains), Vance Larson, Lee's only relative and the hacking type of person, Simon Riley, Lee's best friend, who is real deadly with a crossbow, Rose Allocate, Lee's lover, Ricky Munsen, Marty Henderson, and Richard Henderson, Vinnie's mates, crew members, and members of the Heroes of Virturon.
  • The non-real villains, are Victor Stormwolf, the eldest Stormwolf sibling, Dexter Allocate, Rose's brother, and a miner, Cryo Chris, a cold hearted cryomancer, and Clyde Westminster, a new associate who is always successful on missions when he's capturing Heroes of Virturon.
  • Some characters comfirmed are Skips, Mordecai, Rigby, Finn, Jake, Summer, Carla, Gumball, Darwin, Mario, and Link.

Trivia Edit

  • This will be the first Adventure Time series when Finn and Jake are not the main characters.
  • This is the first series created by Heroic Gaming.
  • There are a few Mass Effect and Skyrim references to the series.


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