Narrator: This is a story about a boy, a girl, a cat and a dog with weird powers, and a villain. It was then, that time, it was time for us to make a *FOGHORN* movie. So, whatever you do, dont come running to your bathroom. It is time....

(The clip begins with Prismo and Cosmic Owl in the jacuzzi. Prismo claps his hands, and the scene is zoomed from space to Ooo. Hunson is making a sandwich.)

(Hunson Abadeer sings Souls Are Number One.)

(Suddenly, a large bang is heard. The bang knocks off the sandwich out of his hand.)

Hunson Abadeer (angrily): Woah, woah, woah! Not cool!

(The sound is heard again, and scares Hunson.)

Hunson Abadeer (wimpily): Oh, um, take the sandwiches! Just don't *FOGHORN* hurt me, or I'll call the cops!

(Hunson is now seen running through a portal to Ooo. He escapes, but couldnt stop the shadow)

Narrator: Alrighty, now that was Hunson. Lets now go to Lump Kingdom to see what Lump King and Lump Queen are doing, better not be eating sandwiches.

(Cut to Lumpy Space Lumpy Rebellian Leader is knocking on the door, which LSK and Q ignores. They are eating sandwiches.)

Narrator: Seriously? Oh wait, this is a good thang! Im magic! Alrighty, I wish I was a millionare! (Awkward Silence) Oh, *FOGHORN*..

(The roar is heard again.)

LSK (angrily): What?! No *FOGHORN* is destroying MY kingdom!

(Disc scratch. LSQ stared at LSK.)

LSK (wimpily): I mean, OUR Kingdom! Hehehe... (Whispers) Not!

LSQ: We need to run for it! That sounds like King De-

Narrator (Airing): Hold it right there! This is a good start for a commercial!

Narrator (DVD): Hold it right there! I need to go to the bathroom! (He starts coughing like crazy)

Narrator: And we're back! So, we need to get back to the story.

LSQ: We need to take shelter at our daughter's! I hope that *FOGHORN*ing *FOGHORN* has *FOGHORN* sandwiches!

LSK: Wow, sweetie, you did say "*FOGHORN*" alot. To our daughters!!

(They go to Ooo, leaving Lumpy Space unguarded.)

Narrator: That were Lump King, and Lump Queen! They have a sad life, eh? Alright. Now we need to see what our Leonard is doing.

(Cut to Knapford City. Leonard is exercising at the park)

Leonard: One, two, three, bend! (He does a backflip, but lands on his face.) Oh, *FOGHORN*! That hurt. (The sound is heard again. Leonard is shocked.) Huh? What the *FOGHORN* was that?

(The other people start to melt, as the sky turned gray, Leonard McLean escaped to Ooo.)

('Cut to the Grasslands. The screen is spliced to Hunson, LSK and Q, Leonard, and GGGG running towards the Tree Fort. Finn and Jake are sitting outside of their Tree Fort,feeding a sandwich to a duck. When suddenly..)

LSK: Finn--

Leonard: Our--

Hunson: Kingdoms have been destroyed!!!

(Awkward silence for a moment... Untilll....)

Random Guy at the background: I like *FOGHORN* trains! (Gets ran over by a train)

Finn: (to Jake) I think.. We need a meeting.

(In the Tree Fort)

Jake: Ok, uhmm.. All of us are here.. (To Finn) Who's that guy? (Points at a kid)

Finn: I have noooo idea.

Kid: I like trains. (Gets ran over by a train)

BMO: (Walks in, with a notepad and pen. Sighs.) Adding another thing to my to-do list... Lets see... Clean the blood stains left by the I like trains Kid. (Walks away muttering) (To himself, muttering) I cant believe I lost the *FOGHORN* bet..


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