The Lich

The Lich, the main antagonist of the movie

Adventure Time: Where Good Thrives, Evil Survives is a fictional cinematic account of the confrontation between Finn and the Lich. Dissatisfied with Mortal Folly and Mortal Recoil, some wonderous genious decided to create their own interpretation of the encounter. One of the many changes is that the Lich isn't as large as he is in the show. He stands only a few inches taller then Finn. It also gets kinda melodramatic twords the end...


Finn and Jake accidentally free the Lich from the Vampire King's castle in the Haunted Swamp. Now, both friends and foes must marshall their strength in order to defeat the most cunning evil the Land of OOO has ever known before he destroys all life on Earth.


Finn and Jake are visiting Marceline at her house. As Marceline comes out of her kitchen with some drinks, Finn asks how many houses Marceline has. She says she can't remember, but she mentions that one of her favorite was the Vampire King's castle in the middle of the Haunted Swamp. She then goes on to tell them how she slayed the Vampire King, thus becomming the Vampire Queen, and took his castle to live in. However, she also says that it became uninhabitable. When Jake asks why, Marceline explains that when she was out exploring the Land of OOO, the hero Billy fought the Lich and sealed him inside the castle, far away from his Well of Power. Finn and Jake wonder how and why Billy would seal away the Lich when he could've just killed him, so they depart and head off for Billy's cave.

Once there, they immediately inquire as to why Billy would seal away the Lich rather then kill him. Billy explains that when he origionally confronted the Lich, he did so in the Lich's lair, close to his Well of Power. In order to have any chance of victory, he had to lure the Lich away from his power source. However, doing so proved more difficult then he had imagined, and so as the battle wore on, both he and the Lich became exausted. As the battle reached the Vampire King's castle, Billy realised that, even while the Lich was weak, he was still too strong to be killed, as Billy's own power was running low. Using what was left of the power in Nothung and his Gauntlet, he created a seal around the castle that would imprison the Lich inside. Finn and Jake become excited and wish to see the imprisoned immortal, but Billy warns them not to disturb the site of the Lich. Finn and Jake promise not to do so and leave.

As they make their way home, Jake asks what they should do now, and Finn says that they should explore the Haunted Swamp and try to find the Lich's castle. Jake reminds Finn of Billy's warning, but Finn insists, so Jake reluctently agrees. They eventually find the castle and venture inside. When they step foot inside the castle, the Lich awakens inside the stasis field that Billy sealed him in. As Finn and Jake encroach upon the throne room where the Lich was sealed, the Lich begins to cast mental spells in an attempt to control the intruders. Finn and Jake hear the macabre wispers inside their head. Jake becomes scarred and urges Finn to leave, but Finn refuses to turn back. Once they enter the throne room, they see the Lich, motionless inside his transluctent prison. Jake becomes calm because he can't hear the voice in his head anymore, but this is only because the Lich is now focusing all his unholy power on Finn. As Finn begins to walk closer to the Lich, Jake realises that something is wrong and attempts to stop Finn, but the posessed Finn swings at Jake with his sword, barely grazing him.

As Jake looks on helplessly, Finn raises his sword and strikes the barrier that has imprissoned the Lich for so long. As evil laughter pervades the room, Finn comes to his senses just in time to see the Lich freed from his timeless sleep. The Lich then rises above Finn and Jake and breaks through the ceiling with his bare hands. As he flys away, Finn asks Jake what happened. Once Jake explains, Finn resolves to stop the Lich at all costs. By the time the two are outside, the Lich is hardly visible, so Jake increases his size so they can catch up. As they near the Lich, Finn raises his sword and jumps at him. The Lich simply catches the sword and ignites his hand with his dream like flames, melting the blade of Finn's weapon. Jake catches Finn as he falls and wages his own attack against the Lich with a giant fist, but the Lich stops the blow with his ignited hand, burning Jake's fist. As Jake recoils in pain, the Lich soars away. Finn asks if Jake is alright, and Jake says that he is. The two then resolve to continue, hoping to somehow stop the Lich.

Meanwhile, Princess Bubblegum is in her room and is wearing a pink sweater. She hears a noise at her door and opens it. It turns out to be the Ice King, who grabs her. As she struggles, he tells her not to worry, as they're about to visit Finn and Jake at the Tree Fort to ask for their blessing to marry one another. As the Ice King nears the Tree Fort, he sees another character flying twords him, the Lich. Both he and the Lich stop mid air just a few feet away from each other. The Lich simply tells Ice King "Move." Ice King becomes annoyed and says that the Lich should move. The Lich ignites his hands, which alarms Princess Bubblegum. Ice King tells Bubblegum that he'll protect her and drops her. He then launches two two lightning bolts at the Lich, but the undead marauder swats them both away with his flaming hands. The Lich then retaliates by blasting a jet of fire at the Ice King, who protects himself by blasting a jet of ice back at the Lich.

Ice King isn't able to hold off the Lich's flames with just one stream of Ice, so he engages another. This proves useless however, as the Lich simply activates another stream of fire, drasticly overpowering Ice King. As the smoke clears, a wounded Ice King struggles to get back to his feet, his crown lost. The Lich methodicly approaches, his right hand still ablaze. Ice King begs for the Lich not to finish him off, noting that he still isn't married, but the ever silent Lich simply shoots a ball of fire at the Ice King, triggering a huge explosion. Finn and Jake see the ominous green mushroom cloud from a distance, and quickly advance on the scene. By the time they arrive, Ice King and Princess Bubblegum are regaining consciousness. At first they are startled by the destruction caused by the explosion, but then Finn notices Princess Bubblegum and runs to her side, asking if she's okay. Princess Bubblegum asks what Finn has done, and he shamefully admits to being the one who freed the Lich. As Finn holds PB in his arms, she explains that if the two can make it across Iceberg Lake before the Lich, they might be able to stop him from reaching his Well of Power.

Princess Bubblegum then takes off her sweater (don't worry, she has a pink tee on underneath,) and offers it to Finn so he can stay warm at Iceberg lake, saying that she cares about him and doesn't want him to get sick. Jake says they should leave, but when PB faints Finn becomes unable to leave her side. The Ice King crawls over and offers to watch her, so Finn, pressed for time, makes the Ice King swear not to do anything to her. Ice King agrees, noting how he wouldn't be able to do anything even if he wanted to. As Ice King rises to his feet, Finn and Jake leave. Not too far off, Marceline is strumming her Axe Bass as she slowly drifts twords the Tree Fort. She mutters to herself that she should warn Finn and Jake not to disturb the Lich's resting place, as it sounds like something they'd do. She then sees the large mushroom cloud caused by the Lich's fire ball. Her expression sinks, and she sarcasticly asks why she isn't suprised.

As the Lich approaches, Marceline charges forward and raises her Axe Bass, knowing all too well that the Lich must be stopped. As she slashes at the Lich's head, he stops the blade with his bare hand and kicks Marceline away. She then hisses and gets back to her feet, furious that she's been seperated from her bass. She then turns invisible, which doesn't seem to suprise the Lich. Marceline then appears behind him and attempts to grab her bass, but the Lich senses her presence and quickly turns to swing the axe at Marceline's head. She ducks just in time and uses her pyrokinesis to bombard the Lich with a barrage of flame. As Marceline stars at the flames, the Lich emerges, unscathed by the fire. He then sets his own hand on fire and prepares to attack Marceline. Marceline charges at the Lich with a crazed look in her eyes, but a moment before she can attack, the Lich casts the bass at her, making her take her eye of her enemy. As she dodges her own Axe Bass, the Lich ignites his other hand and slams both of his fists into the ground. This quickly engulfs him in a pillar of green fire that expands outwards in all directions, making it impossible for Marceline to dodge.

Finn and Jake see the massive blast in the distance, and as it grows closer they are forced to run back twords the Tree Fort. From where the Lich is standing, everything around him is utterly spent, nothing sparred by his awsome power. He looks at the unconcsious girl before him, and then simply turns to leave. Then, the Lich hears large, heavy footsteps approaching. Through the smoke, the Lich can barely make out what appears to be a large, green man with long, grey hair. As the stoic figure lowers an unconscious Finn and Jake on the ground, the Lich begins to laugh uncontrollably (For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, it's BILLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY!!) As the Lich's laughter calms, he begins to look Billy in the eyes and says simply "You will die." With that, Billy raises his Gauntlet and fires a massive blast of energy at the Lich, who counters with a blast of fire, but the power of the Gauntlet proves too much for the Lich, and the beam of energy overcomes the Lich's attack and nearly blows the Lich's arm off. Without a second wasted, Billy lunges at the Lich with his sword in hand, ready to cast the Lich down in one fell swoop. However, the Lich knows he can counter against blades easily, and readys his defenses by setting his hands on fire.

As he catches Nothung with his left hand, he prepares a charge of fire with his left, while Billy does the exact same with his Gauntlet. The two attack each other at close range, setting off a huge explosion that sends the two flying away from each other. Billy struggles to regain his footing while the Lich prepares his next attack. Both hands blazing, he readies two fireballs and claps his hands together as he fires them, combining the two attacks into one. Billy trys to protect himself using a blast from his Gauntlet to counter, but it is no use. The unholy attack crushes him in a massive detonation that sends the Lich himself flying all the way across the Candy Kingdom, strait to the shore of Iceberg Lake. As Billy crawls from the huge crater formed by the Lich's attack, Jake wakes up next to an already awake Finn. Finn stares blankly at the horizon, aware that the Lich is even closer to his goal then before. He then begins to speak, asking why he would be stupid enough to explore the Vampire King's castle even after Billy himself warned him to stay away. He then begins to blame himself for everything, for Marceline, for Billy, and especially Princess Bubblegum. In his mind, it's his fault they all got hurt.

Billy looks on as Jake begins to speak, claiming it was his fault the whole thing happened because he wasn't responsible enough to stop Finn from going to the Haunted Swamp. Billy then interjects, claiming responsibility himself. If he had chose a wiser time and place to fight the Lich, he could have killed him. Instead he was proud and stupid, and in the end he could only seal away the Lich rather then kill him. As Billy drags himself closer to Finn and Jake, he gives Finn the Gauntlet and Nothung. He urges Finn to continue, for he is Ooo's last hope. At first Finn is still melencholy, but then he thinks back to Princess Bubblegum. If he just sits there, then he'll only be jepordizing her even more. That in mind, Finn rises to his feet and prepares to face the Lich.

Billy explains that, like any weapon, the Gauntlet and Nothung have a certain level of offensive and defensive power, but when the two are used together in perfect unison, their energys can comingle and create spells at the user's will, be them offensive or defensive, although defensive spells are weaker then offensive ones, which is the reason Billy sealed the Lich rather then kill him; he didn't have sufficient energy for an effective assault. When Finn asks how he's supposed to make them work together, Billy says that if Finn is indeed a hero, the weapons will work according to his will when needed most. With that, Finn and Jake leave for Iceberg Lake.

Meanwhile, the Ice King is trying to entertain a barely conscious PB with a medly of poor jokes.

-Ice King: Knock Knock

-PB: (Long Sigh) Who's There?

-Ice King: Penguin.

-PB: Penguin who?

-Ice King: Pinguin you!! (Hysterical Laughter)

-PB: I wish they'd left me to die...

Anyway, Finn and Jake reach Iceberg Lake, and Finn notes that it really is cold out and that he's glad PB gave him the sweater, even if it is pretty girly. The Lich meanwhile has reached the other side of Iceberg Lake, uneffected by the cold, for his rotten body lost all sensation centuries ago. As he slowly walks his way twords his secret underground chamber, Finn and Jake are speeding across the lake, with Jake as a boat and yeah you already saw that part.

As Finn and Jake reach dry land, they can see the Lich slowly skulking his way to his Well of Power. Finn and Jake quickly give chase. Finn's yelling alerts the Lich that he's being followed, and so he creates a wall of fire to slow Finn and Jake down. Finn and Jake quicken their pace as the Lich finally reaches his home, an abandoned subway station. Right as Finn breaks through the wall of fire with Nothung, the Lich finally partakes from his Well of Power. The ground erupts in a blinding flash that sends Finn and Jake flying almost all the way back to the lake, with Jake saving them both by turning into a parachute. A huge green light blasts upwards from the crator made by the earlier explosion, and a fully powered Lich rises to the sky, laughing madly the whole time as his body bathes in the eerie glow.

With his strength renewed, the Lich summons an army of skeletal guards to finish off Finn and Jake. As the army approaches, so do Finn and Jake, charging headlong into the fight. Both brothers work quickly and efficiently, running over the putrified sentinels with ease. Finally, they reach the enterence to the Lich's lair (Which would more appropriately be described as the edge of a crater now.) The two look each other in the eyes, silently admitting their fear to one another, while at the same time reassurring the other that no matter what, they'd see this through to the end, whatever that end may be.

Once they reach the bottom of the chasm, the Lich surfaces from underneath the ground, seemingly like a ghost. Finn warns the Lich that while he may be at full power, Finn has the Gauntlet and Nothung. The Lich chuckles a bit, which provokes Finn into launching his first attack. His initial attack, aimed right for the Lich's head, is completely overpowered by the Lich's own assault of flames. Finn quickly raises his sword to defend himself from the flames as he fires another blast from the Gauntlet, just bearly stopping the fire before it hit him. Jake then springs into action, twisting himself all around the Lich in order to tease him. As the Lich trys to fire at the elusive Jake, Finn prepares another blast of the Gauntlet. At the last moment, Finn yells for Jake to move, and as Jake makes his escape, the Lich is caught off guard by the attack. The Lich, unfazed, trys to get back up as Finn jumps twords him and swings his sword at him. The Lich is quickly able to defend himself from the attacks using his firey hands. Finally the Lich grabs hold of the sword, and as Finn trys another asault from the Gauntlet, the Lich punches him away.

With Finn down, Jake is momentarily distracted, giving the Lich the opportunity to trap Jake in a cage of fire. As Finn gets back up, he fires another attack at the Lich, who catches the blast in his bare hand and deflects it. The Lich then says "Your attacks aren't half as strong as Billy's were, Finn." The Lich then raises his firey hand and prepares to finish Finn off once and for all. As Jake looks on in complete horror, the Lich lands a direct hit on Finn with one of his fire attacks. As the smoke clears, the Lich is silently shocked at the sight of Finn's living body. Finn then realizes that the ultimate weapon against evil is "Luh-Luh-Luh-Liking Someone Alot." It is at that moment that Nothung and the Gauntlet begin to glow with an intense white light. Finn can practically feel the exchange of power between the two weapons, and now that power is his to use at will.

The Lich, aware of the danger, attacks one last time in a move of desperation, but Finn raises Nothung above his head using his Gauntlet hand, and combining the power of both weapons, releases a blast that completely obliterates the Lich's last ditch effort of survival. Minutes later, after Jake is freed from the fire prison by the power of Nothung and the Gauntlet, Finn and Jake look for the remains of the Lich. They find his body, weak, but not dead, lying on the ground some distance away. "Fools," the Lich says. "Just because I'm out of power doesn't mean I will die. I will always find a way to live."

So yeah, the Lich died. His remains were taken to the Hole Near the Center of the World, where it was cast away, never to be seen again. But in the words of the late, great Ronnie James Dio, were good thrives, evil survives, and evil always finds a way to survive. Whatever. In some ways it's better then Mortal Folly and Mortal Recoil, but in some ways it's not. I don't know. Whatever.



  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Marceline the Vampire Queen
  • Vampire King (Flashback)
  • Billy
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Ice King
  • Snail


  • In the movie, the Lich King isn't a giant like Billy, and is only about the hight of an average man.
  • Unlike Mortal Folly, Princess Bubblegum is not melted in the Lich's Well of Power, nor is she posessed by the Lich as in Mortal Recoil. Thus, she is not reverted to 13-years old.
  • The Lich has a wider variety of attacks in the movie, being able to create walls of flame and combine his attacks to increase their power.
  • The title of the movie was derived from a dialogue entitled "Magica Story' by Ronnie James Dio from his "Magica" release.

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