Adventure Time: The War Chronicles is a spin-off series premiered on Martin Luther King Day 2012. The season began with the half-hour long episode "Finn & Fionna" and is ongoing.


The series was highlighted by several arrivals, departures, changes and revelations.


  • The storylines gave way to darker, more grim storylines.
  • Jake and Cake's roles have been downplayed to focus on Finn, Fionna and Princess Bubblegum, who became the three core characters of the series.
  • The music, which was usually synthesizer music that sounded 16-bit at times, gave way to new music composed and orchestrated by John Williams and London Symphony Orchestra. Music by Akira Ifikube, James Horner, and Danny Elfman is also featured.



  • As mentioned previously, the storylines became darker.
  • The theme song was changed (read this article to learn more).
  • Towards the end of the season, PB decides to join Finn & Fionna on the frontlines. However, since her skirt would hamper her mobility, she changes outfits. It is basically a pink version of Finn's outfit. Her hair is up in a ponytail, and her tiara is gone. She is still seen in her dress in between battles and during official business.


  • Fionna is Finn's long-lost twin sister (basically retconning Ice King's fanfiction).
  • All is revealed about the Great Mushroom War (under the new name World War III),


  1. Finn & Fionna - Finn meets Fionna as The Lich advances on the Candy Kingdom.
  2. Trip To The Moon - Trudy drafts Finn and Fionna for a mission to the moon to fight an alien race.
  3. Shock & Awe - World War IV begins!
  4. Light My Fire - Flame Princess incites a rebellion to overthrow the Fire King.
  5. Good Samaritan - When Princess Bubblegum gets struck by lightning, Finn stays home to take care of her. Meanwhile, the Nut Kingdom advances on a strategic position.
  6. Highway to Hell - The Evil Kingdom attacks Fire Kingdom convoys along Interstate 5, earning the attention of the Candy Kingdom.