ATL is a series set in the real world.

Plot Edit

Finn Mertens is an 16 year world boy who lives with his adoptive brother Jake Dawg and his wife, Reni Unibow. However, his life isn't very happily: his parents leaved him at birth, not caring about him; after his foster parents,Joshua and Margaret Dawg died, Jake's brother Jermaine began to take drugs ; his phisycal condition is very weak and the world seems to hiding something about him.

His life changed when after a terrorist bomb is launched at his school, a girl named Bonnibel hands him a book named The Enchiridion and tells him that his destiny is to defeat the Dark Powers of the world.

He don't believes her and donates the book to the school's library. After this, the most weirdest people in the world harass him to tell them where The Enchiridion is: a vampire-demon hybrid named Marceline; members of a cult named Amedame, three creepy look-alikes teachers, guy dressed like penguins and the mysterious mayor of the town named Simon Petrikov.

Will he manage to clam down this guys with an hot tempered ,,lady" chasing him or will give up to fight ? Or will he remember who he and his friends are till the time runs out?

Charcters Edit

Finn Mertens- an 16 year world boy who lives with his adoptive brother Jake Dawg and his wife, Reni Unibow.

Jake Dawg- a charming detective, with blonde hair and master of violas.

Bonnibel Bubblegum- a shrine-maiden, the Sacred Eye of the Amedame cult. She is also an alchemist knows German, Korean and Japanese.

Marceline Abadeer- a vampire-demon hybrid, who can sing everything and writes her songs in her ,,Gunther Diary". She and Simon Petrikov share a strange bond. Her mother died long ago.

Celosia Flames- she is obsessly in love with Finn. She was abandoned by her mother and mistreated by her father.

Simon Petrikov- the mayor of Manekoto town. He is an anti-hero until the final episodes of the first season. He has many penguins who name them Gunters.

Gunter/ Orgalorg- an powerful alien, seemingly evil, but is in fact afraid by strangers. He mostly takes the appearence of a penguin, and talks in the language of this animals. He raises an alien kitten and steeled the Demonic Eye from Simon. He seems the commander of the other Gunters.

Princess Nova Lumpy Space- practically a goddess from LUmpy Space, She knows all the gods and the secret of returning back to the Land of Ooo.

Villains Edit

Hunson Abadeer- a demon with fifteen hunting hounds who uses them to kill people. His daughter Marcelien ran away from him.

Magic Man a.k.a. Megik Menn- is a magi from Mars who plots against everyone and tries to take over the Amedame cult.

Flame King a.k.a. Vulan Flames- he is devasted after his wife's death and became insane. Celosia ran away from him.

Death a.k.a. Lucifer Mortum- an satnist who has visions of ,,Death World". Many people bwve him to be an Iluminati.

The Lich- is sealed in David's body. He is the main antagonist.

Minor Edit

Reni Unibow- the wife of Jake and the owner of a bridal shop. She is also an artist and dreams that she is a unicorn and a rainbow mixed together, a ,,Rainicorn".

Beemo- a semingly harmless five year old.

David Greenwitch- Daivd's body is the container where the soul of the Lich is sealed. He must be protected by his dark side.

Pepermint ,,Peps" the Butler- the butler of Petrikov.

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