Adventure Time: Squadron Aces is a video game. It was released for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC & Mac.


Taking place throughout World War IV, the game follows 4 fighter squadrons: Stalker, Shadow, Freedom & Liberty Squadrons. Throughout the game, players must take on over 40 missions, engaging in dogfights, destroying ground targets & fighting while down behind enemy lines.


The four squadrons all use F-35 fighter jets, but each have different markings to distinguish them.

Freedom SquadronEdit

Freedom Squadron consists of 6 pilots.


  • Freedom Leader: Darvin Graves
  • Freedom 2: Wedge Antares
  • Freedom 3: Diggs Harlighter
  • Freedom 4: Johnny D. Branden
  • Freedom 5: Lucas Groundrunner
  • Freedom 6: Jeff Piggins

Liberty SquadronEdit

Liberty Squadron consists of 15 pilots.


All pilots are unnamed.

Shadow SquadronEdit

Shadow Squadron consists of 3 pilots. All come from Sonnah.


  • Shadow Leader: Lyle
  • Shadow 2: Olivia
  • Shadow 3: Sonia

Stalker SquadronEdit

Stalker Squadron consists of 5 pilots. This is the main squadron, though Liberty Squadron relays the orders from Command.


  • Stalker Leader: Finn
  • Stalker 2: Fionna
  • Stalker 3: Princess Bubblegum
  • Stalker 4: Jake
  • Stalker 5: Marceline