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Adventure Time: One Day, The Future Will Coming After You
Also known as Adventure Time:The Future Was Begun
Created by StarfinibelXZ CocoRitenamy
Written by StarfinibelXZ CocoRitenamy
Starring Princess Yellow Bright ,Prince Kindly Fire, Deco and Nana
Opening theme I'm Coming After You - Owl City
Ending theme Finish Line - Yasmin
Country of origin Vietnam
Language(s) English
No. of episodes At least 20
Running time 00:15:00
First shown in [1]
Status Are Acting

Adventure Time: One Day, The Future Will Coming After You is a fanfiction OC of Main Adventure Time, created by StarfinibelXZ CocoRitenamy.


The story talks about a teenage girl name Light (her friends call her Princess Yellow Bright) who came from Wrichcongo, after rescuing people from Past Princess (actually Past Princess is not a villain), Princess Yellow Bright received a key and became a princess, ruled the Future Kingdom and started a new life at the Land of Ooo with her friend when she was 14. The story also shows that human still alive after The Mushroom War and now they live at the east of the planet ( which former name is Asia).


See:XZ CoRi's Episodes

Now, the list has 5 seasons, season 6 is upcoming, 87 official episodes, 1 pilot episode, 12 short episodes, 2 movies and the creator are trying to create more and more.





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