Adventure Time: Movie One is a live-action theatrical motion-picture. It is also the first in a trilogy of 6 movies.


With the Axis & Allies in the thick of it, all anyone can think of is death & destruction. This causes Finn to have emotional turmoil, something Fionna & Princess Bubblegum deeply understand. Meanwhile, the Daleks make a move, 3 alien monsters arrive on Earth & the Nut Kingdom's new "secret weapon" is ready.


TBA (To Be Added)


Lead castEdit

  • Finn: Andy Sammonds
  • Fionna: Katie Sammonds
  • Voice of Jake: John DiMaggio
  • Voice of Cake: Roz Ryan
  • Princess Bubblegum: Belle Johnson
  • Ice King: Zach Galifianakis
  • Voice of Marceline: Olivia Olson
  • Voice of Lumpy Space Princess: Pendleton Ward
  • General Pistachio: R. Lee Ermey
  • The Lich: Ian McDiarmid

Secondary CastEdit

  • Voice of Cinnamon Bun: Paul Reubens
  • Voice of Peppermint Butler: Steve Little
  • Prime Minister of Nuts: Ewan McGregor

Doctor Who castEdit

  • The Doctor (credited as "Doctor Who"): Matt Smith
  • Voice of K9: John Leeson
  • Voice of The Daleks: Nicholas Briggs


  • Godzilla suit actor: Andy Sammonds
  • Anguirus suit actress: Katie Sammonds
  • Rodan suit actress: Belle Johnson
  • Jet Jaguar suit actor: Kazuhiro Yoshida
  • King Ghidorah suit actor: Akira Ohashi
  • Gigan suit actor: Toshihiro Ogura
  • Megalon suit actor: Minoru Watanabe
  • Mechagodzilla suit actor: Hirofumi Ishigaki

Production crewEdit

  • Director: Steven Spielburg
  • Producer: George Lucas
  • Executive Producer: Steven Moffat
  • Original score: John Williams
  • Special effects: Industrial Light & Magic
  • Sound designer: Ben Burtt
  • Sound recording & editing: Skywalker Ranch
  • Writer: Andy Sammonds


All original music was made by John Williams. However, stock music from other movies is also used. These movies are the Star Wars saga, WaterWorld, Indiana Jones & the Godzilla series. Other music comes from Doctor Who and the Italian opera Paggliacci.

Tracks in order of appearanceEdit