Adventure Time: Mirai Nikki is a special series consisting out of 27 episodes. It is basically the anime Mirai Nikki but then replaced with Adventure Time characters and set in the Land of Ooo.


Finn has always been rejecting any offers to go with friends, and he just keeps writing a diary on his cell phone. He has an imaginary friend, a god called Grob Gob Glob Grod. However, Glob now wants to play a game with Finn, a game of survival. There are twelve contestants, Finn is one of them. The winner of the survival game will become the next Grob Gob Glob Grod. In order to win the game, the contestants must use their diaries to eliminate one another. For Finn to survive, he must team up with another diary holder, a girl by the name of Celosia. Each player is assigned a number based on the order that Glob modified his or her diary. The diaries now record the future in the same manner their future selves would have written down events that have already happened; the only exception to this rule is when the holder reaches a "Dead End", a time when their lives would be finished without significant intervention. Each diary varies in properties and functions depending on the holder's personality, occupation and lifestyle. All the diaries have their shortcomings, some more so than others, and can be used without the diary owner's consent should they fall into another's hands. Because the diaries are written from the perspective of the holder's future self, the future can still be misinterpreted and the diary entries can then turn out to be inaccurate. Each of the diaries have become the diary holder's future, so if the diary itself is destroyed or broken, so too is the holder's future.


No. Title Airdate
1 Sign Up
Finn is a loner who spends his time writing in his cell phone diary, playing darts and talking to an imaginary friend, the "God of Time and Space" Grob Gob Glob Grod. One morning, he finds his diary entry for the day has been filled in already. Stranger yet, the events recounted in the diary start coming true. Glob, who reveals he is an actual God, Finn's diary can now predict his future, but warns him that if his diary is destroyed, he will die. As Finn starts using the diary to his advantage, he is approached by a stalker named Celosia Flame who also possesses a Future Diary cell phone that foretold his death at the hands of a serial killer, Earl Lemongrab himself another Future Diary owner. Celosia helps Finn evade the Third and enables him to hit the killer's phone with a dart, which causes him to vanish into a vortex. Afterwards, Glob summons a congress and explains the rules of the survival game to Finn, Celosia and nine other remaining diary owners; they must try to kill each other in order to win the right to succeed him.
2 Terms of the Contract
Shoko, a terrorist and Future Diary owner the Ninth, holds Finn's school hostage, having rigged its corridors with motion sensor bombs. By combining Finn's diary's ability to predict everything happening around him and Celosia's diary's ability to predict everything happening to Finn himself, the two manage to evade danger, until Shoko threatens to detonate all the bombs unless Finn is handed over to her. Finn is captured by his classmates, angering Celosia who runs down the corridors, causing several classrooms to explode on purpose. Finn and Shoko are soon confronted by Jake the Fourth, a police officer with a Future Diary cell phone that is able to predict crimes. Jake, Shoko's true target, reveals he is not interested in the survival game and just wants to stop criminals. Working together, Celosia, Jake and Finn's classmates distract Shoko, allowing Finn to throw a dart at her Future Diary cell phone. However, Shoko dodges it, injuring her left eye and escaping using her diary's ability. In the aftermath, Jake forms an alliance with Finn and Celosia to stop the other diary owners.
3 Early Predicament
Jake sends Finn and Celosia to an amusement park to act as bait for Shoko. When Finn asks Celosia why she keeps following him around, she reminds him of the day they met, one year earlier. Finn was depressed over his parents' divorce and, to cheer him up, Celosia offered to marry him in the future. Finn agreed, thinking it was a joke. Although Finn realises Celosia's still hiding something from him, she refuses to divulge anything more. That night, Celosia invites Finn to stop by her house. While searching for the bathroom, he opens the door to a room containing three decomposed corpses, an act which changes the future of every Future Diary owner drastically, and causes a causality continuum break down. Terrified, Finn runs home, only to find Celosia right outside his door. Meanwhile, Shoko finds evading the police difficult, despite her diary's ability to secure escape routes. Exhausted and cornered, she is approached by a mysterious man, who offers to save her and takes her to a hut in the woods. There, he reveals himself as a Future Diary owner, drugging and torturing her to get information on other diary owners.
4 Handwritten Input
Finn is unable to tell anyone about the corpses he saw in Celosia's house, fearing she will find out through her diary. The next day, Jake, Finn and Celosia visit the Sacred Eye cult, where Shoko is being held prisoner. The cult's leader, Bonnibel Bubblegum the Sixth, is the holder of the Clairvoyance Diary, a scroll which tells the future as seen by her followers and has foretold her death by the end of the day. Since Finn has already evaded death twice, Bonnie asks that he stay with her for the night in exchange for handing over Shoko, which he accepts, much to Celosia's resentment. At night, Bonnie's followers fall under the mind control of Cinnamon Bun, the Twelfth diary holder who captured Shoko, and close in on Finn, Celosia and Bonnie. Celosia starts hacking at the followers with an axe and poses an ultimatum to Finn: join her or die.
5 Voice Memo
In a flashback, shows how Bonnie experience sinful rapes after her parents were killed. Cinnamon Bun appears before the fleeing Finn, Celosia and Bonnie with four hypnotised cult members dressed like him. Cinnamon Bun explains that his Justice Diary led him to infiltrate the Sacred Eye cult and that he intends to blow himself and Bonnie up. Having learned from Jake that Cinnamon Bun is blind, Celosia manages to tell him apart from the others and kill him. Bonnie then captures Finn and Celosia, revealing her plan was to kill them, Jake and Cinnamon Bun all along. Celosia manages to kill her captors, cut off Bonnie's hand and hand Finn her diary before collapsing from exhaustion. Using both diaries, Finn manages to avoid detection, until Bonnie tries to lure him out by announcing that her followers will rape and kill Celosia. Realising Celosia's devotion to him, Finn gathers his courage and manages to reach her in time, but Bonnie gloats that as long as he's in sight of her followers, her diary will predict his every action. Finn throws Bonnie's small ball he found earlier up in the air, causing all of Bonnie's followers to look at it and rendering her diary useless. Finn then throws a dart at Bonnie's diary, and since she is missing a hand, she is unable to deflect the shot. With her diary pierced, Bonnie vanishes and Finn and Celosia escape. Meanwhile, Shoko is released by Cinnamon Bun only to get captured by Jake, who eventually lets her go in return for her contact information.
6 Vibrate Mode
Knowing from her diary that Finn's mother is coming home from abroad, Celosia breaks into his house with the intention of introducing herself to his mother, Inngrid. Despite Finn's efforts, Inngrid and Celosia meet and take a liking to each other. That night, Celosia reveals to Finn that her diary predicts they will "become one" on July 28th, and tells him she will do anything to make sure that future comes to pass. The next day, Inngrid brings home Beemo, a young boy whose parents were killed at the Sacred Eye incident. Despite his young age and precocious demeanor, Beemo is a Future Diary owner, plotting Celosia's death.
7 Away Message
Beemo's diary the Fifth, (a Picture Diary that can only predict morning, afternoon, and evening) makes several attempts to kill Finn and Celosia, but the two of them thwart his attempts, soon realizing he is a diary owner. Finn searches vigorously for Beemo's diary in vain, while Celosia insists killing him would be faster. Celosia gives up and starts chasing Beemo around the house with a hammer and accidentally hits Inngrid in the head and knocks her out. Celosia figures out that Beemo has mailed his diary to himself in order to hide it and has Finn intercept the delivery, but he falls prey to a poison gas trap hidden in the envelope. Beemo challenges Celosia to a hide-and-seek game inside the poison gas filled house, promising the antidote if she manages to capture him. Although Celosia evades numerous traps set by Beemo, she eventually finds herself at his mercy. However, Finn intervenes, injuring Beemo with a dart and giving Celosia the resolve and opportunity to finish him off. Celosia and Finn collapse before managing to use the antidote, but Shoko, who has been informed about the situation from Jake, appears and saves them. As she walks away she claims, to Finn, that the earlier he kills Celosia, the better, and that she will be his worst enemy.
8 New Model
Glob calls a meeting of the eight surviving diary holders, Hunson Abadeer the Tenth whom requests to transfer his diary's ownership. Two weeks after Beemo's "disappearance", Finn and Celosia transfer to a new school, while a series of brutal murders has been terrorizing the area. After school, Finn and Celosia sneak in one of the crime scenes with Finn's classmates Marceline, Icey and Arvellon. When Marceline wanders off, Finn's diary predicts her being attacked. Finn rushes everyone to the scene, where they find Marceline's body before a pack of vicious demons. A strange boy called Gene appears and leads everyone to a nearby building. Gene explains that he's one of Finn's classmates and that he has been investigating the strange events in which Finn keeps getting involved. Despite Celosia's mistrust in everyone, Finn decides to reveal the existence of his diary in order to defend the group against the pack's attacks. After the demons suddenly retreat, Icey takes Finn's diary at knifepoint and hands it to Marceline, who is alive and well. Marceline reveals she is the holder of the Breeder Diary and that her real target is Gene, whom she reveals as another diary owner.
9 Blocked Call
In a flashback, Marceline receives the Breeder Diary from her demon breeder father Hunson, who wants her to eliminate Gene. When Marceline demands Gene's diary, he challenges her to guess which hand he's hiding a coin in, with his diary as the forfeit. Despite using Finn's diary, Marceline loses and has to release Finn. Celosia, however, realizes that Gene is not a Future Diary owner, relying on bluff and observation instead. Unfazed, Gene proposes one more round of his game, with Finn's diary on the line. By intending to tell Finn that he lost, no matter what the outcome, Gene manages to neutralize Finn's diary, since its predictions are based on Finn's perception. With the game thus reduced to a 50/50 gamble, Gene manages to guess correctly. Icey attempts to destroy Finn's diary, but Celosia injures her. Finn, Celosia, Gene and Arvellon leave the park, while Marceline uses her diary to send the demon pack after them. Finn decides to return to Marceline and try to reason with her, but Celosia reaches her first and threatens to kill her, as well as anyone who attempts to come between her and Finn. To pacify Celosia, Finn is forced to declare her his girlfriend. Marceline's father communicates with everyone via radio, explaining that he mistook Gene for a diary owner and warning Finn about Fourth before being killed by him.
10 Family Plan
While making bombs for Jake, Shoko remembers the time she was captured by a detective called Leonard while confronting the Third diary holder - Earl. Although they develop a rapport as they evade and defeat the killer, Shoko ends up knocking Leoanrd out to escape. Gene sets up Finn and Celosia on a date to a bridal fair, where they meet Jake's wife, Lady Rainicorn, while he investigates Celosia's house. When Finn and Celosia return, they find Gene at the door of the room with the corpses. However, the wall has been demolished and the corpses buried in a deep hole in Celosia's garden. Even though this is Celosia's doing, she has no recollection of the event, nor of Finn visiting her house before. Gene theorises that Celosia's mental balance is so fragile that she modified her own memories as a defense mechanism. Meanwhile, Jake frames Finn and Celosia as suspects for his murder of Marceline's father.
11 Termination of Service
In a flashback, Keigo forms an alliance with Minene, promising to stop pursuing her and asking her to take care of his terminally ill daughter, Jake Jr., if he is eliminated from the Survival Game. Finn and Celosia get arrested and brought to Jake. In the interrogation room, Jake forces Finn to play a rigged game of Russian Roulette with his service revolver. Alerted to Jake's treachery by her diary, Celosia knocks out the detectives guarding her and steals their guns. Just before Finn gets shot, Celosia breaks into the room, injures Jake and leaves with Finn  Panicking, Finn shoots at one of the policemen pursuing them. Since both Finn and Celosia have now committed a crime, their actions can be detected by Jake's diary, which was his plan all along. Trapped at the police station's roof, Finn and Celosia jump off, but a truck's tarp breaks their fall. The next day, Finn and Celosia are hiding from the police when they notice Lady visiting a hospital. When they follow her, they get ambushed by Shoko, who blows part of the floor up. After Finn accidentally causes more of the floor to collapse, Shoko allies with Finn in order to have Celosia pull them both to safety, incurring Jake's wrath in the process. With their deaths foretold in all three diaries, Shoko takes Finn and Celosia to the room where Jake Jr. and Lady are.
12 Reception Outside Range

While the police surround the hospital, Shoko takes Lady and son hostage and tries to bargain with him. However, Jake is convinced the only way to save his family is to win the survival game and refuses to negotiate. Finn gets captured by the police, but as Jake takes hold of him, Celosia appears, holding a grenade. Even when Jake agrees to let Finn go, Celosia decides to detonate the grenade, reasoning she'd rather die taking out Jake than not be with Finn  The grenade turns out to be a flash bang, knocking everyone out. Meanwhile, Shoko sets a timed bomb that goes off shortly after the flash grenade, and tries to escape the hospital, only to run into Leonard. She tells him about the deal she and Jake made and how he framed Finn and Celosia, and they both rush back to the hospital. Finn regains consciousness and tries to shoot at Jake, but he uses Celosia as a shield. Despite his diary predicting he will kill Celosia if he shoots, Finn refuses to give up, proclaiming his love for her. The future somehow changes and Finn gets a clean shot at Jake. Shoko arrives with Leonard, who places Jake under arrest. Since he is now the criminal, and no longer a detective, his Investigation diary stops predicting the future. After learning his family has been rescued, Jake asks Shoko to take care of his daughter, apologises to Finn and breaks his own diary, removing himself from existence. Finn and Celosia are exonerated, thanks to files Jake left behind, while Shoko escapes yet again. A few days later, Gene sends Finn a text message warning him about Celosia, but she intercepts and deletes it.

13 Restricted Call
When Glob realises that his assistant, Nova Lumpy Space, manipulated events to hasten Jake's elimination, she claims she wants the game concluded before he has to "retire" and challenges him to a wager on the winner of the survival game, with her picking Celosia and Glob betting on Finn. Finn and Celosia go on a stargazing trip, but Celosia alters their destination along the way. Worried about Finn's safety, Gene contacts Leonard and they manage to narrow Finn and Celosia's location down to a run-down holiday resort, enlisting Marceline, Icey and Arvellon to search for them. As they split up and search the abandoned hotels, Gene and Arvellon face various traps set by Celosia, while Marceline is tricked by a text message Celosia sent from Finn's phone. When the others attempt to find Marceline, they get locked in a room which starts to fill up with gas. At the end of the episode, a dazed Finn is shown bound to a chair, with an ecstatic, half naked Celosia sitting between two skulls as she begins to feed him.
14 Deleted Memory
Gene talks to Celosia through her surveillance feed, revealing he dug up three corpses from her garden, two of which had recently had their skulls removed. When he threatens to give this information to the police unless she releases them, the stress causes Yuno to alter her memory again, rendering negotiations moot. As Arvellon uses his cell phone to post his will in his blog, it is apparently turned into a Future Diary by the Eighth diary holder, who adresses him as an "apprentice". On Gene's advice, Arvellon acts out his diary's predictions, reaching an amnesiac Celosia, a catatonic Finn and a bound Marceline in the control room. His appearance causes Finn to recover, recalling how Celosia abducted him to keep him safe until July 28th. Celosia places the key to Finn's shackles on the floor and tosses Arvellon the control panel key, allowing him to free Gene and Icey. Celosia then takes advantage of Arvellon's distraction and shoots at him with a crossbow. However, Finn, having had his key kicked over to him by Marceline, frees himself and stops Celosia, leaving her behind when his diary predicts the imminent arrival of three diary holders, all apprentices of the Eighth.
15 Double Holder
Glob informs Finn that Eighth's diary is a server hosting and sending predictions to the blogs of her apprentices. When Finn's diary predicts an attack by three of them, Gene has him moved to Arvellon's mansion. His plan is to lure the apprentices in, then deactivate the area's cell phone tower, severing their connection to the Eighth's server. Once the attack begins, however, Celosia appears and cuts the power to the tower remote control, wanting to defend Finn by herself. Gene and Arvellon rush to deactivate the tower manually, while Finn keeps Celosia in restraints. Two of Eighth's apprentices, Abracadaniel and Huntress Wizard, manage to corner Finn and Celosia by the time Gene deactivates the tower. However, Daniel and Huntress reveal that they are also the Seventh "owner" of a bona fide Future Diary, which has remained unaffected. With no other choice, Finn releases Celosia, who intimidates the couple into retreating. When the third apprentice sets the mansion on fire, however, Daniel and Huntress counterattack. Their diaries' ability to predict each other's actions manages to overwhelm Celosia, resulting in her and Finn getting injured and their diaries taken away. As Finn and his friends are brooding in the hospital, they are approached by Shoko.
16 Repairing
Gene deduces that Daniel and Huntress have not destroyed Finn and Celosia's diaries because they want to take advantage of the information they provide. In order to confuse them, he has Shoko feed Finn false information. Finn's father Fabian visits him in the hospital, but while Finn's away, he searches the room for his cell phone. Celosia overhears that he has promised to destroy it in return for the cancellation of his substantial debt and realises he is being used by the Eleventh diary holder. Daniel, who's learned all about the situation from Finn's diary, considers Finn's father a useful link to Shoko and the Eleventh and calls Celosia, demanding that they bring Fabian to an abandoned commercial tower. Once they arrive, Daniel places Finn and Celosia's phones on a table and attacks Fabian. As Finn futilely fights Daniel, his father goes over to the table and breaks his phone. However, nothing happens. Celosia, who's realised that the phones were decoys, attacks Huntress and successfully retrieves both diaries. Just then, Daniel and Huntress' apprentice friend sets off explosives. The floor under Finn collapses and both his father and Celosia reach out to grab him. Meanwhile, Leonard has uncovered the identity of Eighth, a children's caretaker called Tree Trunks, and goes to search her orphanage.
17 Family Discount
In a flashback, Danile and Huntress are abandoned children who meet in the commercial tower, grow up in Tree Trunks's orphanage and eventually fall in love. Finn chooses to take Celosia's hand, while Daniel and Huntress run to the crumbling tower's roof with Finn's father, intending to jump off with parachutes. Celosia catches up to them and once again tries to fight them alone, while Finn hides and attempts to help her with his diary's predictions. Celosia loses and has her phone taken away, but it turns out to be Daniel and Huntress' decoy, which distracts them with false predictions. As a result, Celosia manages to critically injure Huntress. Fabian grabs one of the two parachutes and escapes the tower, but he runs into his ex-wife Inngrid, who has been informed of the situation by Leonard. When she threatens to turn him in, he stabs her. Finn, Celosia and a dying Huntress are trapped in the wreckage, but Daniel attempts to free Huntress despite having been mortally wounded himself. With Finn and Celosia's help, the debris is cleared out and Daniel and Huntress die together as the tower collapses. Meanwhile, Leonard has been unable to find Tree Trunk's Future Diary server. Finn and Celosia escape using the second parachute, only to find Finn's mother has died. 
18 Crossed Lines
In a flashback, Celosia is revealed to have murdered her parents, a pair of bankers who used to discipline her harshly for failing to meet their standards. After she fell in love with Finn, he became her sole reason to live. Finn asks Glob to bring his mother back to life, but he reveals that he is dying and his powers have faded. Furthermore, unless a successor is determined soon, all of existence will collapse. When Finn's father returns home, Finn, who knows he killed his mother from his diary, demands that he turn himself in. However, Fabian points out that he has no evidence. The next day, Finn goes after his father, expecting him to lead him to evidence. However, it turns out that Fabian wanted to visit the site where his family was going to go stargazing before he turned himself in. As Finn reconciles with his father, they are ambushed by agents of Eleventh and Finn's father is murdered. Enraged, Finn fights back and manages, with Celosia's help, to kill the attackers. Afterwards, Finn declares that he is now determined to win the survival game in order to attain the power to resurrect his parents. When he tells Celosia this means he has to kill her, she calmly replies that she is ready to die for him at any time.
19 Delete All Messages
The mayor of Ooo, Simon Petrikov, passes a motion to have Tree Tunks' orphanage shut down. He then attends Glob's meeting, where Finn and Celosia, having deduced his identity, expose him as the Eleventh diary holder. Shoko relays this news to Leonard, who reveals he's been reassigned as Simon's bodyguard. Furthermore, he discovered that Celosia was adopted. Celosia theorises that Simon wants to seize Tree Tunks' Future Diary server, so she has Finn form an alliance with her. Finn, Celosia, Tree Trunks and her apprentices ambush Simon's car on a country road, but he uses a jammer to sever connections to Tree Tunks' server. Finn and Celosia, who anticipated this, betray Tree Trunks and slaughter her defenseless apprentices. Tree Trunks flees in Simon's car, while Finn and Celosia give chase. As Finn and Celosia corner Simon and Tree Trunks, Shoko appears with Gene. Gene reveals he's retrieved Celosia's umbilical cord from her orphanage and that its DNA matches the third corpse's, meaning that the real Celosia is dead and the one Finn has known all along is actually an imposter.
20 Data Transfer
Despite Gene's revelation, Finn declares his trust in Celosia. Simon connects Tree Trunks' server to HOLON, a supercomputer which holds user accounts of every citizen of the city, making them his apprentices. Shoko tries to attack Simon, but his diary lets him turn the tables. Leonard, who's fallen in love with Shoko, comes to her aid and destroys the supercomputer. However, it turns out to be only one part of the whole, and Simon's plan is put into motion. As Gene sends Marceline, Icey and Arvellon to help Shoko and Leonard destroy the remaining parts of HOLON, Shoko figures out Simon's diary "the Watcher" can read the predictions of all other Future Diaries. Glob reveals to Shoko that Simon helped him design the Future Diaries, wishing to grant divine power to the human race. Shoko, Leonard, Marceline, Icey and Arvellon storm HOLON's location, overwriting their diaries' predictions to confuse Simon. In response, Simon makes use of his secretary's diary and manages to capture Marceline, Icey and Arvellon, as well as injure Marceline and kill Leonard. Shoko is saved by Finn and Celosia, who've used her as bait to get to Simon.
21 PIN
Finn and Celosia wreak havoc, demanding that Simon release their friends and commit suicide, by using his position as mayor against him. Simon locks himself in a double-door vault belonging to Celosia's parents' bank, which can only be unlocked via retina-scan by himself, Celosia's parents, and the real Celosia. Shoko, reasoning that Finn can no longer eliminate Simon for her, starts hunting him. As she does, she tells him how she lost her parents in the Middle East as a child and grew up under the constant threat of death. At the same time, Celosia no frees Finn's friends and goes to kill Tree Trunks, but she is stopped by Gene. In a tense showdown between Shoko and Finn, Shoko gains a clear shot at Finn but sees her child self standing beside him, letting Finn shoot Shoko in the torso. Shoko then destroys her diary voluntarily in order to detonate a bomb triggered by her death, intending to destroy the vault door for Finn. However, the door withstands the blast. Celosia arrives, sends Finn away to destroy HOLON, and somehow manages to open the vault door and kill Simon. Before planning to attack Eleventh, Finn has been keeping a list of those have died. A few days later, dark vortexes appear all over the city due to Glob's lifespan decaying. At Gene's house, he discusses "how was Celosia able to open the retina-scan vault despite being an imposter?", and thus she cannot be trusted. In Glob's realm, Nova is panicking over the world ending sooner than expected, when Tree Trunks appears with Gene, who asks Glob if it is really possible for his successor to return the world to normal.
22 Disconnection
Shocked at Glob's answer, Gene attempts to tell Finn, but Glob stops him. Glob reveals that Gene is an entity created by him to observe and record information on the survival game and its players, and starts disassembling him, promising to spare him if he proves he has done anything out of his own free will. Gene succeeds when he reveals he had Tree Trunks make his diary into an apprentice diary, a detective diary, demonstrating his will to change the future and save Finn. Celosia asks Finn if he has the will to kill his friends if they end up betraying him. As they arrive at Gene's apartment to kill Tree Trunks; they're held off by Gene. Celosia starts fighting Gene, while Finn chases after Tree Trunks and his friends. When he runs into Marceline, she tells him what Gene learned from Glob: the divine power bestowed to the winner of the survival game can bring bodies back from the dead, but not the soul! Meanwhile, Celosia, who's every attack has been countered by Gene's detective diary, stabs herself. This gives Gene's diary two different predictions: stop Celosia from bleeding and run after Finn, or let her die and have Finn think he killed Celosia. Celosia, who is then patched up by Gene, calls Finn to prevent Gene from contacting him, and tell him that Gene tried to kill her and that he shouldn't trust any of his friends. Out of rage and fear, Finn ends up shooting and kill Marceline, Icey, and Arvellon, still believing he can bring them back to life after he becomes god. Gene finally arrives and warns Finn that Celosia plans on killing him at the very end to win the game. When Celosia arrives, Gene kisses Finn, enthralling Celosia. Gene and Finn commence fighting and Finn manages to smash her diary, that makes the noise indicating a change in the future. However, Celosia pulls out a second diary and slashes at Gene's throat. As Celosia kills Tree Trunks, a dying Gene, who knows the diary he destroyed was real, suddenly has an epiphany about Celosia. Since he can no longer talk, he writes a message in his phone and shows it to Finn, allowing Celosia to finish him off as Glob begins to collapse.
23 Breach of Contract
Nova proclaims herself as Glob's successor until his death and the end of the world on July 28th. Celosia reminds Finn about her diary's prediction that they will "become one" on that day. As the days pass, Finn eventually admits to himself that his friends were probably telling the truth, as he reminisce the events that took place in the city. Since he can't understand why Celosia would lie to him, he decides to get the truth from her by fulfilling her diary's prediction earlier. On July 27th, Finn and Celosia make love, "becoming one". Afterward, Finn asks Celosia why she lied about resurrecting people being possible. Celosia says that she just wanted to console him and asks him to kill her. Finn refuses and instead suggests that they die together. When he mentions Gene's message, which claimed that "this is a second world, where Celosia has already became a goddess and has gone back in time", Celosia attacks him. As he runs away, Finn is intercepted by Nova, who shows him visions of the past. Nova confirms that Celosia has indeed played the survival game once before. In the "first world", where she and Finn's alter ego also ended up as the last contestants, both agreed to commit suicide rather than having to kill the other. However, Celosia only pretended to kill herself, thinking she could bring Finn back as a goddess. When she discovered she could not restore souls, Celosia, wishing to see Finn again, travelled back in time and killed her other self, taking her place in this "second world". Distraught at the death of the second Celosia (the actual Celosia who wanted to be Finn's bride), Finn breaks out of the vision and confronts the first world's Celosia.
24 Data Retrieval

The Cathedral of Causality raises, Celosia expresses her disgust at how this state of affairs prevents her and Finn from ever surviving together. She states that since Finn won't kill her, she will kill him and travel back in time again to meet another Finn. Nova shoves Finn off a cliff, but he is saved by the sudden reappearance of Shoko, who displays powers similar to Nova's. Cornered, Nova and Celosia travel two years back in time to a "third world", followed by Shoko and Finn. Shoko explains to Finn that when Glob realised Nova was favouring Celosia, he suspected them of being from another timeline. In order to ensure the fair running of the game, he imparted Shoko with part of his power, although she did not know so at the time. Knowing that Celosia intends to kill her past self in this world as well, Finn rushes to her house with Shoko. When Finn finds the third Celosia abused and locked in a cage, and choking on a mat she tried to eat, he calls for an ambulance, despite Shoko's warnings about interfering with the past. Celosia and Nova arrive with the third world's Finn's parents hostage, Shoko, Finn, and the third Celosia flee.

25 Reset
An ambulance arrives at Celosia's house together with the third Celosia's father. Although he is a much more caring man in this world, Celosia has to stab him when he starts getting suspicious of her. Shoko drops off Finn and the third Celosia at the school and makes a phone call to this world's Jake, forewarning him about his son's illness. Finn evades Celosia and Nova's attacks, trying to convince Celosia to return to the second world and rule as its goddess. However, Celosia, torn between her feelings for Finn and the inevitability of the second world's destruction unless one of them dies, decides to trap him in an illusionary "ideal" world where his parents are alive and she has never existed. Shoko returns and fights Nova, but she is overwhelmed once Celosia releases a seal on Nova's powers. In the illusionary world, Finn soon realize he fall in love with Celosia because she was his life supporter. Jake and Leonard head for the explosion scene. With Shoke beaten, Celosia approaches her other self.
26 Initialization
After some hesitation at seeing the innocence of her other self, Celosia's lunges at her, but she is stopped by her other self's parents. As the police arrived, Jake confronts Celosia, and Leonard rescues Shoko. Meanwhile, the actions of Finn and Shoko have caused a domino effect that has changed the future of almost every diary holder for the better: The culprit at the Sacred Eye cult who tried to have Bonnie's parents killed has been caught, which would've caused Bonnie to have a horrible life, has been prevented, including Beemo's. Cinnamon Bun has captured Earl saving more victims he would've eventually killed. Marceline and her father resolve their relationship. When Simon's incomplete diary "the Watcher" reads the results in Finn's diary, he calls off his partnership with Glob, who decides to cancel the survival game and find another method to determine his successor. Finn manages to remember Celosia and break free from the illusionary world, in the process releasing his world's Nova, who had been trapped by her first world self in order to impersonate her. Faced with Finn's love and her other self's united family, Celosia's resolve to kill them all is lost, and she decides to commit suicide. A horrified Finn is declared winner of the survival game by his world's Nova and spirited away through a vortex. 10,000 years on in the second world, Finn is still grieving Celosia's death in his now empty universe, refusing to create anything as its God. Suddenly, the final entry in his diary changes from "Celosia died" to "Celosia came to see me", and her voice is heard calling his name.
27 New Message
In the third world, 2 years after the incident, Celosia has gain a better relationship with her family, and is on a summer trip with her friends, whilst Glob is contemplating how to decide a new God. With all the other previous diary holders leading normal lives: the second Shoko and Leonard are married, Bonnie tries to get close to Gene, with Beemo as his detective-in-training, and Celosia feels like she is forgetting something important. We see more of the lives of the other participants in the Third World.
28 Data Migration
Later one night on July 27th, Celosia hears a voice in her head and is teleported into Glob's realm with a desire to meet someone. With assistance from Shoko and Gene, Celosia makes it to a central tower where she finds the first world's Nova, who had taken on the previous Celosia's memories before her capture. As Celosia gains the memories of her other self, she is chosen as the third world's Goddess, creates a pathway to the second world and is finally reunited with Finn. 


Diary HoldersEdit

Finn Mertens(The First)Edit

Finn sees his own life as if he were a bystander. His "Random" (No Difference) diary reflects that attitude. In a detached, neutral tone, the diary records the future changes in his surroundings every couple of minutes. This gives Finn timely, detailed entries of the future around him and is perhaps the one of the most accurate diaries revealed so far. It is extremely versatile and useful in just about any given situation. Its only flaw is that nothing short of a Dead End will make the diary record anything about Finn himself.

Celosia Flame (The Second)Edit

Celosia is hyper-obsessively in love with Finn, as one can safely guess from just the simple name of her future diary. His condition and actions are recorded every ten minutes in her "Finn" diary while also providing small commentary made by Celosia in some of the entries. Its most obvious weakness is that it does not show Celosia's future at all — her condition, situation, or surroundings — unless it somehow involves Finn or her own Dead End. Working with the First's "No Difference" diary, however, covers both of their diaries' individual flaws; as it has been said, the two make for a perfect combo, both in theory and in practice.

Earl (The Third)Edit

Earl is a teacher in Finn's school and is the serial killer reported within its vicinity. His "Murder" diary records the location of his next intended victim. It is a handy diary if one knew the true identity of the other diary holders and wishes to take the offensive in the game, but it does little in the way of anything else. He was the first to die in the Survival Game.

Jake (The Fourth)Edit

Jake is a police officer, so it follows with reason that his diary relates to his work. The "Investigation" diary gives Jake information of future crimes and activities committed anywhere within the prefecture he is assigned to. Whether or not this means his diary can record events that will happen simultaneously in different locations is still up in the air. Its major flaw is a location issue; his diary is rendered useless at predicting anywhere outside his patrolling district.

Beemo (The Fifth)Edit

Beemo is a seemingly harmless five-year-old child. Accompanied by some drawings, his "Super Vision" diary is a coloring book that gives a small summary of the activities he will perform for the day. However, not only is there a large time gap between the entries, the diary only shows three of them per day: morning, noon, and night. It does have a certain advantage of giving Beemo all three entries at the same time, which allows him ample time to carefully plot his next move, as well as some pictures drawn by him, giving him some source material other than writing.

Bonnibel Bubblegum (The Sixth)Edit

Bonnibel Bubblegum is a maiden and figurehead of the Omekata religion. Her "Clairvoyance" diary it's unlike the other diaries, as it is a scroll, rather than a cell phone. As its name would suggest, it is able to report the future of all her followers; allowing her to gain some form of mind control over them. Unlike Finn's diary, it is not limited to just her surroundings, but sees far-off events; ones that lie a great distance away from where she resides. Her diary can also record near-future events; those that will occur after only a few seconds ahead from the present. This provides Bonnie with massive amounts of information to work with. However, it can pose as a hindrance in times where a situation changes constantly or when she needs to react quickly to incoming threats.

Daniel and Huntress (The Seventh)Edit

Daniel and Huntress were originally thought to be more apprentices of the Eighth at first; Daniel's apprentice diary predicted attacks before they happened, while Huntress's located who ever she was looking for. In chapter twenty-eight they revealed themselves as together being the Seventh diary holder as well. The powers of their diaries, together known as the "Exchange" diary, are operated by two separate cellphones. It does appear their diaries are not affected by disruptions in the cell phone network as Gene jamming plan only causes them to discard their Apprentice Diaries from the Eighth and use their own.

Tree Trunks (The Eight)Edit

Tree Trunks is the woman in charge of an orphanage named "Mother's Village". Tree Trunk's diary seems to be in the form of a website where she can rent out blog space to others and can automatically promote its users' rank based on the number of posts the user makes. For instance, Arvellon, in chapter twenty-five, submits enough entries to be promoted from "commoner" to "apprentice diary holder". The latter rank appears to give users the same abilities that the original diary holders possess without the drawback of the user dying if his or her diary is destroyed. The only apparent problem with this diary's effects is that the apprentices have to stay connected to the server, or else they will lose use of their diaries.

Shoko (The Ninth)Edit

Shoko is a terrorist bomber. Like the Fourth, her "Escape" diary goes along with the type of profession she is involved in. Whenever Minene faces a dire situation, the diary will chart out the best course of actions she can take in order to get out of a tight spot. Based on the function of her diary, it might even help reduce the chances of her receiving a Dead End, and it is probably one of the best diaries to have in Deus' game of survival. The diary's only shortcoming is that there are some circumstances where the odds are too heavily stacked against Minene to the point where the diary won't be able to secure an escape route for her.

Hunson Abadeer (The Tenth)Edit

Hunson Abadeer loves and values his dogs more than himself; as shown when he cooked them steak and give them thirty-year-old wine for dinner, while he himself was content with eating cup ramen. He is the owner of the "Rearing" diary, which allows him to check on the status of his beloved demons and control them in squads via voice commands. The demons can be used to chase and kill people. The diary's weakness seems to be issuing the order of chasing multiple targets, which would require greater concentration in herding the demons and would also leave the user vulnerable to attack as the holder would be alone.

Simon Petrikov (The Eleventh)Edit

Simon Petrikov is finally revealed in chapter thirty-six as the mayor of Ooo. He uses his influence to take down the other diary holders. His Diary abilities have yet been detailed yet so far with its power he has been able to counter everything thrown at him, unless for unexplained reasons if Leonard is involved, described as the Watcher Diary, this and its inability to predict Leonard the only person who involved who didn't have a Diary may mean that his power is to read other peoples Diaries. However, he is able to move the voters with his words alone to demolish Mother's Home and even convince Glob to remove the First and Second because of their absences. His true goal has later been revealed that he wished to use the 8th's diary to hook up with a super computer, given everyone in the city the potential to becoming a Apprentice Diary Holder to hope to make a new and great kingdom that he will rule, probably a ruse to ensure his winning the game as giving everyone a Diary means he can access all their information the same way 6th could with her diary. Interesting, the Eighth considers him to be a gentleman.

Cinnamon Bun (The Twelfth)Edit

Cinnamon Bun is a blind man who makes use of a tape recorder that he dubs the "Justice" diary, where it records the wrong-doings of future events he thinks need correcting. It's a pretty misleading name since Cinnamon Bun considers the evil deeds committed by a religion cult as much of an injustice as finding random trash on the floor. His diary's functions are actually similar to the Sixth's "Thousand League Eyes," but rather it's the Thousand League Hearing. He is able to create illusions using hypnosis granted by his diary.

Other CharactersEdit

Grob Gob Glob GrodEdit

Grob Gob Glob Grod, the god of time and space, is Finn's supposed imaginary friend and the mastermind behind the game. He is looking for a successor, which is why he gave future diaries to twelve candidates and placed them in a game of life and death. He seems to favor Finn the most out of all the other candidates as his next possible successor due to the miracles Finn is able to pull off, not paying attention to the fact that Celosia is helping him. In chapter twenty-four, it is revealed that, despite being a god, his lifespan is coming to an end, thus there has to be a replacement.

Nova Lumpy SpaceEdit

Nova Lumpy Space, Glob's servant, is often seen with the eliminated candidates in omake panels. As of chapter twenty-four it is revealed her favorite is Celosia Gasai, and she is betting on her to win the game. Nova also admits to having a hand in the Fourth's death to speed things up. She has a rather playful and nonchalant attitude toward Glob despite his warnings to her.

Finn's MotherEdit

Finn's mother is rarely at home because of her work as a video game programmer. Despite this, she maintains a very casual and close relationship with Finn and approves of Celosia as a potential bride for her son. She later dies in chapter thirty-three after Fabian stabs her with a knife while trying to drag him to the police.

Finn's FatherEdit

Finn's father is divorced with Finn's mother due to a debt amounting to three million yen which he could not pay. Initially, he appears in chapter thirty claiming to just want to check on his son, but it turns out that he has only returned to destroy Finn's diary in order to fulfill a deal with the Seventh. Despite his only clear desire being to free himself from his debts, he does try to save Finn when the latter almost falls to his death, but takes the parachute away from Finn before the tower crumbles soon after. He then stabs his wife when she tries to take him to the police and escapes, though is stabbed to death himself two chapters later by the Eleventh's men.

Doctor PrincessEdit

Doctor Princess is a girl that appears in a flashback in chapter 34, in which she turns down Yukiteru after he gives her a love letter.


Braco, another one of Finn's classmate, is in Finn and Celosia's classroom during the previous semester and is one of the first people to betray him during the terrorist bombing incident. He writes down a list of all of his proudest accomplishments in a blog he dubs the "Braco King Diary", often using the phrase "I'm Shining!" after each sentence. Due to having blogged many times on his cellphone, which is connected to the Eighth's diary, he becomes a "Diary Holder Apprentice". His diary helps him save his friends, but since it does not reveal what is happening around him, Celosia is able to shoot him with a crossbow. Since he is inadvertently working as the Eighth's spy, Finn destroys his diary in chapter twenty-seven, though does not die because it was not a true future diary.


Gene, a classmate in Finn's school, dreams of one day becoming the world's greatest detective. The student detective is able to correctly deduce the culprit behind the serial dog murders even before the police. He is mistaken for being a future diary holder due to his quick wits and superior deduction abilities. His physical prowess is nothing to scoff at either as he is able to overpower and out maneuver a psychotic Celosia at one point. He has included himself into the investigation of the Diary Holders and works with Leonard and Shoko.

Marceline AbadeerEdit

Marceline Abadeer, Hunson Abadeer's daughter, is aware that her father is instigating the carnivorous hound attacks. In order to shake off suspicion from her father's pursuer, she accepts the "Rearing" Diary and uses it in her father's place. Marceline is a classmate in Finn's homeroom and is the first person to reach out to him and become his friend. In chapter twenty-nine, she is treated for knife wounds inflicted by the Seventh.


Icey, another one of Finn's classmate, is good friends with Icey and is a willing accomplice in Marceline's scheme to kill Gene. After the carnivorous hound incident she becomes friends with the group. It is implied that she has feelings towards Marceline, which is later confirmed in chapter 41 through her Apprentice Diary. Marceline apologizes for using Icey's feelings during the aforementioned incident. She is later treated for knife wounds inflicted by the Seventh.

Leonard McLeanEdit

Leonard McLean, Chief Investigator and Jake's subordinate, is part of the investigation team assigned to protect Father Haiman from the terrorist, Shoko. Leonard had feelings for Kim and, much to Shoko's confusion and dismay, would take every opportunity to ask "her" out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is then seen as the Ninth's informant and is assigned by the Mayor of Ooo (the Eleventh) to be his bodyguard. He works with Gene to figure out the true identity of the third corpse found in Celosia's residence and later helps the Eleventh and the Eighth escape from Finn and Celosia. However, he is really working for Shoko and Gene, and even proposes to Shoko at the end of chapter 39.

Slime PrincessEdit

Slime Princess, a rookie detective who was part of the Investigation division, was killed by Shoko so that she can assume the rookie's identity and infiltrate Ooo's Police Station undetected.

Wildberry PrincessEdit

Wildberry Princess, an assistant to Tree Trunks. Works as an assistant at the Mother's Village orphanage.


Shelby, an orphan living in the Mother's Village orphanage. Companions with Daniel, Huntress and Wildberry Princess.

Peppermint ButlerEdit

Peppermint Butler, the secretary of Simon Petrikov. He aids Simon in his attempt to win the Survival Game.


Gunter are the names given to the people who work for Simon. They are the Eleventh's surbordinates.

Magic ManEdit

Magic Man, the second-in-command of the Omekata Religion. Chiefly responsible for assassinating Bonnibel Bubblegum's parents, which allowed him to preserve his position in the cult. He forced Bonnie to become a sex slave for the religion, which eventually drove her to the point of insanity.

Omekata MembersEdit

  • Starchie
  • Chocoberry
  • Mr. Cupcake
  • Mr. Candy Cane
  • Lolipop Girl
  • Gumdrop Lass'
  • Root Beer Guy
  • James
  • Chet
  • Dr. Ice Cream
  • Nurse Poundcake
  • Candy Heart
  • Mr. Cream Puff

Jake Jr.Edit

Jake Jr. is the son of Jake who is in the hospital because of a heart disease and only has three months left to live. He is also the reason why Jake wants to win the survival game. When Jake breaks his alliance with Finn and Celosia he asks Shoko to protect Jake Jr. in case anything happens to him.

Lady RainicornEdit

Lady Rainicorn is the wife of Jake. She works at the bridal fair in Ooo. When Finn and Celosia visit the place they are guided by Lady through all the events of the day.


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