Adventure Time: Memories of the Villains is a special of Adventure Time.
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The villains unite to destroy Finn and Jake. Even though when Finn the Human declare to retire from adventuring, he's convinces to marry Princess Bubblegum.


The villains go to the Tree Fort. Ricardio breaks in and lures Finn and Jake to the boat so they can fall off. Lemongrab uses his sound sword to make them not hear a thing. Ice King flies Lemongrab to the Red Rock Pass. Lemongrab uses his sound sword on Marceline to make her hear things about being convinced to be a villain again. He does it to Flame Princess too. The Lich casts a spell on Finn and Jake that make them go into a coma and have memories about thier first encounters with the villains.


  • The Lich (leader)
  • Gunter
  • Hunson Abadeer (second-in-command)
  • Ice King (third-in-command)
  • Earl of Lemongrab (fourth-in command)
  • Ricardio
  • Marceline
  • Fear Feaster
  • Gut Grinder
  • Witch
  • Flame King
  • Demon Cat
  • Sleepy Sam
  • Hunny Bunny
  • Bouncy Bee
  • Flame Princess/Yellow Diamond
  • Donny
  • Tree Witch
  • Cute King
  • Scorcher
  • Me-Mow
  • Mildwin
  • Goliad
  • Root Beer Guy/Chlorite
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