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Adventure Time: JS86's Episodes' or commonly called Adventure Time: The Outsiders is a non-canon spin-off of Adventure Time, originally made by JosephStalin86, and sadly, due to his sudden disablity to edit anymore, he passed it on to h-man301. The show is originally set after the events of the episodes "Escape from the Citadel" and "Wake Up". it is a story which features an explorer outside of Ooo, Howard, another human, who was a lost explorer from the Pyrorasian continent, which is currently controlled by the powerful and dangerous Bonnermann Empire.


Howard is an explorer from the town of Westerwald going to an expedition to Ooo, whose purpose is to explore the area and negotiate with the locals. But because of a deadly storm, their ship was destroyed. It killed everyone on board, leaving Howard the only survivor after finding himself at its shores a day later after their ship was destroyed

As he travels this mysterious land, anything might happen. Will he find something new, as he was supposed to do as an explorer? or will he die, getting eaten by a mysterious creature? No one knows. Its up to an outsider to deal anything he will encounter.


Main CastEdit

He is the main protagonist of the show. is 24 year-old is a happy-go-lucky person, maintains a happy attitude to his fellow friends and comrades. However, he has always experienced feelings of anger and revenge towards his enemies. He wants everyone happy as he can, and he is always welcome to do anything that is good, with the exception of being serious when in a critical situation in most cases. He is a good explorer due to his experience as a scout during the 2nd Civil War. He also has some knowledge in nuclear physics and astronomy. He developed a feeling of adventure after making expeditions to hunt down rebels in the Choibi Desert.

  • Sir Gennedy Smith

The antagonist of the series (as of Season 1), is an old, grumpy man who is the head of the Smith's Colonial Company whose goal is to colonize important colonies, conquer weak nations and seize their natural resources. He also reported that Ooo has an special resource, Zirkon crystals, a very valuable mineral throughout the post-war years. He has sought interest on these minerals with the state and he is willing to put a lot of people at risk to acquire the mineral deposits at Ooo.   

  • Heinrich Adams

He is currently the owner of the largest arms manufacturing company in Ooo, and he used to be the loving and caring father of Howard in the past. Because of Heinrich's rejection of his past wife and his son, they were forced to be evicted in the nobility.

  • the current AT cast

Theme Edit

AT:JS86 focuses on the concept of mostly problem-solving themes, some melodramatic themes, conflict and wars which result from it, no matter big or small they are, etc.

It also adds some themes of realism to it, and includes the horrors of a post-dystopian society. In some events, Murphy's law is applied.


I made this story using my wise skills and reasoning and my imaginative mind (which is rather crazy), based on my life's experiences. This is actually a crossover of my childhood dream cartoon and Adventure Time, thinking it would be cool to to "mix" them up. To be short, what I am trying to do is sort of a cross-over.


Title Prod. Code
The Outsiders: Part 1 001-1
This episode shows a brief summary of Howard's life and his accidental founding of Ooo. His journey started with him founding the Candy Kingdom after exploring Ooo twelve days after.
The Outsiders: Part 2 002-1
Howard finally gets to meet Finn and Jake in an accident.
Scathed Ice 003-1

Ice King accidentally confronts Ice King without the knowledge that he is considered a villain.

Brainstorm 004-1

A new villain has came to bring a reign of terror to Ooo.

Strange Victory 005-1

Howard and his friends had successfully repelled the invasion but a larger problem follows him.

Lost 006-1

Howard was trapped in his mind and has lost control of his physical self, but successfully returned back.

Coming Back 007-1

Howard encounters an old man in his dream, and reveals him a way to get out of it.

What 008-1

Howard was surprised after a mysterious event.

The Mystery of Ooo 009-1

Howard is curious how was Ooo made, so he asked Princess Bubblegum and anyone else in Ooo to find an answer.

Dad's Memoirs / Dad's Diary 010-1

Howard discovers a hidden diary in PB's study room, and has it read without her permission.


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