"A Glitch Is a Glitch (Episode with Fan Ficton)"
Season 5, Episode 15
Production code: 1014-120
Airdate: April 1, 2013
Director:  ???
Story: TBA
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Simon and Marcy"

"A Glitch Is a Glitch" is the fifteenth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and nineteenth episode overall.


Ice King creates a computer virus to delete everybody except him and Princess Bubblegum.


The episode starts out with Lord Grim and his minions came down this up in the Flame Princess' house as moved, build a new secret grotto and connect the machine power to mystery villain back. When Grim went away, Me Mow and his minions counted the video computer what create by Ice King. Now starts out with Finn and Jake drawing a picture of Ice King on their computer. Jake tells Finn to "make him look angrier", but by doing so, Jake then exclaims that he ruined it. Finn claims that "he has no patience for this animation junk", but then oddly punches himself in the face. Soon after, a brick with a floppy disk taped to it flies in through the window. Jake stretches over and asks Finn if he ordered a brick but he replied no.Then they pop the disk in to find a disturbing video of a girl gagging herself with her own hair. Grossed out, Finn screams at Jake to "escape", but when he hits the button, a glitch comes out of the computer and Finn and Jake freak out and rush to the Candy Kingdom.

The scene has Princess Bubblegum watering plants, then Ice King flies over, greeting her and he reminds her of something she said last summer about dating Ice King only if he was the last person on Ooo. She doubts that she said that, and soon enough Finn and Jake come running to PB, nearly freaked to death. Ice King asks them if they're having any computer problems. Then, he tells them about the glitch in which Finn and Jake cannot understand, then Finn exclaims to Ice King to stop talking like a computer nerd and tell it to them straight. Ice King simplifies his explanation that if the glitch does its work it will delete everything except him and PB, then just after his explanation, he starts to kiss her, but she grabs a branch and slowly moving Ice KIng until his far enough from her, and then she trows the branch at him. As Ice King vanished, Donut Guy is running and shouting something at the same time and has some kind of glitch on the part of his head. Finn said that he and Jake will take care of everything, PB then pulls out a gun and said that she will take care of this to and they ran off.

Finn and Jake starts to save the candy people, Finn starts by carrying Mr. Cupcake, but ended up getting deleted, Finn freaked out and tells Jake to help him. Jake starts to calm Chocoberry, but her arms and legs fell apart then gets deleted, Finn then again tried to help Sugar Cube, but he declined his offer as he saw what happened to Mr. Cupcake when Finn picks him up, then he gets deleted. Finn then said that the things they were doing was not working and they need a plan, but Jake falls asleep for 52 seconds to dream of a plan, Finn had enough and wakes him up, when Jake explains his dream plan to Finn, he said that the things he was saying was not good enough for a plan, but Jake intends to finish it, upon explaining it, Finn panicks, but Jake said that they should talk to the glitch like in his dream. Finn agrees and picked up a part of a deleted thing and asked if it can help them, but it replied, "I can't help you goofballs", but Finn and Jake can't understand what it says since the letters are backwards. Jake tries to read it and as Finn found a way out, Jake thinks he broke the code, but Finn said that they don't have time for it and they entered the way Finn found

As they enter, Jake mentioned that the place they have entered was the universal source code, Finn then saw PB and Ice King inside a big block of ice. Jake starts to wonder around and saw two hexagon shapes with a snake and a spider in it, and it goes to a scene where a spider and a snake is about to fight, Jake holds one of the hexagon and draw it near to each other, upon doing it, the two shapes combine and returns to the scene where the spider and snake is and transformed into a spider-snake hybrid. Finn tells Jake not to touch anything because he those things are the whole building blocks of the universe and store things into thing after thing. Jake said that they have enough exploring and he went to find The Glitch, upon finishing his sentence, he wraps himself up and shaking in fear, Finn tells him what was it, Jake points it out and Finn was shocked that The Glitch is just infront of them, eating everything, then he eats a part that has a chair on it.

The next part goes to PB in where she was reloading her gun with somekind of darts, and her chair suddenly disapears and falls on the ground. When she fell, Ice King knocks and calls her. Ice King wants PB to guess who is there, and he said that he is giving her 3 chances to guess who, she replied no, then Ice King said that he is giving her 4 chances, then PB gets up, points the gun at him and asked him to give her the antivirus or she will shoot him with her "Candy Horse Tranquilizer", but he said that he even brought her some things like the chocolate box, then he tastes it and tell her that it is still good, then he throws away the box. Then the Ice King starts talking about the promise she said about dating him is he was the last person in Ooo, and in every end of a prase he was saying, PB shoots him with her gun as he slowly passes out, but the darts on his face and the gun got deleted. PB then said that even though she did promise, but he is not the last person on Ooo because she is still there, then she starts kissing her left hand. After a few kisses, Ice King said that he had a hand too and said that he could lend her one to kiss, but instead she replied that it is just disgusting and continues to kiss her palm.

Then the scene returns where Finn is pulling Jake's hand and tells him to come on and pull it together, then it goes to a part where there are combined bits of hexagon shapes with Jake's body parts, when The Glitch eats his right hand, Finn, who is still pulling Jake's arm, notices that his arm was unattached to him, Jake said with a disappointed tone that he and his arm had so much great time together, then it went to scene where Jake and his arm are hanging out together like flying a kite with his arm shaped like one, joking around and like he won something while holding a picture of him and his arm, then it returns back where Jake said that he is gonna do this for his right hand which he named "righty", then Finn joined with him, grabing his sword and ran saying adventure time, then suddenly Finn said that his body was changing.

The scene then goes to the Ice Kingdom where Ice King is making ice sculptures of himself while PB, who is sitting down, still kissing her palm, Ice King looks at her then when he turned around like he was waiting for something, PB said no to her palm, Ice King smiles, but then she kisses it again in which making him say that he is being nice to her and can at least make the best out of what he is doing to her. PB stands and kneels to him, Ice King asks if she was praying to him, and he was in to what she was gonna to to him, but she lifts his robe and ties it, he said that he is still into it, then she pushes him, and still he is still in to what PB is doing, then she steps on his head and shouts that he give her the antivirus and steps on his head again, but Ice King can't give it to her because he didn't make one and said that The Glitch will delete everyone until they were all that is left, PB then is shocked and asked if everything will be deleted forever, then he said yes. PB hoped that Finn and Jake will destroy The Glitch.

The part returns where Finn is being carried by Jake with his sword on his mouth was still finding The Glitch, Jake asks of how are they gonna defeat it, Finn speaks in a mumbling tone since he was biting his sword, Jake then understand and said that it is worth to try. Then a "one second later" shows up and its like it is on some kind on error, then they arrive in front of The Glitch, Finn and Jake starts to fight it, Jake throws Finn on the air while Finn throws his sword, made a shining moment, bites the handle, then Jake holds his head and starts slicing The Glitch, but instead it forms mouth that eats the sword and Jake's body suddenly gets deleted. Finn thinks of a way to get the things out of its stomach, Jake remembers gross the video Ice King sent to them that a girl was gagging herself with her hair, Finn said agrees, then has the idea of gagging his hair to make The Glitch throw up, Jake removes Finn's hat and starts biting Finn's hair, The Glitch, being grossed out, throws up all of the things that he ate from the universal source code, and as he was moving far away, some random scenes appeared.

Then everything that was deleted came back looking quite well as well as Finn and Jake who was celebrating that they did it, then they spit out his hair and coughs, Jake said that he should wash his hair, then Finn said that he should wash his mouth, the ran off to find the princess. Ice King was shocked and asks how is all these possible, then he suddenly gets stuck on the side of a reappearing house. Finn and Jake was walking in the Candy Kingdom as Jake asks that everything is back to normal, Finn said that it seems like it, the Donut guy came running and shouting that his face is back to normal, Finn asks him if he knows where PB is, he replied shouting that she is in the Ice King's castle.

The scene then goes to the Ice King's castle in where PB, who is still unware that everything was back to normal, angrily beats Ice King's computer with a bat. When Finn and Jake arrives, PB greets them with a hug, then the hand PB was kissing earlier and Jake's arm started kissing and missed each other, then Jake said that she was cheatin on him, Finn interuptingly coughs and asked where the Ice King is and he and Jake wanted to kick his boingloings. Then it returns to where the Ice King who is still stuck on the side of a house, asking where the guy are, then the spider-snake hybrid which Jake created started biting the Ice King's face then the episode ends.



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