"A Fading Flame"
Season 3, Episode 11
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Parallel World"

A Fading Flame is the eleventh episode of the third season of DKH's Episodes.


Flame Princess wants to stop the dictatorship of her father.


Finn and Jake go to Flame Princess's house to visit. Jake asks why he actually has to go along on which Finn answers that FP thinks he's funny, so why not. They enter the house and see FP getting dressed in some kind of battle suit. Finn is surprised and asks what's going on. FP looks up and says that she is in a hurry. Again Finn asks his question. FP sighs and says that in the las few weeks she's been practicing blue fire, the only type of fire with which she can stop her father.

Jake looks concerned and says that he is going to head back while Finn stays with FP. Finn then asks if she possibly is going to overthrow him and become the leader of the Fire Kingdom. FP nods and says its either that or making her father realize what he is doing. Finn requests to help but FP says it will be too dangerous, and she doesn't want him to get hurt. Finn then notes that if she goes berserk she can destroy all of Ooo. FP says that she always has Flambo and Niran if that would happen. FP kisses Finn and says she will see him soon. She departs leaving Finn alone.

The scene cuts to Jake who arrived at the Candy Kingdom and explained PB the situation. PB takes a deep sigh and says that she could have discovered this earlier. The Fire Kingdom has kept its ease with all the other kingdoms, although they're evil, but she wonders if that will stay so after FP does this. PB asks Jake to carry her to the Fire Kingdom to stop FP.

Flame Princess enters the Fire Kingdom and is greeted by the guards who she blasts away with her red fire in an instance. A guard who withnissed this alarmed the army of the Fire Kingdom to say that they are attacked by Celosia, the oldest daughter of the kingdom. The walks through the corridors of the Fire Kingdom and blasts everyone away who is in her way, though not killing them. Flambo and Niran then approach her and Flambo asks what she is doing. FP says that she is going to stop the tirany of her father. Flambo then says he and Niran will have her back. More guards come, FP runs forwards while Flambo and Niran fight the guards.

Meanwhile Jake and PB encounter Finn on his way home and say that they have to stop FP. Finn says that she can handle this alone. PB than commands Jake to get Finn on his back. Jake does that and wraps his body around Finn so he can't escape. Jake runs forwards to the Fire Kingdom. When they reach the border PB sprays some stuff on them so they can enter the kingdom without getting hurt.

In the meantime Celosia reached the chamber of her father and enters. Flame King stands up and demands an explanation. Celosia says that she wants to put a stop to his tirany, to FK's surprise. Celosia tells her father that she remembered what happened that day, the day that he killed her uncle and mother. She suffered the most, her older brother was sent away from home, and the younger two were too young to even remember it, but telling it was illness is always a good excuse. Celosia became more angered, she even sparked flames from her body.

FK concluded that she now wants to kill him, take the throne and turn this into a good land. Celosia takes a deep breath to calm down. She said it could be that or he could become more like the other rulers. Flame King said that she is the one that's making the Fire Kingdom look bad. That she almost blew up Ooo and melted the Ice Kingdom. FP then blames her father being guilty of her elemental matrix.

Jake, PB and Finn enter the Fire Palace and encounter Flambo and Niran. Flambo says he will not let them pass. Jake then says PB to go ahead while he and Finn stop Niran and Flambo. Jake and Finn start to fight the two while PB continued. Bonnie runs to the throne room and enters and yells FP to stop. But out of reaction FP shot a blast of fire against Bonnie blasting her against the wall. FP is shocked because what she has done and turns to her father again. She then says he's right, she is the one making the kingdom look bad. Finn then enters the room and sees Bonnie sticking unconscious against the wall and hurries to her. Finn, with tears in his eyes, asks FP why she has done this. FP then begins to look sad too and she just couldn't take it anymore and flew away through the rooftop.Flame King headed to Finn and said that PB will be alright, she just needs some ice and rest. Finn nodded. Jake came in and took Finn and PB on his back to take them back to the Candy Kingdom.


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  • Snail is seen underneath the bed of Flame Princess.
  • This may be the second time of a possible break-up between Finn and FP, although most assume that Finn didn't mean to be mad at FP.
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