"A Christmas Adventure Carol 2"
Season 6, Episode special
Airdate:  ???
Director: 06civic68pa
Story: 06civic68pa
Written &
storyboarded by:
"An Adventure Time Christmas"
"Abadeer Family Reunion"
A Christmas Adventure Carol is a Christmas special based on the classic "A Christmas Carol" tale. It is broadcasted on 25 December along with other Christmas specials of Adventure Time and other Cartoon Network specials.


Someone of her past tells Dark Princess she will get visited by three ghosts in one night, to teach her to be nicer on Christmas.


Dark Princess saw that it was that time of the year again, but she didn't like it. Something inside of her made her grumpy. Dark Princess instructed a Dark Wolf to throw away the invitation from Princess Bubblegum. The wolf did so but afterwards asked her something. Dark Princess said he couldn't take off for "Christmas". There was knocking on her door and she opened, only to see Marsha and Marceline caroling. Dark Princess got mad and closed the door. It was evening and Dark Princess sat on her chair when suddenly a ghost appeared, who was Marli Jefferson  who warned her about the terrors that may happen if she continues this behavior. Marli then said he will get visited by three additional ghost to make her change.

Ghost of Christmas PastEdit

DP sat down when suddenly a light appeared and Ghost of Christmas Past (disguised as Finn) appeared introducing himself as the Ghost of Christmas Past. He took  Dark princess along with him to her past. Kim was inside a preschool, doing math problems. Young marsha came running in and asked Kim why she wasn't home. Dark Princess remembered it and saw what let her hate Christmas so much.

Ghost of Christmas PresentEdit

After "Finn" left, "Jake" arrived and introduced himself as the Ghost of the Christmas Present. He decided to take DP to other people. They first visited the Tree Fort and showed how a real Christmas was supposed to go. "Jake" wondered why DP refused the invitation. DP said he doesn't like it anymore. They go to the Nightophere where they see the Christmas of the Abadeer family. Jake asked why DP didn't go spent some time with them. Dark Princess didn't answer. They went further to a shelter where PB was doing charity work along with the people who sang in front of DP's home earlier. Dark Princess felt guilty for not giving money as he saw that PB was doing charity work. Lastly, they went to the cave where they saw Marsha and Marceline celebrating Christmas with a frozen half chicken, and DP also saw that  Marsha was very sick. DP wanted to return.

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