Howard A. Adams
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The Outsider
Name Howard A. Adams
Gender Male
Age 24
Species Human
Occupation Explorer

Officer of the Realm 1st Class

Relatives Julie Arbeiter (Mother)

Heinrich Adams (Father)
One sister (unknown)

Introduced In The Outsiders: Part 1

Howard (full name: Howard Arbeiter Adams, also often called as Howie) is a character on Adventure Time: JS86's Episodes. He is well known as the only human outside Ooo. He also ended Ooo's isolation to the outside world, which subsequently resulted into a new events of changes in Ooo. He possesses bravery, kindness, and he is also somewhat intelligent because of his knowledge in some fields of science.


Howard is a brave explorer who had risked his life and has expressed his love for his country during the times when there was trouble and disorder. Because of his exceptional skills and talent which he had learned through years of vigorous training, he became a smart, mature, handy, and a reliable person to most of his friends. He is also one of the first humans present in Ooo, where he luckily and accidentally encountered it as an deranged explorer.

I will fight for what is right and just, and put an end to all of the bad happenings in the Great Realm, for all of the dwellers of this world.

—H. Adams

Early LifeEdit

Howard was born to a wealthy family of noblemen and businessmen on December 9, 3020 at a hospital in a town called Westerwald. He was the second of three children to Julie Arbeiter, a peasant, and Heinrich Adams, a businessman. His other siblings, Hermann, the eldest, born seven years ago in the said date, died on March 29, 3034 during the First Civil War, and the youngest, Juliet, was born three years later. When he was three, his family moved to the capital city of Chesin due to peasant revolts in the lower rural provinces where his father worked. At this date, Howard has shown interest in learning, by reading books, observing his surroundings, and eventually learning something from it. He was mostly interested in reading physics, especially on nuclear physics and quantum mechanics. He also shows a slight interest in the fields of aeronautics and robotics.

Three years later, on his 7th birthday, his father shown his "secret responsibility" for him. It was seen as urgent, so his father has expected that it will be a success. To show it, they went to a trip to his dad's huge arms factory, which was run by slaves working everyday without resting, Among those slaves were other creatures and humans who were mutated by nuclear waste during the Great Mushroom War. His father also stated that Howard was also going to lead his business if he retires or dies. But all Howard wanted to know why the people are treated as slaves, forced to work, and were not treated as regular people. His dad tried to convince and then to force him to accept but it all ended up in a failure.

On an later age, he started correcting the mistakes of his fellow friends. He also protected them from danger such as bullying. When he was graduated as an elementary student, Howard looked upon his future and his dreams, and searching more questions. But his rivalry with his dad had just begun.

High SchoolEdit

Howard's life in high school was pretty ridiculous since a lot of people thought that he was just a very lonely person, But when a small fight broke out between a bully and a feeble man during his first days on the campus, he defended the victim and called for peace. Sadly, it didn't work and, the bully was even putting off a fight between him. The whole crowd in the school was caught attention to it. When the bully tried to punch him at the face, Howard dodged it, and he fought back by doing an uppercut move to his neck, severely injuring the bully. Howard tried to apologize to him, but it was too late. Instead, the bully replied: "It was a great fight. You won."

Howard quickly became a popular student on the school since the event. People who met him and had known him said that Howard was a very great man, since he wouldn't let anyone left behind in the situations which the current world faces. During his time in high school, he served as an activist, secretly promoting freedom by joining the illegal radicalist group called "Patriotism for the Revival of the Empire", promoting democratic reforms in the Empire, which were heavily restricted in the current government.

Even though he was often popular in class, he also sometimes even makes a lot of mistakes. He is also rather lazy, clumsy and can be irritating at most times.


Howard attended college at the Bonnermann National University located in Cheshin.

After he graduated, he and his mom set up a small school for orphans across Ceshin, who were succumbed to poverty because of the harsh rule of the government. His search continues to find ways of solving his problem who had left him scarred for ages. His college life was rather hard in the start, but they were often overcame with success and joy. But this lasted for a brief time, until another civil war broke due to nationalism disputes in the other regions of the empire.

Because of the war, a order of an empire-wide mass conscription made by the War Ministry was enacted. The present size of the Imperial army had only 1 million active troops and 2 million reserves, so this was not proven enough to defeat an army of Nationalists about ten million strong, scattered around the central regions and the core provinces of the Empire.

Howard, with his friends Manfred and Ron, who were his great friends since childhood were also drafted in the Army five days later after the outbreak of the war. Howard himself rejected to join the war but because fearing of rumors arresting him of treason, he gave up and joined the war.

His life in the war was rather harsh but he was often lucky surviving the whole war. During his service, he expressed his love and bravery for his country by crossing to an hidden enemy camp and infiltrating certain documents. He almost put himself in danger for the action he had done but due to his bravery and hope under pressure he was promoted to a private and granted him the Iron Cross 1st Class medal.

The war later ended two years later (Oct. 14, 2040) and Howard begun retiring from the army shortly, but his house was suddenly raided by nationalist partisans. He fought bravely, trying to protect his mother, but his mom was shot by at the head accidentally by a partisan. Due to the loss of his mother, he got angry and even filed a case to the Lower Council to wage all-out war against all partisans. Even he was left lonely after the death of his mom, he continued to live a simple life and continuing to serve the army as a border patrol officer.

Life in the army Edit

Following a series of border clashes and tribal wars he participated, he was also selected to be a member of the military scout regiment due to his skill in scouting and exploring, which he acquired from being an explorer in his teenage years. He was also a member of the Mt. Ptolrak expedition, the Gemini hills expedition, which opened the empire to rare gold and mineral deposits, and the very dangerous K-man-iacum expedition against the barbaric natives of the islands of Sa-rama-natu.

However, an another war broke out between the Islamic al-Murat Caliphate and the Empire. Even though the Empire has well-equipped forces in the border, 70% of them were conscripted Muslims from the Hayat Autonomous Region, living behind the border. In the early battles, the Empire was once victorious in the front, However, a month later, the Caliphate strikes back after regaining sufficient manpower, and increasing numbers of defectors from the Imperial Army. Howard was also one of the bravest soldiers who fought during the war, but the Third Army suffered devastating losses in the Battle of Dwayla Hill. Howard was captured by the 6th Army Group and his whole command was forced to stand down. About two years later, the Empire and the Caliphate announced a cease-fire mainly because of the problems the Empire has been facing in the war. The reason were the lack of manpower, the broken morale of the troops and the success of Caliphate tactics throughout the war. after the cease-fire, the Bonnermanns were forced to give 70% of the Hayat Autonomuous Region to the Caliphate and to end the oppression of Muslims living throughout the empire. In exchange, the Caliphate will release all POWs in the war. One of them was Howard.

Due to his active participation as a scout for two years, he was been also eventually chosen by the military to join the the expedition to explore Ooo.

Exploration of OooEdit

Howard's exploration of Ooo was one of the most important moments of his life. In his words, It was often seen as the "pinnacle of his career" and "the best bacon to get ever". He was included in the exploration crew, due to his unexceptional talent and his experience as a scout in the military.

Howard’s journey to the long, lost continent began in the eve of August 5, 3044. With a jolly and ready fifty-man crew, their exploration ship, “SBR Mystery” set off from its dock in the Western Coastal Cities to the unknown abyss. The ship’s crew endured a long, tough journey in the oceans for dozens of days. Some of the crew members even thought and doubted that the expedition would end up in a failure as it was like in the past attempts. However, Darick, the crew captain resisted and he stated that the expedition will continue and will go forward regardless of any failures they will encounter.

However, six months after, they will experience the unexpected that they believed that won’t happen to them. When they were a thousand kilometres away from the northern shores of Ooo, they suddenly encountered a huge hurricane ahead of them. When they had known about it, the crew went in panic. The crew tried to turn away, but it was too late. When the storm passed by their ship, waves of towering height and very swift winds from the storm left the ship in danger. The ship kept rocking and rocking, until it was sunk by a colossal wave. However, the daring crew leader never gave up, but he couldn’t stand the power of the hurricane. The rest of the crew were found dead. The government also announced a month prior to the date of the disaster, that the crew were found dead after days of inactivity and the expedition was considered a failure. Officials ordered flags to be at half-mast and a period of mourning was declared. As a result of these events, the government officially cancelled the Neue-Land program because the state has seen that all of their attempts to explore Ooo have resulted in a failure.

Luckily, Howard survived the incident. Even though he was just keeping himself safe using a floating plank and went through a long coma, he still found himself in the shores of an unknown place.

Life in OooEdit

Howard's life in Ooo is very complicated, and since a lot of people living there consider him as a man from the outside "the second human", etc. This fueled up the interest of many creatures living in there to see what is outside of the box, like what is outside of Ooo.

First, they considered Howard as a nuisance since he almost destroyed the Candy Kingdom outrageously and without even any intention of doing it. This made Princess Bubblegum angry and doesn't like him since that happened. However, she is curious about what is outside and as a notable survivor of the Great Mushroom War, she is keen to ask questions from him. Some, but very few people understand him (Finn, Jake, Ice King, and recently, Marceline) but still, a lot are confused what are his intentions in Ooo, and also some constantly considered him as an enemy to the people (Flame Princess, LSP, Lady Rainicorn, etc.)

Despite of these experiences, Howard is resilient and tries to chill off when things get hot. Since everyone has seen that he was a hot-headed person in some episodes, it has also been said that "no one should underestimate him if you are trying to make him mad at you, like insulting him, harming his friends, and a variety of other situations might make him very mad." Still, curiosity reigns among the populace of Ooo, and many people and creatures living in the continent expect what will happen next.

Even if he is sometimes uncooperative to others, he still finds time to assist the folks in dishing out the problems in Ooo.This paves the way for more friendships with him, and more people finding out his true identity.

Personality and traitsEdit

Howard seems to be concerned and worried, especially when seeing a person suffering or getting beaten. But he also shows deep feelings of anger, such as when he confronted his grandpa during his 14th birthday party. He is also protective, especially when he sees someone in trouble.



He has brown hair and has a pale, whitish complexion.


Howard often dresses like a normal student, wearing a khaki shirt with a scooped-like and brown pants. In some formal occasions, he often wears a vest with it.  When going to sleep, he sometimes wears brown or blue striped pajamas and a shirt with the same design. When he's exploring Ooo, he wore a normal explorer's uniform.

During the war, he wore a regular military scout uniform. When he was promoted to the rank of Colonel, he now wears the common officer uniform in the army, a gimnasterka.


Howard has a small satchel that he often used to wear when he's not going too far or exploring. His satchel contains a C-12 pistol, the main pistol often used by the the Ground Forces, which is armed by 7.65x25mm Adamnisch bullets. But he often uses his dagger, which is hidden inside his vest or his combat skills to fight evil.


Howard is one of the skilled mathematicians and scientists in the world. He is usually an expert in the fields of physics and chemistry. He is also known to speak in ten different languages. He is a skilled fighter and a remarkable military strategist,, since he undergone training in the army and studied military tactics and strategy when he was drafted in the Second Civil War. An example of it was his ambush led by him against the Nationalist armies in the civil war. Even though poorly armed and exposed to attrition, his forces using the element of surprise, suddenly raided the First Army in the deep forest, on the march to Ceshin in order to replenish their armies (the 7th and the 5th) currently holding out there.



Howard sees Finn as a reliable and a heroic character, but because of his deep feelings for Princess Bubblegum, they sometimes don't get along together. He is impressed in his abilities, such as his fighting skills, and his heroism. When Howard first met him, Finn is amazed to see another human. Later, when he tells him that there are humans who are still living in the Empire, Finn was also interested to know that there are still more of his kind.


Howard sees Jake as a rather funny character because of his Stretchy Powers, and Jake telling him that there's magic in Ooo. He is also the first person that Howard met, when he suddenly goes inside his house while being chased by the Ice King.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Princess Bubblegum, due to her curious nature as a scientist, he considers Howard as a gateway to answer all of the problems which are related to the outside world. Even though when they might always fight over certain issues, like in the first time they met when he almost destroyed her kingdom, they still manage to cope with each other to be friends. No hard feelings.


  • Howard's middle name and his mom's surname, Arbeiter, is the German name for "worker."
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